The Devil May Cry 3 Trial Ver. is a demo of the original version of Devil May Cry 3. It came with Japanese copies of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 when it was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004.[1][excerpt 1]


Only two Missions are playable in the demo, being Mission 01: A crazy party and a mixture of Mission 02: The blood link and Mission 03: The Devils' tower. Because this is a demo of the original version of the game, only Dante is playable.


  • The image displayed at the mission start screen is different for both playable missions.
  • Going to the "Customize" screen only brings up the Style select menu.
  • The Royalguard Style cannot be selected, but it's possible to see it in the menu.
  • Dante's hair and coat have physics.
  • The Rebellion has a Quick Drive move, similar to the one present in Devil May Cry 4.
  • Using the Sword Pierce with Rebellion would result in Dante using the Beowulf's moves, instead of the one kick move in the final version.
  • Wild Stomp is not tied to the Gunslinger Style.
  • Dante's "Come and get me!" voice line tied to his Taunt is different.
  • The end rank screen of a mission is slightly different than in the final version.
  • There is no Hell Vanguard in the demo.
  • The Break out cutscene does not play when Mission 02 is started, instead there is a brief in-game scene that shows the enemies spawning and then a pan shot aimed towards the Temen-ni-gru.
  • After the Cerberus is defeated, there is a cutscene that shows Dante entering the Temen-ni-gru, this cutscene is absent in the final game.





  1. カプコンは7月16日,PS2用サバイバルホラー「バイオハザード アウトブレイク FILE 2」(9月9日発売予定)の先着特典として,「デビルメイクライ 3」(写真)の体験版が付くことを発表した。

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