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Screaming souls is the twentieth and final mission of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.


For the easy win against Vergil, it is suggested that you have at least the following skills:



A cutscene shows Vergil successfully getting the Force Edge and demanding Dante's half of the amulet. A dramatic scene follows with one of Dante's most dramatic quotes in a game.

Boss: Vergil[]

Vergil has a myriad of attacks that will cause extreme damage if chained into a combo. First, he will try to teleport his way to you and attack with a combo which is easy to avoid if you are in Trickster or you can just unleash a combo after he smashes the Force Edge into the ground. Cerberus is recommended for this is because after the three hit the Rebellion delivers, you can switch to Cerberus and just unleash about two Revolver on Vergil before he parries your attack. After that, switch back to Rebellion. Swordmaster is also useful because when Vergil shows open, you can use Rebellion and perform Dance Macabre.

Another tactic he will use is trying to teleport above you, use Helm Breaker on you and instantly chain it into a Stinger; this does massive damage. The best thing to do here is jump after you avoided his Helm Breaker, because if you just side roll, the Stinger will definitely hit you. He also does his signature Rapid Slash combo you have gotten used to since Missions 7 and Mission 13.

Once you have taken about 1/4 of his life, he will occasionally Devil Trigger to deal more damage and heal. He will continue to do these attacks until he has about 1/2 health. When that happens, he will Devil Trigger like in Mission 13, with an aura that will push you back. When he does this, it is noticeable that his DT duration is too long and his attack pattern will be confusing, giving the possibility of losing about 1/2 of your health if not careful. The good side of it is that when he deactivates his DT, he will always be left open.

Vergil's defense will be opened only in three cases: immediately after DT, during the sheathing animation, or while charging the Judgement Cut. In those two cases, he will be a sitting duck, perfectly still.

When he is about 1/4 health left, he will DT again but this time he will either unleash a barrage of Judgment Cuts, spamming the whole map with it, or making them chase you, or teleport and use Helm Breaker again and again. And yet again after he does these, he is left open long enough for you to kill him.

Another strategy shown to be effective is to use the Beowulf Devil Arm, and to hit him with a Killer Bee attack the moment he comes out of a combo, then to hit him eight times. He'll be stunned, then move in for another attack. Dodge that, Killer Bee, eight hits. On Easy, this can take him down in short order.

Another cutscene shows Vergil defeated and goes deeper into the underworld followed by Dante's return to the Human World and returning the Kalina Ann to Lady. After that cutscene, the credits roll with a twist, you can control Dante as he helps Lady defeat the remaining devils, and you get a bonus for killing over 100 devils.

Secret ending[]

Final cutscene rolls and you can watch the bonus cutscene with the weakened Vergil in the Room of the Fallen Ones and encounters Mundus. Vergil says, "It'll be fun to fight with the Prince Of Darkness. If my father did it, I should be able to do it too!" then he charges at Mundus.

Congratulations! You have finished the game!