In this mission, you have to reach to the top in order to obtain the Blue Orb Fragment. The mission will fail if you will enter any kind of the door (this leads back to Netherworld). Now, in this mission, you are now in the God's Cube Chamber. You need the Air Hike and Sky Star. It's because you have to jump over the rotating and moving cubes in order to reach the top. Air Raid is optional, but it can be also needed when you are not good at timing.


This secret mission can be found during Mission 18 in the Netherworld. It is located at the left side of the leg statue and it is portrayed as a rectangular tablet.



All you have to do is to find a cube that stands beside the wall with a rotating cube above it. Jump above the rotating cube when it's going from left to right. Then kick jump the wall and perform Wall Hike to the right. Right there, you MUST land on the emerging block. Face the wall and wait until the other block beside the current block hides into the wall. Then jump and perform a Sky Star onto the first large platform. Then go to the edge of the platform and find a cube that moves up and down. Now jump onto it and wait until you will be moved up. Now jump on another moving block just in front of you. Now there are two rotating blocks moving up and down. Notice that one of the blocks moves with greater distance than the other block. Jump onto that block. When the block reaches the highest point where you can see another large platform, jump onto it. Then you're finished.


This may be hard, but it REALLY requires good timing, since there is no Air Hike. Do the same thing as Dante's strategy, but instead of Sky Star, perform Aerial Rave and Trick Up. When you are about to reach the final platform, jump, perform Aerial Rave and Trick Up.

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