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Devil May Cry is a comic adaptation of the first game, published by a Canadian publisher Dreamwave Productions in 2004. It was written by Brad Mick with art by Pat Lee, and additional cover images were provided by Michael Turner and Jae Lee.[1] Three issues of the comics were released, but it was left unfinished when the company went bankrupt in 2005[2].

Comics loosely follow the plot of the first game, but have several major contradictions with it.[3]

Plot summary[]

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Book 1: Evil Woman[]

A prologue depicts Sparda's fateful battle against Mundus 2000 years ago. Afterward, Dante is introduced, and Trish enters his life. The events from Dante's arrival on Mallet Island through his battle with Phantom are covered in this issue.

Book 2: Superbeast[]

Three of Dante's encounters with Griffon and the first encounter with Nelo Angelo are detailed in this volume. An additional scene with Nelo Angelo exposes his character more.

Book 3: Angel with the Scabbed Wings[]

Dante spends more time with Trish, and battles Griffon on the boat. The issue ends with a cliffhanger.

Book 4: Shout at the Devil[]

Never released.