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The Devil May Cry 4 2008 TRIAL Ver. (『Devil May Cry 4』体験版, ''Devil May Cry 4 2008 TRIAL Ver.''?) is a demo of the original version of Devil May Cry 4.


The demo has two modes: Mission: Exterminate and Mission: Executioner.

Mission: Exterminate[]

"Exterminate all in your path within 10 minutes as you play your way through this heart stopping mission."
―In-game description.

This Mission of the demo starts at the Mission 02: La Porte De L'Enfer of the final game and eventually ends at the Berial boss area. However, one key difference between the demo and the final game is that the area before the boss fight where there is a Combat Adjudicator is replaced by the area in Mission 03: The White Wing where the Frost is first encountered, and opening the door that leads to the Fortuna Castle will actually lead to the Berial fight.

Mission: Executioner[]

"Execute or be executed as you face off against icy Frosts and the fiery Berial."
―In-game description.

Mission: Executioner is a shorter version of Mission: Exterminate but with no timer, the player starts at the Fortuna Castle entrance area where Frosts are fought, and again when the door that leads to the castle is interacted with, Nero will spawn in the Berial boss area instead of the castle itself.

Performance Test[]

On the PC version, selecting "Performance Test" on the Main Menu will start out a benchmark, multiple real-time scenes will be played in four different locations, once it ends, a rank is given based on how well the game performed on the machine.


  • In the Nero's controls tutorial screen, Nero's render still shows him with the orange Devil Bringer.
  • One of the scenes in the Performance Test shows a fight between Dante and Berial, which the player can then use the Yamato or any of Dante's weapons & Styles.