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The goal is to find the gyroblade's, don't bother with the gyroblade's that are not in the hallway, those you will have to find are on the far left behind a blue barrier and ont the right side of the hallway behind gates. For the first one just take one of the two gyroblade's already in place and throw it into the blue gate (enemies will appear) then take both back. For the second go into the kitchen fight the enemies, you will see that you can't go because there's a stream of fireballs just take the gyroblade that is just in the place you are (don't go back to take one in the hallway you can't take those)then use it to block the fire balls then slam it at the end of the alley (if you go behind where the fire balls where getting out and press on the note on the wall, you will have a secret mission.)Take the door kill the enemies then take another you will be behind the gates,activate the blue stone then to where you should go just follow the ennemies. After they are all in place you will fight Bael he is not difficult to kill just keep shooting and swing you sword but watch when he jumps.

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