This mission can be found at the beginning of Mission 11. Before you enter the first door, there is a ledge at the left; jump onto it. Double jump away from the wall, Air Hike, then perform Sky Star towards it. Now you will stand in an area where there is a red portal. Alternatively, you can get there with only Level 1 Trickster Style by wall running up the spiral pillar opposite the ledge, jumping off, then Air Hiking (if necessary) up to the red portal area. For Vergil, jump away then use Aerial Rave towards the wall and quickly perform Trick Up.


For Dante and Vergil:

This mission is pretty easy, but a maxed out DT can be useful. Just run towards the Blue Orb Fragment and ignore enemies. If you have Triple Dash, use it. If you have Stinger Level 2, use it. For Vergil, maxed out DT or Stinger Level 2 are only useful. But if you want it being simple, just activate DT and run. Use Cerberus' Devil Trigger because its running speed is the fastest compared to Rebellion's, Agni & Rudra's, Nevan's and Beowulf's. You can also use Free Ride, but this needs some practice.

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