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Devil May Cry, also called Devil May Cry 3D, is a primitive 3D mobile game based on Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. The game contains more than 36 missions, upgradeable weapons and abilities, and characters and enemies from Devil May Cry 3.[1] There are two versions of this game, one with 2D graphics and one with 3D graphics for Sony Ericsson phones.[2]


2D Version[]

Dante is controlled with the number pad, with the numbers "4", "8", "6", and "2" acting as Button ps4 ls-left, Button ps4 ls-up, Button ps4 ls-right, and Button ps4 ls-down respectively. "3" and "1" execute a ranged attack, "#" is melee attack, and "0" makes Dante jump. Apps of the game adapted for touch screen devices also include a D-pad function that can be toggled on or off. Combo attacks can be performed as well. For example, pressing "6" twice will execute a Stinger, or pressing "6" followed by "#" will make Dante perform High Time. Pressing "#" again while in the air will execute a Helm Breaker.

Each mission is presented in a side-scrolling fashion, with the background advancing once Dante steps into the next panel. Enemies spawn by dropping down from the top of the screen, and will move to attack Dante. Dante can be moved in four directions on the floor, and can jump to avoid attacks. Mission objectives range from defeating all enemies, collecting Red Orbs, finding items, fighting bosses, and up to surviving for a set period of time. The player is scored at the end of each mission depending on the amount of damage the player receives and the Stylish Rank he or she achieves.

The player may also be able to upgrade the Rebellion and the Ebony & Ivory before every mission using the collected Red Orbs. These two weapons increase in damage once upgraded, and the last upgrade level is Level 5, and are the only ones available at the 2D version.

The mission system is presented by a triangle containing squares which represent the mission themselves. The player has to choose a single "path" up to the end, and once completed, a new path can be unlocked. This feature makes the game very repetitive.

3D Version[]

Following a more traditional approach of the console version with free 3D movement, the final boss is Cerberus rather than Vergil. The plot guides Dante through rescuing the city instead of climbing the tower as well. Other weapons and upgrades are obtainable at the end of certain routes.[3]

Mission List[]

