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And the rest, is silence.

Adagio For Strings is the seventeenth mission of Devil May Cry 4.


At the start of the mission, collect a Green Orb right in front of you, and jump down to the lower part of the room to find six large Red Orbs in the small waterway. After grabbing them, proceed to the next room.

You’re back to Port Caerula. Run along the bridge to a wooden platform where Scarecrows, Bianco Angelos, and Alto Angelos are waiting for you. Kill them all, and proceed.

In the next room there is a tall building that looks like a guard post. There are hidden Orbs inside and on the roof. Once you’ve collected the Orbs, proceed to the inner area of the map, where you will find Assaults and Mephistos waiting for you. Kill them, collect Red Orbs from the crystal, and proceed to the next room.

In the Terrace/Business District, you’ll find a lot of demons: Scarecrows, Mega Scarecrows, and Basilisks, plus more on harder difficulties. Kill them, then check the left side of the street. Jump on top of the rain shade marked by a Red Orb, then jump again to a balcony to collect a hidden Blue Orb fragment. When you’ve finished collecting Orbs, move on.

Run along the street and destroy the trash can at the end. Secret Mission 12 is hidden around here; skip or or complete it as you wish, then move up toward the ruined Fountain Plaza. Kill the demons you find there, and enter the opera house for the boss fight.

Boss: Angelo Agnus[]

Angelo Agnus Drain

Beware of his draining attacks.

Check the Boss Fight section of Mission 9 for information about Agnus’ audio cues and attacks.

Agnus is easy to fight as Dante, even if he does have more demons at his command than he did previously. The best weapons to use are Coyote-A and Rebellion, although Lucifer works too.

When you see him flying above the central platform, attack him with the Rebellion until he is stunned, then perform Danse Macabre on him. When he's in the air, Aerial Rave doesn't do much damage; you should use Drive or Over Drive. If you have mastered the Jump Canceling skill, air-borne attacks could be quite useful since they deal a lot of damage, especially if you are in Devil Trigger mode. Distorted Real Impact can also be used to slay him in under a minute.

Angus’ health-draining attacks are telegraphed by the following audio cues:

  • "Your strength will be mine!"
  • "Time to die!"

When you've defeated him, jump into the portal to obtain Yamato and end the mission.


  • The title of this mission, Adagio for Strings, is an orchestral piece by Samuel Barber for stringed instruments. He arranged a choral work of Agnus Dei to the tune of Adiago for Strings, and it is one of the most famous versions of the piece.
  • Dante's line And the rest, is silence comes from the Shakespearean tragedy, Hamlet.