'Til next time, son of Sparda.

You’ll start at the opposite end of Dante’s initial point (who would’ve guessed?) . To destroy the Sealed Door, collect 45 red orbs scattered around. Now you’ll be inside the arena with a hoard of Agonofinis which shouldn’t be very hard to defeat. Once you leave, hop down into the river beside the Divinity Statue and inspect the drain vent on the side for a Secret Room. Back on track, jump onto the roof on the left of the statue to get another blue orb fragment. Keep going along the path until you reach the sealed off area that pits you against a Savage Golem. There should be a gateway where you are required to jump over, hop on top of it and then jump again onto a platform far above with another blue orb fragment. Don’t enter the main door yet, instead inspect the wall on the left side for another Secret Room. Beyond the doorway ends the mission.

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