While Dante is sent below, your next destination is through the streets. At the other end of the split paths is the same Goatling as in Dante’s mission. Avoid the sprouting flames and Agonofinis and destroy the Goatling. In the new subway area, run to the end of the room to get your new weapon Klyamoor. Now enter the room with the angel carvings on the door where you should see ledges leading up to a blue orb. Run along the path where you’ll be greeted with a hoard of msira. When you’re done with them, break down the door and continue on to the next set of ledges against the cliff with another blue orb fragment. If you follow the path at the far end of the water there will be a red orb dispenser. Make your way at the opposite end and enter the room full of Agonofinis but inspect the carved wall across from you first to find a Secret Room. After clearing out the enemies, enter the room above the stairs where you’ll find Healing Heart. Now keep going down the path, through the gate, and up the stairs being sure to inspect the wall for another Secret Room. Pass through the grand doors where guess who is waiting for you?


Start by slashing at the roots of the tentacles until they retract or begin to slap at you. Eventually after gradual attacking, the tentacle will disappear along with the poison gas. Take this time to rock out with Devil Trigger and slash at the neck. Beware for if you stay too long it will summon an orb which will send you flying. Repeat this until it is defeated and then hop into the water for the end of the mission.

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