As shown by the cutscene, the door on the other side is out destination but unfortunately there’s no power! Destroy the Msira first, then hop up onto the ledge and go through the door. Beyond the next door is the plane lot with some pesky Agonofinis and Puia but quickly run into the plane and kick the crate on the right to get a new weapon: Cranky Bomb. Head to the door at the bottom left of the room where you can replenish your DT Gauge and hack away at the Blue Device to restore the power back in the doors. Run back to the other door and return where you first started. Where you can now enter the garage door, this leads to a cutscene where you’ll get Evil Heart. Hurry along before the Puia and Evil Heart completely drain your health to the 4 silos to get a blue orb fragment and then to the glowing doors nearby. There’s another Blue Device inside that unlocks a Heart piece inside the tower. When going down the stairs, just run, for the Spicere will explode if you stay too slow around it. When you reach the very end of the trail, fill up on Devil Trigger and enter the hollow center of the tower being sure to get all the orbs from the Red Orb dispenser. Equip yourself with Aerial Heart and fly up to reap your new heart piece Flame Heart. Now move farther up on the spiral trail and leave through the door. Enter the middle room between the two platforms and place Evil Heart in the wall that has an circle engraved, this gives you Electroheart. Leave through the smaller door and kill the Blood Goats in the way or just run ahead and jump onto the elevator. While you’re raising there will be some Flambats just to annoy you. Once you reach the platform inspect the door on the right for a Secret Room. The door in the center ends the mission.

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