Devil May Cry Wiki

If you hop down from your initial starting point you should get a blue orb fragment and end up in Dante’s original starting point where it is infested with infestants (See what I did there?). If you defeat them all, you’ll receive Offence Heart. Now return back on track where you’ll be encountered with Orangguerra and a flock of puia.

Boss: Orangguerra[]

It uses sonic booms from shouting as well as multiple different slaps and strikes. Attack it from the front or behind to get it done quickly. It is advised to get rid of the puia too for they can get rather pesky and annoying.

Boss: Infested Tank[]

A BOSS AFTER A BOSS? BLASPHEMY! Luckily this boss is a breeze. Once again it’s surrounded by puia so get rid of them first. Next, just slash at it until it dies. Seriously, as long as you’re in close combat it can’t attack you. This boss is a great way to boost up your style rank and once it’s over the mission will end.