Below is a list of all Blue Orb Fragments in Devil May Cry 4. To fill out the vitality gauge, the player must purchase 6 full Blue Orbs from the Divinity Statue.

In the Special Edition, Blue Orbs can also be bought with real money via DLC, if done so, the blue orb fragments in the game will vanish, and purchasing more than fourteen orbs will not make the health bar bigger than it's supposed to.

Once all are collected, the Modus Vivendi award will be unlocked in the original version of the game. The Special Edition instead only has an award to "Clear all secret missions.", which will be unlocked if this guide is followed.

Mission 02Edit

Mission 03Edit

  • After climbing up by using the Grim Grips at the start of the mission, head to the left and climb up again by using the Grim Grips.
  • At the second floor of the castle, in the area with the Blue Device, head to the south from the device and a window will be on the wall on the right. Destroy the window and the fragment will be inside.

Mission 04Edit

Mission 05Edit

Mission 06Edit

  • Immediately when the missions starts, the fragment is right in front on the same floor Nero is on. Do not fall down.
  • After fighting Agnus and activating the Blue Device, go up the stairs but instead of interacting with the door, use a Streak on the ledge at the opposite of the door and the fragment will be obtained.
  • Secret Mission 04: Tracking Treasure Down - After obtaining the last fragment and fighting the next group of enemies, head towards the right of the door you came in, the secret mission is behind the human on the left.

Mission 07Edit

  • At the area with the disappearing floor (with the Mephistos), the fragment is in the middle of the area, simply double jump to it or use Enemy Step, etc.
  • Secret Mission 05: Sky Scraper- ?
  • Combat Adjudicator - This Combat Adjudicator is unmissable, it's in the area before the fight with Echidna.

Mission 08Edit

  • At the start of the mission, there will be a small corridor with a breakable object at the top of it. The fragment is within this object.
  • At the area with the puzzle related to where the sun is pointing, simply choose the wrong path then kill all enemies. The fragment will be above, double jump to it.

Mission 09Edit

  • Combat Adjudicator - At the main hall where the lasers appear, this Combat Adjudicator is to the left of the door you used to come in.
  • After taking the first elevator and slowing down time once, you will come to a second elevator. When it stops, two doors will open, choose the one that leads to nothing and jump down. Then turn the camera around and the fragment will be in plain view.

Mission 10Edit

  • Secret Mission 06: Vermifuge - When you reach the area with the lasers that come at you, cross them and then head to the wall to the right.
  • After the area with the lasers, do not activate the elevator, but instead jump towards the top of it.
  • Secret Mission 07: Free Running - Before entering the room Dante is in, interact with the wall to the left of the door and Divinity Statue.

Mission 11Edit

  • Combat Adjudicator - When the mission starts, go left and follow the path, the Combat Adjudicator will be unmissable.

Mission 12Edit

  • Combat Adjudicator - The Combat Adjudicator is at the second area with the Blue Device and elevators, located near the end of the mission.

Mission 13Edit

  • Combat Adjudicator - The Combat Adjudicator is at the area where Nero had to activate the Blue Device to walk through the disappearing floor.

Mission 14Edit

  • Near the end of the mission, at the area with the Red Orb Crystal, the secret mission is to the right of the grave.

Mission 15Edit

  • Combat Adjudicator - This Combat Adjudicator is unmissable.
  • Secret Mission 09: Unbreakable - At the area with the Red Orb Crystal, go down the stairs and do not enter the door, the secret mission is at the wall.

Mission 16Edit

  • Combat Adjudicator - This Combat Adjudicator is unmissable.
  • Secret Mission 11: Point of Impact - After the battle with the Basilisk outside of the castle, climb up the first set of stairs, then stop when you must go left to climb it more. Now double jump to the right and use a Sky Star to get to the secret mission, or use the Gunslinger Style with the Pandora with some Disaster Gauge, etc.
  • At the area with the Grim Grips (when you were Nero), one of the ways to get this is by using a Stinger at the edge (towards the southeast of the camera) which will land Dante at the right spot.

Mission 17Edit

  • At the streets area, kill all the enemies then jump up at the "Restaurant" on the left side of the street (from where you came). The fragment will be in plain sight when the angle changes.
  • Secret Mission 12: Steeplechase - After the last room, go to the right side and destroy the object next to the wall. The secret mission is behind it.

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