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To complete this mission, you need to kill all four Enigmas without taking any damage. A very good strategy is having a maxed out Trickster Style or Gunslinger Style. It is advised not to use Holy Water since that costs too many Red Orbs.


This one is located beside the large elevator in Mission 5. It is portrayed as a red glowing small object at the wall. By entering this mission, you are now at the Ice Guardian's Chamber.


For the first timers[]

Trickster Style is the most useful style here. First you need to evade all the attacks by dashing. Then when almost all of them are finished, dash forward or Sky Star over to them and attack using the Shotgun or Cerberus, or stay away and begin shooting over and over.

Having Air Hike and Sky Star (Trickster level 2) makes this a breeze. Run up to the Enigmas and when they're almost about to fire, jump, Air Hike, and Sky Star. On normal difficulty, (easy for the original release), the Enigma should be sufficiently slow with reloading to allow you to take out at least two before they begin to fire again. Also, running to them at the far end will put at least one behind the camera, which will force the enemy AI to be even more docile. When the third starts firing again, close in on it with Stinger or use the same Air Hike & Sky Star dodge strategy.

For experienced fighters[]

Using the Gunslinger Style, it is best to use Kalina Ann for its Hysteric. Also, the Spiral's Trick Shot, Sniper, and Reflector, it could deal a great damage. Artemis is also a good idea. Shotgun will make a bad idea since it only deals a great damage only when in close range. Nevan proves to be extremely useful here, since the bats produce by the Nevan Combo I attack shield you from the Enigmas' arrows. The most important thing is that you have to stay afar.

For Vergil[]

Trick Up is mostly needed. From the start, lock-on an enemy from the leftmost (or rightmost) part. Then, quickly perform Air Trick and perform Trick Up right after. You should be above the enemy. Then, perform Starfall, Aerial Rave, or Helm Breaker and one Enigma should shatter. Then, quickly lock-on to the next Enigma, Trick Up and Starfall, Aerial Rave or Helm Breaker. I suggest using Starfall because you just need to perform once to kill an Enigma. Do this again until all of them die.