Ok, this is easily THE hardest stage in the game, and it is EXTREMELY hard to come through this with an S ranking.

At first, it looks just like the thing from the game room, and it pretty much is, but with a twist.

Machina Ex Deus

Here you just have to move to the next room

Stairway to Heaven

At this point you play a very annoying game, it is the dice game from before but this time it can go over and over till you hit the yellow or get it to the door, until that happens you should just focus on survival with health being a priority for the next part you should keep out of using anything that puts you in harms way. the blue platforms drop orbs, including green ones to heal with, white platforms are worth another go

Heaven: Arma

Here you fight at least five angels,you might want to get the leader out of the way and avoid the others as much as possible, when the leader falls you should easily pick off the others by jumping behind their shields and attacking their backs

Heaven: Ignis (Boss)

Berial is back now in this stage, if you're doing an easyer mode you shouldn't have much troble, but in harder ones i can only go with using healing items to get through this part and the other parts after it, you're best bet might be to start off at a guns distance, its time consuming but it will tire him out, then when that stops being useful you are forced to get close, from there you just have to be careful of his attacks, try to find a way to predict his moves

Heaven: Nix (Boss)

with this boss you might want to attack his sides to boost the devil trigger and then wait for him to be volnerable, use it and grab him and should he jump to a distance and open his mouth charge your gun and time it so that you hit his tongue, that being the only weak point on him and if he eats you use devil trigger like last time.

Heaven: Draco (Boss)

Here you should wait for her to create chimera seeds,when she does use devil trigger and grab the piece she uses to create them, as she is in dragon form you shouldn't even try to hit her, instead you should wait for the right moment and strike her as much as you can, also be aware of her long tendrals and keep away from them, if she acts tired grab her in devil trigger and keep doing this until she's dead

Heaven: Vermis (Boss)

If you've made it this far Agnus shouldn't really bother you, but having battled so much before this fight might become an issue, attcking him until he's volnerable and then useing devil trigger and bringger in combination might be your best attack plan, be sure to look out for his experiments, they become more annoying then agnus himself, if he begins charging up for something you should stop him a-s-a-p.

Stairway to Heaven

Darksoul I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiight!
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