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This article is about the anime's first episode. You may be looking for the original game, the franchise, the novel, the comics or Dante's shop.

"Devil May Cry" is the first episode of Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. It aired on June 14, 2007.

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Dante arrives at a local bar, requesting a strawberry sundae. The bartender reminds him that sundaes aren't provided sundaes in bars. Dante then recounts hearing a mysterious rumor about a bar filled with demons who kill for money. He is then attacked by several demons in the bar, but slays them all.

Dante discusses Patty Lowell with Morrison

Dante converses with Morrison on the situation concerning Patty.

Later, Dante orders pizza as a young girl named Patty roams around the shop. Dante comments on how he prefers not to protect children. Morrison then elaborates that she is a recent inheritor of the Lowell family fortune after the head of the family passed away, and tasks Dante with escorting Patty to the Lowell Mansion. Dante opts it a soon-to-be-delivered pizza. Morrison then tells Dante that he told the owner, Andy, not to deliver pizza to Dante until he clears his bill. He then flips a coin, stating he will pay all of Dante's bill If he wins. Dante bets on Heads, but loses. As Dante leaves, Morrison gives him a guitar case for his “show.”

Dante & Patty converse on the car ride, talking about his "show" and the style of his car. As Patty converses with Dante, he has a vision of a demon telling him he will kill Patty. Covering Patty's eyes with her hat, he pulls out a gun and shoots a demon.

Two Lowell Brothers dicuss the inheritence

The Lowell brothers speak about the inheritance.

Elsewhere, a pair of brothers about the Lowell inheritance. One brother is seemingly angry at the fact Patty inherited the money and questions her existence. A third brother tells him that if she does indeed exist, she will arrive the next day at 6:00.

On a train ride, Dante and Patty converse once again. Dante mistakes Patty for looking at a picture of a boy in her locket. However, she reveals she's looking at a picture of her mother whom she claims is more beautiful than his "girlfriend". She then also reveals that she remembers little about her and that the hospital director told her that she died from an illness while she was still a baby. Suddenly, a man looking for a seat appears and comments on how Patty's and her mother are beautiful. Dante questions why he doesn’t sit in any of the many other open seats, but Patty offers him the seat beside her. Dante warns him that he may not live long sitting there. After passing through a tunnel, the man is mysteriously killed. Patty is shocked and calls for her mother repeatedly. The Conductor questions Dante, who reveals that as the train passed through the tunnel, there was a demon present and kills it. As they walk away from the train station, Patty reminisces on the event. Dante urges her to keep going and she obliges.

Lowell brother inspects the art

One of the Lowell brothers inspects the art.

Back at the Lowell residence, two of the brothers are discussing what they want out of the inheritance. The third brother reminds the others that they don’t have the inheritance.

Patty and Dante discusses her mother's disappearance

Patty talks to Dante about her past.

Dante arrives at a hotel and orders a room for the night when Patty demands to know where she can meet the woman on a nearby poster, believing that she is her mother. Dante then reminds him that she told him her mother passed away. Later that night, Patty tells Dante she heard the same hospital director say that she was targeted by demons and actually went missing in an accident. Not wanting Patty to also be targeted, her mother left her at an orphanage. Patty expresses concerns about being killed by demons. Dante responds with a "who knows?". Patty tells Dante that she wants to use the money to give the orphanage she was in sweets and clothes even though she knows what the other orphans really want is to meet their parents. Dante agrees with her and tells her to go to sleep. Dante wakes up in the middle of the night to find that Patty is missing. Dante then questions the manager, who claims not to know where she went. He then shoots at a poster, revealing it to be a demon in disguise and continues to question the manager.

Sid reveals himself

The "hotel manager" reveals his sinister intentions.

As they ride in a car, Dante questions the manager on who asked him to spy on Patty. He deduces that whoever is pulling the strings is also probably someone from the Lowell family that doesn't want Patty to get the inheritance. As Dante is in the car ride with the lowly demon, Patty arrives at an Opera House where she seemingly finds her mother, but she is revealed to be a demon in disguise. Dante arrives in time to save Patty. The hotel manager then appears to kill her, but is scared away by Dante.

Dante saves Patty

Dante arrives in time to save Patty

At the Lowell estate, the brothers believe that they get the estate when a woman arrives, claiming to be Patty Lowell. The woman then says she found another girl with the same name to use as a decoy. One of the brothers reveals himself to be a demon and kills the other two. As the Demon heads for the other Patty Lowell, she is saved by Dante.

Patty eats Dante's Strawbery Sundae

Patty finishes eating Dante's strawberry sundae.

The younger Patty Lowell then recounts the events to Morrison and tells that with the consolation money she received from the other Patty Lowell, she bought clothes and sweets for everyone in the orphanage as well as many things for herself. Dante comes out of the shower, demanding his strawberry sundae. He is surprised to find many decorations around the Devil May Cry HQ and that she ate his strawberry sundae.


  • In the Subbed version of the episode, The last names of the 2 Pattys are "Rowell". However, the Dub's last name are "Lowell".
  • In this episode Dante refers to Patty as his daughter to Sid as a front. In later episodes both Trish and Lady jokingly ask Dante if Patty is his daughter.