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You will appear in the "well" part of Underground Laboratory. Your goal is to reach the upper part of the well within 1 minute. It is advisable to have upgraded Snatch, though it is not a requirement. This mission can be frustrating without adequate upgrades and timing.


Between you and the top are five red platforms (including the one on the ground):

  1. As the mission begins, jump on the first platform.
  2. Jump, and at the peak of your jump Lock-On and use Hell Bound twice (there are two Grim Grips). You will land on the second pad.
  3. Jump, and, while flying, move to the opposite edge of the well and use Hell Bound twice again. If you are lucky, you will land on third circle.
  4. Next pad is surrounded by a fence. It can be either destroyed (you need to move joystick in its direction, as you will be turned to other side, slash it, and use Air Hike if you don't want to jump again) or avoided (there is a gap between the circle and fence).
  5. The last platform can be reached in two ways:
    1. Land on platform beside you, move to the next Grim Grip and Hell Bound it.
    2. Hell Bound the Grim Grip immediately after you jump and Air Hike towards the pad. Then just jump off and grab your prize.


Secret M05 location

The secret mission's seal is just behind a tree on the Lapis River.

This Secret Mission's seal can be found in the Lapis River area of the Mitis Forest. Move to the west part of that area until you find a tree; the seal is on one side of this tree.