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The Devil May Cry 2 2002 TRIAL ver. is a demo of Devil May Cry 2. It was released a month before the game launch in stores and on discs bundled with magazines.[1]


The demo only has two playable missions, being Dante's Mission 01 and Lucia's Mission 02 from the final game, however, only Dante is playable.


  • Dengeki PS2 (D56) (SLPM 61034) – Dengeki PlayStation Vol.226, January 24, 2003 special issue (released on December 20, 2002).[2]
  • Devil May Cry 2 Taikenban (SLPM 61037) – Tsutaya store free rental demo.
  • Devil May Cry 2 Taikenban (SLPM 61043) – general store demo. The disc content is identical to SLPM 61037.


DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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  • Target lock switch is bound to R2 button, instead of L3, target lock-off option is absent.
  • High Time is performed by attacking while locked on a target with no direction held.
  • The animation for High Time is different.
  • Stinger is performed by attacking while locked on a target with any direction held.
  • The source for the quotes at the beginning of each mission is given not as the Guidepost, but as "The Book of Forbidden Psalms" from collection of the De Marli museum (デュマーリ博物館収載「禁詩篇」, Dyumāri Hakubutsukan Shūsai `Kinshihen'?)
  • Lesser enemies don't have their Vitality Gauge or name displayed on screen.
  • The boss's name is not displayed above his Vitality gauge.
  • The color of the second to last layer of the boss's Vitality Gauge is light red instead of orange.
  • Mission 1 takes place in one seamless location, with gate leading to the last section of Lower Town missing.
  • The last section of Lower Town is bigger – a whole alley was covered by rock slope in the final release.
  • The dodge roll seems to cover more distance but doesn't maintain style ranking, and there's no invincibility frames while jumping.[3]