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Oh snap, we start with an Arius cutscene and Lucia was a failed creation of Arius?! Whatever shall we do! Well will start by attacking those Savage Golem and Demonochorus. By now you’re probably thinking to yourself, this place seems familiar, well if you played in Dante’s mission you’ll know what will happen next.

Boss: Noctpteran[]

Noctpteran will send out larva to attack you so that’s your only problem in this fight. Watch out for the movements on the ground and if you manage to be eaten by one just swirl your analog stick and eventually they’ll let you go. You can’t really use your melee against it since it’s airborne so stick with your guns. Continue until you beat it and then it’s off to the next area.

Hop into the water and swim and look for a blue lit room shown by the camera to get a Bow Gun which is extremely inmportant for the upcoming levels.