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Below is a list of the Red Orb Caches found in Devil May Cry 4. The caches can be found an infinite number of times and some of them can be acquired again by the second character, or found again in later missions when playing as Vergil.


Residential District[]

Missions 2 & 17
  • In the area with both the Red Orb Crystal and Blue Orb Fragment, there is a ledge the player can jump to which is to the right of the blue waste container. The cache is on the first ledge.
  • At the same exact area, the player can use a double jump to reach the ledge right above them, the cache will appear there.

Fortuna Castle Gate[]

Missions 3 & 16
  • At the area where the Frosts spawn, the cache is on top of the southwest pillar.
  • At the same area, the cache is on top of the southeast pillar.

Grand Hall 2F (Fortuna Castle)[]

Missions 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16
  • The cache is located at the top ledge at the northwest area of the Grand Hall 2F inside Fortuna Castle. The ledge is not accessible just by jumping - Nero has to use an EX High Roller 3 followed by kick jump, Dante has to use a DT double Air Hike, Lady and Vergil can use a Grim Grip, and Trish has to use High Voltage followed by kick jump.


Missions 3, 4, 15
  • At the outside area of the Library, there are platforms the player can jump to on the left, the cache is at the second one, at the top ledge.

Soldier's Graveyard[]

Missions 5 & 15
  • At the east side of this area, there are three small platforms the player can jump on top, the cache is at the one in the middle.
  • At the same location, the cache is on the platform to the right.

Spiral Well[]

Missions 5 & 15
  • On the floor above the Red Orb Crystal, there is one dead end where the cache is inside.

Containment Room[]

Missions 6 & 16
  • After Agnus is defeated, stand at the spot the broken Yamato was located during the Shifty Agnus cutscene.

Secret Mission 04: Tracking Treasure Down[]

Mission 6 & 16

In order to beat Secret Mission 04, the player needs to find eight caches.

Angel Creation[]

Missions 6 & 16
  • At the area where the last set of enemies spawns before being able to get to the next room, the cache is one the corner.

Ruined Lowlands[]

Missions 7 & 14
  • The cache is at the northwest-most area part of the map. In order to get here, fall down at the Ruined Valley - the area with the vanishing platforms (Mission 7) or get "eaten" by the Fault (Mission 14).

Grand Hall (Order of Sword H.Q.-A-)[]

Missions 9, 10, 12
  • Hug the wall at the northeast area of the Grand Hall, the cache will then appear.

The Gauntlet[]

Missions 9, 10, 12
  • Before activating the Crest switch, stand at the middle of the area where the elevator is supposed to be.

Advent Chamber[]

Mission 11
  • On the elevator next to the Divinity Statue, the cache is at the center of where the elevator is supposed to be. Only spawns when the elevator is not active.
  • After using the second set of Grim Grips, stand at the ledge that splits the section between the Crest switch and the Grim Grips, the cache is at the north side of the ledge.

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