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In this secret mission, Nero or Dante must find hidden orbs within the time limit.

You can find this secret mission in the room you get to after activating the Foris Falls' bridge (after you fight Agnus and get Yamato). Go to the cages where the bodies of the knights of the order are kept (to the right, glowing in yellow light). Probably you should kill the Bianco and Alto Angelos first, or get there faster than they can catch you. 

To complete this mission, just follow the Auto Search signal as Nero and stand near wherever the signal is strongest.  After a moment, Red orbs will pour out of the hiding spot.  You must collect 99 red orbs to complete the mission but they typically come in groups of 30. If the signal on the Gyro Blade area doesn't shine enough and jumping causes loss of the signal, go underground through the busted portrait. As Dante, the mission is more difficult, since you can now only find the orbs by luck.

List of Locations[]

  • Underground
  • On one end of the left red carpet
  • Where the Gyro Blade is located
  • On the balcony's hand rail near the lower left corner of the Grand Hall (You have to stand right on the pillar support on the 2nd floor)
  • At the upper right corner of the room (1st floor)
  • In front of the Pedestal on the 2nd floor
  • In front of the entrance door (1st floor)
  • Behind the mirror on the right side of the 2nd floor