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Wrapped In Glory is the tenth mission of Devil May Cry 4.


With this mission, you will begin from Agnus' Chamber. Just head back to the door and to the elevator. As usual, enemies will spawn on this elevator, including the first appearance of a Faust. Kill them and proceed. This time, the gap is now blocked by a Sealed Door, in order to remove it, you need to cross over the Laser Barriers to activate the Blue Mechanism. Once the seal is gone, jump into it; it also serves as a shortcut. Then proceed to the hall exit. Do not activate the Blue Mechanism on the lower floor, or you will repeat this process again from the top.

You will then be back into the area where you obtained the Key of Cronus, just kill the enemies and proceed. You can slow the time using the key to help you. When you are back and the large hall, proceed to the door leading to the bridge, cross it to continue.

You will be at the area with a long hall filled with several moving Laser Barriers, slow down time and use your jumping abilities to proceed. The next area is a room of a large fan and a large Chrono Slicer, defeat the enemies and slow down time. Use your jumping skills again to cross to the next door.

The next area is a large gap with a Blue Mechanism, activate it to reveal the elevator.

Again, you are at the Order's meeting room, just kill the enemies and proceed. The next area is a narrow hall where you can refill your health, a Divinity Statue is seen here. Be prepared as the next part is a boss fight of a stronger Dante than the one you faced in Mission 1.

Boss: Dante[]


Dante has multiple fighting styles and weapons that he will use throughout the fight. His aura and audio cues will indicate which style he is going to use. As Dante's health decreases on higher modes, he changes between his styles, swords, and guns more often. Once Dante’s health meter has been depleted, that will trigger the second cut scene between Dante and Nero, and the mission will end.

Devil Arms[]


  • When Dante pulls out Ebony & Ivory, he's attempting to use Honeycomb Fire. You can run away or try to dodge-jump, but these aren't always effective. The best way is to position yourself on top of the canopy, at the corner farthest from Dante. That way the canopy will shield you from the bullets. Dante can also counter all your bullets with Ebony & Ivory.
  • Coyote-A, the shotgun, will knock out a good bit of your health and also knock you to the ground. He’ll pull it out if you keep shooting him for a prolonged period of time.
  • He rarely uses Pandora, but when he does, he only accesses two of its forms: Revenge (any style) and Omen (Gunslinger style only, and only in high difficulty modes). Revenge is easy to avoid and counter; Omen is not.

Fighting Styles[]

  • Royalguard
    • "Royal!" / Light Blue Aura
    • When Dante switches to Royalguard style, stop attacking him. If you continue to attack him he will eventually counter with a devastating attack; he can even do this at long range if you keep shooting him. The good news is that Dante does not seem interested in attacking you directly during this period. The Red Queen and Blue Rose are easily blocked by this stance, so Buster him; use the Devil Trigger to inflict more damage, but you should either not stay in the air too long or be ready to do a double jump, as he usually fires his Coyote to blast you down.
  • Trickster
    • "Trick!" / Golden Aura
    • This style unpredictable. Dante might start charging at you only to slow to a walk, or pull out Ebony & Ivory or Coyote-A. This one is your call; you can try and use a Red Queen Combo on him or just Air Hike away until he changes styles.
  • Gunslinger
    • "Gun!" / Blue Aura
    • Dante gains access to an additional attacks with the firearms. If he’s using Pandora, be on the lookout for the devastating Omen attack. It is almost impossible to stop before he uses it, and absolutely impossible to escape once started. On Dante Must Die mode, it can easily take down a quarter of your health bar.
  • Swordmaster
    • "Sword!" / Red Aura
    • Dante will utilize a few more moves with his Devil Arms.


Dante is not to be underestimated, as he has counter-attacks for a lot of Nero's moves. Streak is useless, as Dante will jump then attack downwards with his sword, which is often unavoidable. Given Dante's expert gunmanship, he also manages to shoot your bullets with his own, therefore negating gunfire, and will dodge charged shots you make. The only exception to this is if you catch him while he’s preoccupied, such as when he is preparing a Pandora shot, recovering from another move, when he is in the air, etc. Note that if Dante is charging at you, he will likely to either use his Helm Breaker or Full House attack. Air Hike out of his way and over his head because he will slam down with Rebellion. He could do this up to three times in a row, so try to stay airborne and keep moving out of his way. When he is walking, he will use ground based attacks.

Buster Strategy[]

The easiest way to defeat Dante is to utilize Buster when he is in the air. There are two main strategies for exploiting Dante's weakness:

  1. Jump into the air. When you see Dante jump up to follow you, as quick as you can, use Snatch to pull him towards you and perform an Air Buster on him.
  2. Stand on top of the canopy in the center of the room, just at the edge. When Dante jumps up to join you, Buster him. He never learns.

Exceed System Strategy[]

Another trick for gaining the upper hand on Dante is to use Nero's Exceed system, which Dante lacks. Power up your Exceed meter, then use continuous gunfire to approach Dante. Once you are close enough, attack him. Your Exceed powered moves should be fast enough to catch him off guard. This tactic is not foolproof; Dante may attack you unexpectedly, or you may wander into his melee range before initiating your own attack. Remember you can always use your Devil Trigger to escape a Rebellion combo.

Charged Shot Strategy[]

Dante can also be defeated with the help of Charged Shot. It needs to be powered to level 3, as the shot itself does little damage, whereas the following explosion takes about a unit of his health. The trick to using it is to try Snatch on Dante while he's on the ground. He could dodge the Snatch but can't dodge a Charged Shot, if it was taken immediately after the Snatch. If he's being kept away from the rest of the fight, he could be eliminated quite easily that way, which is also relatively fast. This strategy is less useful in higher difficulty modes, as Trickster allows him to block the damage, and Royalguard allows him to block it; he can also use Royal Release prior to Charged Shot's explosion when close to you, so stay away from him when this happens.