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In this mission, you have to destroy hidden objects within 40 seconds. There are 50 of them and that includes wine bottles, tables, chairs, menu board, barrels, glass and jukebox. You can farm this secret mission if you are low on Red Orbs.


This one can be found inside the Limestone Cave in Mission 9. It is in front of the entrance (it's a small opening above). Jump on it and go through the path until you see red glowing crystals.


For Dante/Vergil:

Use Rebellion, Yamato or Force Edge. Start smashing the tables, chairs and boards. Then the bottles. A single strike of Aerial Rave (any of them) is great enough to clear objects in the shelf. Then climb the bartender area and destroy 3 barrels. Go inside the bartender area and smash the bottles and barrels that has not been hit a while ago. Then go to right and smash two barrels hiding at the left of the jukebox. Then smash the jukebox and the barrels behind it. Then smash the barrels at the door where you obtain the Shotgun since Mission 3.

For experienced fighters:

Use Kalina Ann for obvious reasons. But you still need the Rebellion to smash 3 barrels above the bar. Your Kalina Ann must be at its maxed out level for greater speed or do the Royalguard/Shot Cancelling to cancel the recoil animation. Beowulf's Volcano is also helpful here, as a single move will clear a large area.