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Yeah... let's go all the way to Hell!

Boss: Argosax the Chaos[]

All these bosses in the Argosax are recycled from the previous levels (except for Griffon). If this is your first time, then stick to your guns and find the blind spots that they have except for Nefasturris and Orangguerra which would be smart to take them out first. Use the green orbs scattered at the outskirts of the island if needed.

  • Phantom: summons pillars of lava, shoots balls of fire, and jabs with its stinger.
  • Orangguerra: swipes at Dante with his single arm and shouts sonic booms.
  • Nefasturris: shoots white lasers in various horizontal and exploding motions.
  • Furiataurus: sweeps his hammer as well as breathes fire.
  • Jokatgulm: is now a single tentacle that flings around.
  • Griffon: releases lasers that follows a pattern usually either in vertical/horizontal lines or grids.

Boss: The Despair Embodied[]

As expected, this boss is very difficult to defeat in comparison to the Argosax. When it is in 'male form' it will use a sword as opposed to its 'female form' where it holds a whip. It will also jump into the air and send out a rain of swords, a flurry of self-seeking blades, or fan out its wings which will hit Dante; just try and find every moment you can to get a hit. If all else fails, just resort to Majin Form.

There you have it! You just beat Devil May Cry 2 Dante Mode. Now let's try and challenge for Lucia's missions.