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You can access through this secret mission in Mission 3 at the red door right before the golden statue in the right side of 13th Avenue. In this mission, you are transported back to Love Planet. In there, you are required to kill all of the enemies in 60 seconds. There are Hell Prides, Hell Lusts, and Hell Sloths here.


For the first timers[]

It is just simple; all you need to do is to Stinger every one of them. The Prides will shatter instantly, but the Lust and Sloth won't. So tap the Attack button rapidly to perform Million Stab. If they still won't die either, use the Shotgun and bust them. You still have to remember to dodge attacks. Do not focus on style, only on killing the enemies quickly. Try to gather them in one place, and then knock them down. Disabled Hell Lusts and Sloths will save you a lot of time, as opposed to being forced to chase them around.

For experienced fighters[]

With the full Dante arsenal, this Secret Mission becomes trivial.

For Vergil[]

Have Stinger Level 2 and Summoned Swords Level 3. Stinger and shoot enemies. If they don't die instantly, perform the Lunar Phase or Helm Breaker. You can also perform a Force Edge combo since it is fast and devastating (but stop the combo right before you open your sword by mashing Style button). If you killed an enemy while performing a combo, quickly Air Trick to the next enemy. If you have Spiral Swords and maxed out DT, perform Spiral Swords and rapidly shoot enemies. You can try out performing shooting and melee attacks together for more devastating damage.