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For You is the ninth mission of Devil May Cry 4.


Gran Album Bridge[]

Following another cutscene, you will start off the mission from the Gran Album Bridge. Head off to the next room and destroy the artifacts. Then continue on to the other side of the bridge, where you are introduced to a new enemy: Alto Angelo. It may be wise to kill off the lesser blue Angelos first using air combos and air throws, then target the Alto Angelo. When the Alto Angelo flies around, grapple him and knock him out of the air. When you have destroyed all enemies, enter the HQ. There are 10 breakable objects here.

Grand Hall[]

M09 Main Hall Preview

A preview of the Main Hall, notice a Devil Star on the left.

From the main hall, move towards the Strange Tree and activate the pedestal. A cutscene will then follow, and the room behind you will be filled with laser traps. Move to the room from your right. Pick up the Devil Star S and break the S-Rank Combat Adjudicator before activating the cutscene. There are six breakable benches, two breakable pots, and one hidden Red Orb cache in the far opposite corner of the Adjudicator.

Key Room[]

More Alto & Bianco Angelos here. Defeat them and acquire the Key of Cronus, which can be used to slow down time. Use the Key on the Chrono Slicer to get past the lasers. There are four breakable objects here.

The Gauntlet[]

First thing's first: stand in the center of the hexagonal pit in the middle of the room for a hidden Orb cache. After that, activate the nearby mechanism to access the elevators. While inside the first elevator, Scarecrows will spawn. Kill them to continue.

While on the second floor, you need to access the distant elevators by passing through various laser traps. Use the Key of Cronus on the Chrono Slicer to get through the laser barriers. Inside the second elevator, Frosts attack you. Kill them to keep going.

Blue Orb Fragment[]

When the second elevator stops, you can either proceed towards the laser barriers, or jump out a side door that opens up. It's easy to miss this door if you don't know it's there., but you'll need to jump out of it and land on a ledge to get to the Blue Orb Fragment. Some may find it difficult to jump straight with the camera angles. If this is the case, use Streak to take a long jump. The Blue Orb Fragment is just above Snatch height, so the easiest way to get it is to jump off. You'll end up back at the first floor. Just activate the mechanism again to recall the elevator, and start back up.

Use the Chrono Slicer to navigate through the third floor and get into the third elevator. Here you will be attacked by Assaults. Kill them to keep going. On higher difficulties, you will also fight a Blitz here. When you are on the top area, get the Green Orb, buy anything you need from the Divinity Statue, and move to the next room.

Agnus' Room[]

Walk to the center of the room to trigger a cutscene and start the boss fight. If you are going for 100% Orb collection, you'll need to break the objects here before triggering the cutscene. Even though they don't drop any Red Orbs, they still count for some reason. There are four breakable pieces of furniture and one breakable candle stand. There are several breakable cages as well, but they can only be accessed during the boss fight.

Boss: Angelo Agnus[]

General Strategy[]

The key to defeating Agnus is to stay on the attack. He summons multiple other demons to try and force you to go on the defensive, but Nero can use these against Agnus with a Buster.

You need to hit Agnus with multiple sword combinations, Charged Shots, and whatever else you can throw at him to disrupt his gold aura; only then will he be vulnerable to Buster. It is recommended to stay near the center of the room when possible, as he always returns to the center just before his drain attacks.

Agnus can also restore his health with a few special attacks. Both are always announced by Agnus returning to the center of the room and charging them up with demonic power. If you fail to dodge them and get caught, the only way to escape them is to use Devil Trigger or a Holy Water.

There are also three breakable cages within the boss arena, all of which drop a Green Orb when broken. Agnus will probably break these as he shoots fireballs at you, but make sure to get them before the end of the fight.

Audio Cues & Attacks[]

Immediately when the fight begins, he will try to stab you with his sword. Dodge out of the way, and get ready.

  • "Time to dissect!" and "You dare oppose me?!"
    • Summons two or three Gladii behind him, respective to each cue. Easier to predict than the Basilisks because of their longer warm-up time before attacks, they are nonetheless dangerous because you can't keep your eyes on all of them at once. Use Snatch to disable them quickly and then either kill them or fling them back at Agnus. You can also activate Devil Trigger in front of Agnus and attack them in mid-air while the demonic swords are warming up to destroy them before they scatter.
  • "You're doomed!"
    • Agnus will bow down and summon two Cutlasses. They will then create a "diving hole" underneath you and attempt to do their slashing jump attack. They disappear afterwards, so you don't have to worry about encore performances. If you attack Agnus before the holes appear, you may interrupt the summon.
  • "I will crush you until you die!"
    • Agnus will perform Rave Boomerang. He summons two Cutlasses and spins like a top. After about three seconds of spinning, he will fling them towards Nero. Stay away from him while spinning and time your sideways dodge or double jump to evade this attack.
  • "This can't be happening!"
    • Agnus says this after being stunned; at the same time, a massive wind will push Nero away from him similar to Sanctus' "Power of the Sword" aura in Mission 20. You can however use Maximum Bet (if you have it) to inflict damage while he's getting up.
  • "Huaah! Take this!"
    • Gladius slash. Try to Buster him before he attacks while he still has the Gladii in his hands, which will force him to relinquish White Orbs.
  • "I'll finish you off myself with this marvelous weapon I devised!" or "Behold, the power of an angel!"
    • Summons Basilisks. Because they converge their fire on the spot where you are standing, it is best to dodge directly left or right, since going forward or back puts you at greater risk of running into a skull. Try to Buster or Air Buster them at Agnus if you can, but otherwise focus on dodging Agnus while taking them out. There are two patterns to this attack, which can be predicted by the Basilisk faces seen in the Hell Gate:
      • All at once: All of the Basilisks shoot at the same time, and reload at the same time. A slower firing speed gives you more time to prepare, but deals more damage if you get hit.
      • Staggered: The Basilisks shoot in pairs, resulting in closer but less powerful shots.
  • "Your strength will be mine!"
    • Agnus charges at you. If you are caught, he will drain your health. You can cancel this by activating Devil Trigger.
  • "Time to die!"
    • Agnus will perform a devastating blow that can drain a massive portion of your Vitality Gauge. Chase him and attack him vigorously before he charges this attack to prevent the damage.

Once Agnus has been defeated, a cutscene will trigger, and the mission will end.