"Well then, let’s wrap up this crazy party, shall we?"

This is one unique kind of mission. You'll fight almost all bosses of the game in this one single mission. You can gain 80000-90000 style points by completing this single mission.


Run forward when the mission starts, continue as platforms will form in front of you. Jump in the mirror that'll appear. Kill the Damned Chessmen there, concentrating more at Damned King. If the King dies, everyone else is worthless in this mission. Jump back in the mirror that'll appear on the chess board after you've defeated everyone. Run forward, slay The Fallen that'll appear on your way and continue your path to the next mirror. There's a big foot statue behind the mirror. On the right of the statues you can find a Red Orb Crystal if you drop down. Similarly on the left is the last Secret Mission "Final Ascension" in the game.

You have to reach at the top of the area by using the rotating blocks. Trickster's Sky Star move and Air Hike are a basic necessity here nonetheless having Nevan's Air Raid can also prove to be mighty helpful. If you get frustrated by falling down again and again, you can quit the secret mission by entering the door on ground level.

After getting back, enter the mirror in front of the right foot statue. This whole area is cluttered with platforms carrying colored stones. By pressing circle near these platforms, you'll enter a boss fight.

There are various large Green Orbs scattered around the area as well as a Divinity Statue for you to use. Once you complete a trial, that stone will be brightened in the central structure and you'll conjure up there. In the central structure, you need to connect the stones to form a light.

If you decide to complete all the trials in this area, you'll get a Blue Orb Fragment in reward. Otherwise, you need to fight Cerberus, Agni & Rudra and Beowulf and end the mission by fleeing through the mirror that'll appear beside the central structure.


If you forget which color is which boss, the platforms show the "portrait" of the bosses such as a nude woman (Nevan), a horse (Geryon), a three headed dog (Cerberus) or Dante's portrait (Doppelganger).


2 Hell Vanguards and many other Hell Demons.

Light Blue





Agni & Rudra


Heart of Leviathan










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