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This is the most difficult mission in the game with Nero, and is hard to beat if you're not too good at dealing with bosses. Still, it is possible... though it is advisable to stock some Vital Stars.


Machina Ex Deus

Here you will start this mission. Just move to the next location.

Stairway to Heaven

At this point you play a very annoying and familiar game. It is the dice game from Mission 6 but here are some significant differences. First, the game is divided into five circled game fields. Second, it will go over and over the circle until you hit the yellow or purple square. Third, the last difference and the most frustrating one is that at the end of each field you will fight a boss. Still, other rules are the same: red square - fight, blue square - Red and Green orbs, white - nothing. Also you may use cheating method as before - if you Buster dice right when N number is up, N number will fall. Use it to survive, as constant fights with small supply of green orbs could be really annoying, especially on hard modes.

You will have boss fights in a strict order: first Arma, then Ignis, Nix, Draco, and, finally, Vermis.

Heaven: Arma

It isn't a boss fight, though it can make you nervous for a moment. Here you will meet with four Bianco Angelos and one Alto one. You may try to fight them as usual, or may try to play cheap. If you want to end this quickly and without much effort, wait until knights start to charge their energy ball attack, and use Charged shot (even lvl 1 will be enough) just as it starts flying. This will deflect it back, causing chaos, deaths (of the "angels") and SSS-style.

Heaven: Ignis

Heaven: Nix

Heaven: Draco

Heaven: Vermis

Stairway to Heaven

Destroy columns for Red orbs, break door and go through. Ta-da! Congratulations! You have ended this hellish mission! And almost the game, as there's only the final fight left...