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What shall befall me s-s-s-should he stumble upon my research facility?!

Trisagion is the fifth mission of Devil May Cry 4.


Soldier's Graveyard[]

This mission begins with Nero encountering a new breed of lesser-demon: the Mephistos. To defeat them simply shoot at them until their "cloak" disappears. They are vulnerable after that. After defeating them, destroy the statues of ice and tombstones to gain some red orbs. You can also find Secret Mission 3 below the staircase, but it will be pretty hard to complete until after you have beaten Angelo Credo and acquired the Hold ability. So just simply head straight up the stairs and into the Master's Chamber.

Master's Chamber[]

Defeat all of the enemies here to gain access to the next area. You can also play Secret Mission 10 here; it's located above the fireplace, but you'll need to destroy the glass first.

Torture Chamber (top)[]

Activate the bridge by slashing at the Crest switch, then use Buster on the Gyro Blade to destroy the obelisk. After that you will fall down to the Spiral Wall.

Spiral Wall[]

Kill the Mephistos in the area to obtain the key item Wing Talisman. Afterward, the Jump Pads will activate. Jumping on top of them will take you back up. There are also items and red orb crystals in the area, as well as a Holy Water.

Torture Chamber[]

Slay all Scarecrows and Mephistos here. Assaults and Fausts appear in higher difficulties.

Large Hall[]

Before entering here you should ready your Red Queen to Exceed 3, because in this stage you will fight a number of Frosts.

Grand Hall[]

Collect all red orbs, jump onto the red magic platform and land on to the huge chandelier. Hit the post with Red Queen, and there will be a cutscene with Nero slashing the post, making the chandelier to swing towards Sanctus' portrait that hides a secret tunnel. Enter the tunnel.

Underground Laboratory[]

Just follow the path until you reach a cutscene showing Sanctus' resurrection and the end of the mission.


  • The mission title refers to the Trisagion, prayed once a day together with the Sanctus with a contrite heart to adore the Holy Trinity.
  • This is the only mission wherein two Secret Missions are found in consecutive areas, with Secret Mission 3 being in the Soldier's Graveyard, and Secret Mission 10 in the Master's Chamber.