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This is a list of all available PS3 Trophies and Xbox 360 Achievements for the HD version of Devil May Cry 3.

Award Image Description Gamerscore Trophy
Hell of a Start 01 Hell of a Start Finish the game on Normal Mode with any character. 5 G Bronze 64
Gone To Hell 02 Gone To Hell Finish the game on Hard Mode with any character. 10 G Silver 64
To Hell And Back 03 To Hell And Back Finish the game on Very Hard Mode with any character. 20 G Silver 64
Hell Hath No Fury… 04 Hell Hath No Fury… Finish the game on Dante Must Die Mode with any character. 40 G Gold 64
Heaven Can Wait 05 Heaven Can Wait Finish the game on Heaven or Hell Mode with any character. 20 G Silver 64
Am I My Brother's Keeper 06 Am I My Brother's Keeper Finish the game on any difficulty as Vergil. 10 G Silver 64
Worst Kept Secret 07 Worst Kept Secret Complete a Secret Mission with any character. 5 G Bronze 64
Left No Stone Unturned 08 Left No Stone Unturned Complete all Secret Missions with any Character. 15 G Gold 64
To Hell With That 09 To Hell With That Kill 100 enemies during the credits. 10 G Silver 64
Blood, Sweat, and Tears 010 Blood, Sweat, and Tears Pass 666 levels in Bloody Palace Mode. 5 G Bronze 64
Blood Donor 011 Blood Donor Pass 5000 levels in Bloody Palace Mode. 10 G Silver 64
Bloody Hell 012 Bloody Hell Complete Bloody Palace Mode. 20 G Gold 64
Devilish Deed 013 Devilish Deed Achieve an S Rank on any mission with any character. 5 G Bronze 64
Hellish Honor 014 Hellish Honor Achieve an S Rank on all missions (any difficulty or character). 40 G Gold 64
Man's Best Friend 015 Man's Best Friend Defeat Cerberus. 5 G Bronze 64
Pest Control 016 Pest Control Defeat Gigapede. 5 G Bronze 64
Double Trouble 017 Double Trouble Defeat Agni and Rudra. 5 G Bronze 64
Sibling Rivalry 018 Sibling Rivalry Survive an encounter with Vergil. 5 G Bronze 64
Inside Out 019 Inside Out Defeat the Heart of Leviathan. 5 G Bronze 64
Lightning In A Bottle 020 Lightning In A Bottle Defeat Nevan. 5 G Bronze 64
Lights Out 021 Lights Out Defeat Beowulf. 5 G Bronze 64
Rough Rider 022 Rough Rider Defeat Geryon. 5 G Bronze 64
Brotherly Love 023 Brotherly Love Fight Vergil a second time and prevail. 5 G Bronze 64
That's Not Lady-Like 024 That's Not Lady-Like Defeat Lady. 5 G Bronze 64
Step Into The Light 025 Step Into The Light Defeat Doppelganger. 5 G Bronze 64
Asylum 026 Asylum Defeat Arkham. 5 G Bronze 64
Big Spender 027 Big Spender Purchase all Devil Arm skills with Dante. 20 G Silver 64
Who's Laughing Now? 028 Who's Laughing Now Defeat Jester in all of his forms. 10 G Silver 64
The Path Less Travelled 029 The Path Less Travelled Clear every mission in Yellow Orb Mode. 10 G Silver 64
Trend Setter 030 Trend Setter Reach the highest level in all Styles with Dante. 20 G Gold 64
Locked 'n Loaded 031 Locked 'n Loaded Reach the highest level for any gun with Dante. 5 G Silver 64
Maximize Your Health 032 Maximize Your Health Max out the Health Bar with Dante. 10 G Silver 64
Give 'em Hell 033 Give 'em Hell Max out the Devil Trigger Gauge with Dante. 10 G Silver 64
Platinum Trophy 034 Platinum Trophy 3 Unlock all trophies. N/A Platinum 64