# Title Description Objective
1 The Darkness Closing In Hearing rumors of a city overrun by devils, dante decided to investigate. No sooner had he set foot in the city than he was attacked by inhuman foes... Kill all enemies.
2 Blood Debt Dante found his path blocked by a shimmering force field. He knew from past experience that the only way for him to go any further would be to harvest blood orbs from his enemies. Collect 150 orbs
3 Night Stalkers Stumbling in a dark alley, Dante felt an evil presence trying to surround him. Grinning, he grabbed his sword and rushed to meet them. Kill 15 enemies.
4 The Red Amulet Dante came upon what appeared to be the entrance of an old temple to Mundus, the king of the demon world. Unfortunately, the gates were closed and would only open for the bearer of the Red Amulet. Find the Object.
5 Corrupt Temple As Dante made his way through the temple, He felt as if the very air had been infected by the dark rituals that used to be performed there. The smell of corruption was so foul that he felt weak and sickened. That's when he heard maniacal laughter and the sound of blades grating against the ground coming his direction... Kill all enemies while injured.
6 Hand of Chaos Dante entered a room that looked like it was used to stage dark rituals in the honor of powerful devils. The way ahead was blocked by the massive statue of a leering demon, its right hand missing. Find the object.
7 Death From Above As Dante entered a long corridor, he heard the sound of cogs turning. Loking up, he saw that the ceiling had started descending and would crush him if he didn't leave the room in a hurry. Survive! Health decreases over time.
8 Blood Toll Dante entered a room which seemed to have no exit. In the center of it laid an alter on which rested a golden chalice of intricate workmanship. Dante knew that he must fill it with the blood orbs of his fallen enemies in order to progress further. Collect 250 orbs.
9 The Ambush Entering a wide, high-ceilinged room, Dante realized it was full of cackling devils waiting for him. Before he even had time to consider ducking back out, a portcullis fell down, blocking the way. There was no choice but to fight through the ambush. Kill 10 enemies.
10 Blood Poison As Dante stepped into this room, the door slammed shut behind him and took on a red, shimmering tinge. This looked line another of these rooms he would only be able to exit after gathering enough blood orbs to satisfy whatever devil kept the doors locked, but as he readied his sword for the upcoming slaughter, Dante realized that there was a sickly stench to the room... Collect 150 orbs. Health decreases over time.
11 Heart of Darkness Dante entered an eerily silent and empty room, on the far side of which rested a pagan idol with a gaping hole in the chest. He knew that he'd have to find the missing heart in order to leave the room. Find the object.
12 Moonlit Shadow Dante entered a wide room with intricate vaulting, lit only by the moon that could be seen through the stained glass windows. The aura of evil was the strongest he had ever felt, and he wondered what devil he'd need to fight in order to pass through. Kill Al enemies.
13 The Stench of Evil The room Dante entered was huge and filled with the smell of a thousand corpses. Gagging, hes tarted to push through the stench, hoping not to have to fight in these conditions. Kill all enemies. Health decreases over time.
14 Beyond the Veil Dante came upon a painting of a man draped in a white toga, sat next to a boat and appearing to look straight at him. Next to the painting were written the words "Charon will let pass any who brings an obolus from across the Styx". Looking around, Dante prepared himself for the battle that was sure to come. Find the object.
15 Mirror of the Soul In the center of the room in which Dante found himself stood a large mirror on which words had been written in blood. "The way ahead will open to he who brings his own darkness to heel". Looking around, Dante wondered what trial was awaiting him this time. Kill all enemies.
16 Trial of Stamina Dante entered a room in the center of which rested the statue of a fire demon holding a tablet that read "He who wishes to pass must overcome the Trial of Stamina". As he went over these words, Dante realized that the room was getting hotter by the second and that it would soon be intolerable. Kill all enemies. Health decreases over time.
17 Trial of Strength Dante entered a room in the center of which rested the statue of a hulking demon holding a tablet that read, "He who wishes to pass must overcome the Trial of Strength". Checking his surroundings, Dante realized he was surrounded by a horde of devils ready to pounce... Kill all enemies.
18 Trial of Speed Dante entered a room in the center of which rested the statue of a stone demon holding a tablet that read "He who wishes to pass must endure the Trial Of Speed". Dante knew that he'd have to dispatch his foes as fast as possible in order to leave the room. Kill 12 enemies within the time limit.
19 Evil with Evil Dante found himself in a long corridor, surrounded by devils of all kinds. The situation looked hopeless, but he gripped his sword with both hands and rushed to meet his foes, laughing for the sheer joy of the slaughter to come. Kill all enemies.
20 Battle in the Dark The room Dante entered was dusky and felt as if something evil could appear at any moment. As he reached the center of the room, sure enough, the devils began to swarm in through the windows... Survive! Health decreases over time.
21 The Spider Lair Dante found himself in a wide room covered in spider web and what could only be the remains of the animals' previous meals. He started getting ready to fight for his life as the grating noise of chitin against chitin filled the air. Kill all enemies.
22 The Hunter Hunted As Dante entered the room, he heard a noise at his foot. Suddenly, countless arrows flew through the air and pierced his body, leaving him weak and injured. Smelling blood, devils began to swarm around. Kill 10 enemies while inured.
23 Blood Sacrifice Dante entered a room in the center of which laid the grotesque statue of a demon-god, its hands cupped as if to drink. The pedestal on which it rested was engraved with the words "The way will open for he who quenches my thirst for blood". Collect 150 orbs.
24 Moths to a Flame As Dante set foot in the eldritch world beyond the portal, he realized that his mortal life force would draw devils to him and that he had better get ready for battle. No sooner had that realization come to him than he started noticing dark shapes detaching themselves from the walls and ceilings around him... Kill all enemies.
25 Blood Offering The door that blocked Dante's path was marked with an intricate blood-drawn pentacle. Not all sigils had been drawn however, and Dante guessed that he'd have to finish this disturbing task himself before the door opened. Collect 180 orbs.
26 Ordeal of the Lion On entering the room, Dante came across a statue of a lion. It stood on a plinth engraved with the words: "Hunt the unclean souls and show your might." The devils began to scream, as if a signal of the start Collect 200 orbs.
27 The Forbidden Gates Dante came upon a massive gate that obviously guarded something important. Of course, he'd have to go through the pack of devils that stood between him and the gates... Kill 25 enemies
28 Cry of the Devils Dante entered a room the walls and ceiling of which looked shabby, as if they could fall down at any second. But as he was about to leave, the door slammed shut and the devils began to appear. Their war cries echoed as the walls started to crumble Survive! Health decreases over time.
29 Stairway to Evil Running up a flight of stairs, Dante was finally within sight of what he believed was the source of the devil's insurrection in the human world: an unhealthy, eerie light that could only come from a Portal. Kill all enemies.
30 Brothers in Arms Dante had reached the source of the devil's insurrection in the human world, a gaping portal to the heart of the Demon World. Unfortunately, one last foe was standing between him and his goal: his own twin brother, Vergil. Kill all enemies.
31 Twilit Duel Looking in the distance, Dante caught a glimpse of a tear in the fabric of space that appeared to swallow light and colors. Convinced that this was what he had been looking for, he started running forward, ready to cross swords with the devils that were sure to guard the portal. Kill all enemies.
32 The Power of Thy Sword Dante was finally standing in front of the portal that was at the heart of all these disturbances. As he was getting ready to close it with a mighty slash of Rebellion, he felt a blinding pain in his arm - he had just been attacked by Vergil, his twin brother! Kill all enemies while injured.
33 Byleth's Hazel Wand Dante found himself in front of a huge statue to Byleth, a portal to the demon world where its mouth would be. In order to close the portal, he would need to find a hazel wand, a crucial component of the demon lord's conjuration ritual. Find the object.
34 Fighting through the Pain As Dante was finally reaching the end of his journey and getting within reach of the portal to the demon world, he realized that this strange twilight zone was slowly sapping his strength. This, however, didn't appear to be the case for Vergil, his twin brother, that was waiting for him, sword at the ready. Kill all enemies. Health decreases over time.
35 The Devil's Due Dante found himself in front of the source of all his trouble, a portal to the heart of the demon world. However, he'd need blood from the entity that opened it in order to close it. Looking around, he started searching for a likely candidate... Find the object.
36 Brotherly Love Battling through hordes of devils, Dante was slowly getting overwhelmed. Suddenly his foes started falling to the ground one after the other, gaping wounds opening as if from nowhere. Vergil was standing in the middle of the fray, a sardonic sneer on his lips, and raised his sword in challenge to Dante. Find the object.




Devil May Cry 3 Mobile 3D All Secret Weapons

All the weapons on the 3D version by Brave Fencer Musashi.

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  • When you exit the application, the cover of Devil May Cry 4 will appear as a splash screen.