In a time, long since passed... In an age of darkness, when the Earth was overrun by demons... and humans were powerless under their rule... Humanity's hope... lived in a demon, named Sparda. With a spirit unlike any other, and wielding the sword that bore his own name... Sparda eradicated the demons...
—Narrator, Devil May Cry 2

Start by running through the constructed route to the left, making sure to grab all the stray Red Orbs scattered about. You will then encounter your first enemy: Agonofinis! After slaying your way through, get rid of the Puias and head to the large door to the right of the tall pole that the first was sitting on, this will lead you to the first Secret Room. From there, continue down the river and double jump over the smaller door. On the other side, turn around enter the door that you had just jumped over, this will begin the second Secret Mission . Don't forget to check out the water for more red orbs and a blue orb. Collect the Gold Orb sitting in the middle of the path up ahead, but beware you will be sealed in until all of the encapsulated enemies are destroyed. On the corner ahead, there is a Divinity Statue to exchange your found Red Orbs for upgrades/items. There will be a brief cutscene to the arena which will be your next destination. Fight off the demons and use the key rewarded to open the gate ahead. Run along the road until you reach the cutscene thus ending the mission.

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