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This is a guide on where to find all the hidden Red Orb cache in Devil May Cry 3. Once you took a Red Orb cache, they won't reappear if you used Yellow/Gold Orbs.

Mission 3Edit

  1. 66th Slum Avenue. It's on the very edge of the roof of the sheltered corridor on the left side. Wait for a few seconds and it should fall right out.
  2. 13th Slum Avenue. It's on the highest point of the "Love Planet" neon sign that you can jump onto.

Mission 4Edit

  1. Right before you enter the door to battle Gigapede, go over to the sign and double/trick jump. It should fall right out after one or more jumps.

Mission 5Edit

  1. Azure Garden. Right after you take the lift platform up, leave the circular area to find yourself outside where there's a huge full moon. Double jump/Trick Up onto the tall pillar nearest to you.

Mission 6Edit

  1. Jump onto the top of the Mute Goddess statue.

Mission 7Edit

  1. Balcony of Pitch-black Void. Jump onto the edge-most pillar.
  2. Tranquil Souls room. Jump on the candlestick closest to the door.

Mission 8Edit

  1. Get onto the ship's bowsprit and carefully walk towards the very tip. Wait to grab the orbs.

Mission 9Edit

  1. Subterranean Garden. Jump onto the stone tablet.

Mission 10Edit

  1. After you move the Rotating Bridge with the Neo-Generator, leave through the door you're right next to find yourself in the front of Forbidden Land. Jump right around the area beneath Leviathan's eye and it should fall out.

Mission 11Edit

  1. Temperance Wagon. Hit the statue from the left side as far as it can get, then jump onto it.

Mission 13Edit

  1. Spiral starcase. Before you go down the stairs, double/kick jump the wall to the right side of the entrance/exit to receive some falling Red Orbs.

Mission 14Edit

  1. Once the mission begins, turn around and go over to a corner in the back where it's dark. Jump and you'll receive it.
  2. Top Obsidian Path. At the very corner right of the door, double jump a few times.
  3. Subterranean Garden. Jump onto the stone tablet.
  4. 13th Slum Avenue. Jump onto the building where you find a hidden Holy Water. From there, jump onto the back of the truck that's sticking out on the right.

Mission 16Edit

  1. Right before you end mission 16 by stepping through the brown door, go over to the left of the door and jump onto the furthest little ledge. Jump again, make sure not to fall, and you'll receive it.

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