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It was all because Sparda slammed the door to the Demon World in their faces.

A renewed fear is the eighth mission of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.


Leviathan's Stomach[]

After Dante gets swallowed by Leviathan he drops into the demon's cavernous stomach. This map is a lot more open and non-linear than most maps; to proceed, you must release the five tusks that seal the door by the wrecked bus on the ground floor by striking several bulbous switches throughout the stomach. Be careful though; stepping in the pools of yellow stomach acid will damage you.

The first is right on the ledge right next to where you land. Hit it, then continue along the ledge; the next one is ahead beside the ship. You can wall-jump/Air Hike onto the edge of the prow of the wrecked ship ahead to find yourself a hidden Red Orb cache, then walk onto its deck to find a Blue Orb Fragment. Jump down to the ground floor; you can see a door behind the breakable hull of the ship that leads to the Secret Mission, "Devil's Teetor-totter". You need to ride the elevator to the top while fending off Devil Triggered Hell Prides so that the elevator won't overweight and fall down. Remember that you just have unlocked your own Devil Trigger, so this is the perfect place to try it out. To complete this secret mission easier, wait until you have Beowulf and its Volcano attack or Kalina Ann. Use Beowulf's fully charged Volcano to take out all the Hell Prides easier.

After finishing the secret mission, double back toward the wrecked bus to find the third tusk switch, then jump over the bus and head into the hole on the right. The fourth is ahead in the first cavern behind the acid waterfall. Hit it, then jump up through the next hole, past the next cavern and across the stone bridge. A Red Orb crystal is to the left, and the last switch to the right. Hit it and jump down the ledge to land on the bus beside the door that is now unlocked, leading to Leviathan's Intestines.

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Two craters on the moon form "8", depicting mission's number.

Leviathan's Intestines[]

There are puddles of acid here too. Hug the right wall to avoid most of it, although there are two parts you must jump over to avoid stepping in it. Near the end, you'll find a Divinity Statue partially inside the right wall.

Leviathan's Heartcore[]

You'll arrive at Leviathan's Heartcore, but you can't do anything here yet, so continue to the next Intestines map.

Leviathan's Intestines[]

A Gigapede will appear behind you after you take a few steps. Killing it is optional but will earn you 1,000 Red Orbs; if you choose not to, you can just run down the map where you eventually reach a section that the Gigapede cannot pursue you into. Head into the next segment of Intestine to encounter a new type of demon, the Hell Envy. While they behave similarly to Hell Prides, they differ in that they typically can't be knocked down even by end-combo hits; you can only make them stagger, so keep an eye out when dealing with groups of these. You can ignore these if you'd like, though, and head through the map to Leviathan's Retina.

Leviathan's Retina[]

A group of Envies spawn in this room too, but the key item in the center of the map, the Ignis Fatuus, will absorb all orbs that they drop. That's fine, though; after it absorbs enough, it becomes exposed enough for you to pick it up. Taking it will unseal the way to the next section of Intestines. However, taking it will also disable all lighting inside Leviathan.

Leviathan's Intestines[]

There is no Gigapede in this map, but there are two side branches. The first contains a Green Orb and the second has a Cerberus Combat Adjudicator that requires an SS rank. The Intestines map after this has a Gigapede, and leads back to Leviathan's Stomach.

Leviathan's Stomach[]

Envies appear here too, but are again optional. Head back into the door that you unsealed when you first started the mission.

Leviathan's Intestines[]

The lights here are out too, making it difficult to see where you have to jump over the acid puddles. You can fire Ebony & Ivory to briefly illuminate the area. Once you've reached the Divinity Statue, prepare to fight Leviathan's Heart.

Leviathan's Heartcore[]

Examine the glowing green "pedestal" along the wall to place the Ignus Fatuus and dissolve the membrane protecting Leviathan's heart.

Boss: Leviathan's Heart[]

First playthrough[]

This fight consists of three boss parts: The right heart, the central heart, and the left heart. The central heart is the target that you must destroy, but it is covered by a shield most of the time. To make it expose itself, you must deplete the HP of one of the other hearts.

The catch is that by attacking one heart, you leave the other one alone. The right heart will drain your DT gauge if not attacked for a few moments, signified by white lights being absorbed from Dante; the left heart will absorb all Orbs that are dropped. Hell Envies also constantly appear on the map, making attacking the hearts more difficult.

The first time you destroy a side heart, the central heart will simply expose itself for a few moments. All subsequent times, it will counterattack first which exposes it, telegraphed by a red or bluish glow around the heart depending on which heart was left alone before exposing itself again. If it has absorbed enough DT, it will release purplish energy orbs that float slowly toward you; if it absorbed Red Orbs, it will sweep a red laser beam from side to side; two beams when it has sustained enough damage. Both attacks are capable of killing any Envies that are caught in them. Attacking the right heart is recommended, since keeping your DT increases your damage output, and causes the main heart to counter with lasers.

  • For those who use Swordmaster: bring Agni & Rudra as the hearts are weak to fire attacks and select Swordmaster. Jump up beside the right heart and begin using aerial Swordmaster combos to stay airborne (e.g. first two hits of Sky Dance alternated with Aerial Rave). This minimizes your time on the ground and thus the risks of getting mobbed by the Envies. When the heart dies, the main heart will counter with the lasers - you can jump over them or hop up beside the main heart and use the aerial combo method to deal extra damage (you will be able to damage the central heart that high through the raised shell, when it is busy doing the laser sweep). When the heart closes again, the right heart will have regenerated; repeat this strategy until the central heart dies.
  • For those who use Gunslinger: it is advised to bring Artemis and get it to at least Level 2, while a recommended secondary would be Ebony & Ivory. While keeping Style in check, using Sphere into an Acid Rain is capable of eating away at large chunks of life to the hearts. It is advised to keep away the Envies before starting up - a task Twosome Time and Rainstorm can help with.

Outside Gunslinger, Artemis Normal Shot can help you target and stun multiple enemies at once, helping you keep Hell Envies at bay.

The pipe-like structures in the middle of the chamber allow the Pole Play attack, a yet another option available against Hell Envies.

Second playthough[]

Combining Nevan's aerial Swordmaster move with Agni & Rudra's essentially eliminates having to worry about Envies at all, since Air Slash and Sky Dance combined altitude loss is not enough to drop you completely to the ground before the right heart dies. Air Slash also does appreciably more damage. Feedback and Crazy Roll are very effective at hacking away at the side hearts and Hell Envies simultaneously. Beowulf's Hammer is another good aerial option, while (Air) Volcano can be useful for wiping out nearby Hell Envies.

Alternatively, you can use Tempest/Ultimate Tempest on the hearts to quickly take them out.

If you find yourself in a mob of Envies, Kalina Ann's blast radius is large enough to hit all of the ones close to you, allowing you to jump away before they can attack again. Hysteric is also helpful for fending off approaching Hell Envies.

For Vergil[]

Heavy use of the aerial attacks is recommended. Against the central heart's laser attack, a exploit is possible, utilizing Judgement Cut. If you place yourself at a right distance, Vergil will be able to duck under the lasers while he stays in the Judgment Cut attack animation. Level 2 of the said attack will allow you to do more damage and stay safe for longer.

Defeating Leviathan's central heart will automatically complete the mission.