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Every hero has a weakness.

At the start, ignore everything and go left toward the wall. Before the Divinity Statue, there are some huge double doors. You're probably looking at the wrong one, the first one (further from the statue) is access to a Secret Room. After the secret room, now is a good time to go back to the original spawning area, though this can just be done after getting 3/4 Seal Spheres. Pay attention to the left wall, as an alleyway is there. In this alleyway, there are some tricky jumps up some jutting out brick structures of the building to the left, just prior to Seal Sphere. Atop of said ledges, lies a Blue Shard, and that's all for secret items till the end.

Below the seal sphere, is a quite large group of -Mancers to fight. Utilize R1 air combos to activate seal sphere 1 of 4. Go ahead through the door on the left of this area with a line of blood orbs, you're safe to do so. For now.

Return to the divinity statue and continue on the path to wrecking some puny baby Blood Goats! Take note here, that as you fight, most enemies die and then respawn as a slightly stronger variant of their family. After the lambs you slaughtered, you're going to want to take to the rooftops straight away. In fact, you want to hop to the roof just before the first one you got onto. You can find a stealthy Seal Sphere up here. 2/4. From now on, you can just keep going down the path!

Be careful of the Msira family as they appear, as they appear in large numbers as usual. Soon after the msira family fight, you come to a corner that looks similar to what happened to the waterways. This I think is the same spot you were dealing with iron gates with rusty keys at the start of the game. In a wall in front of you, a good bit above the ground, is a hole to go through, luckily the camera pans to see it if you hop around. Be ready, as through here is another large pack of -mancers plus msira. At the far end of this room is another Seal Sphere, atop a short series of steps. It's partially obscured by the concrete railing. 3/4.

You're coming up to the last Seal Sphere very fast. After a very short walk you can see it in the distance, but your camera will change position very quickly after. Immediately take a look to Dante's left, your right, and pay attention for another hole in the wall. Free Blood Dispenser! Okay, keep going. Savage Golems are the final Seal Sphere's defenders. Golems, and some Demonochorus. After that, you're pretty much done with everything! But, there is a Gold Orb here! Facing the Seal Sphere, go left to the big, webby, caccoon-y gross door. DT with flight is required here. Just fly straight up from the middle of it and you got it! 4/4

You've undone all 4 Seal Spheres, now's the time to continue forth around the loop back to spawn. Take some time and make sure you have everything you want upgraded at the Divinity Statue. Go to the location of the first Seal Sphere, and through the door that is now no longer safe to go through. You will immediately get a gross cutscene. Smash the eye with your sword to immediately fight a boss! A very familiar foe in fact...

Boss: Phantom[]

Phantom is almost entirely the same as in Devil May Cry, though significantly easier. Invulnerable except in the head, and from jump attacks to his abdomen. Phantom isn't easier in the way of; more fair, more forgiving, and less difficult to control the battle's flow however. In fact, this version of Phantom is significantly more inconsistent than his original appearance, both due to him, and your more floaty combat and dodging abilities in DMC 2. You're far stronger, he does far less damage, and is less aggressive.

Phantom's move set is largely the same, though now supporting increased tail attack frequency. Dante will be skewered a significant number of times in trying to bait out if front claw attack that leave's him temporarily open from cooldown. Slash once and only once, and jump back, hoping he began his claw attack.

A good way to damage Phantom is once again DT where you're stun immune, and all damage goes through no matter what part of Phantom's body is hit. Aside from DT, he's easily stun locked from high damage combos to the face, and is weak to jump attacks to the butt.