Devil May Cry Wiki

The factory will begin to collapse as you enter the door so you are resorted to leave as fast as possible with the time limit on the left corner (varies with difficulty). As you escape, farm the homromsira for some DT if you have less than 2 bars. Run to the right path when you reach the fork in the monorail path, ignore the left with the big red orb.

Reaching the spiral staircase, go down. In the center of the large area, there's an Orb Dispenser. When finished with the dispenser, activate DT and fly to the top of the spiral. The ledge you want to land on is toward the camera, bottom left. After entering the next room, you will get a short cutscene.

You will need to activate the door to leave by striking the 3 floating orbs (use of R2 will help if Dante continues to target Puias) planted around which are located as follows: first is very close to the door you entered from, second is by the 4 silos (in the middle of the 4 silos there is a Red Orb Cache, might need to do some jumping around to trigger it), and the last one is beside underneath the locked door that is glowing red. Before you leave the area however, there is a very hard to find Blue Shard on the pipe slide from when you first arrived here. You cannot use the original slide entrance and slide down again. This can be obtained without DT, but very difficult both ways. From the roof that there's a small spiral of the pipe, stand on the corner closest to the camera. From here, jump to the bottom left corner of your screen once again, and use DT. I hope you succeed!

Just follow the cutscene for the room with the original slide entrance. The next room after the slide, at the end of the hall, yes those are tiny doors.

Just enter the plane, collect the rocket launcher inside the breakable crates on the right, and leave the plane. The plane will crash through the fan and your escape is to go through the fan blades lodged near the nose of the plane.