Devil May Cry: War of the Peak (鬼泣-巅峰之战) is a mobile game developed by the Chinese company Yunchang Game (云畅游戏), it is a mobile action RPG with online modes such as team battles and PvP combat. In December 2017, Yunchang Game acquired the rights from Capcom to make the game[1], during an Oppo conference in China, it earned the award for "the most anticipated game"[2], the game is set to launch sometime in 2018[3] and it has a strict and detailed supervision standard from Capcom to ensure the quality of the product.

The game is set to inherit classic elements of the main Devil May Cry series such as weapon switching, combos, character design and puzzles. Some of the attacks of the game are based on their original counter part frame by frame[2].

As of June 2018, 204,768 people have entered for the game's beta[4].





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