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The player must navigate the Ruined Valley room. As before the way across is made up of disappearing platforms, but the pattern is much more complicated than the original challenge from Mission 06, and there are three Mephistos instead of two. Every platform disappears quickly so the key is to move swiftly through the platforms while avoiding incoming attacks.



Stepping on the first vanishing platforms then back to the starting platform will lure the Mephistos to a safe (albeit small) battlefield. You can then kill them at your leisure, then restart the Pedestal and vanishing platforms for a safe trip.


A combination of Streak while on the edge of a platform, followed by Air Hike, then Calibur will send Nero a great distance. This can be used in many places to leap over the void to the Blue Orb Fragment.



  1. Activate the Pedestal.
  2. Wait until the platforms extend out to where the Fragment is hiding.
  3. Parallel to the wall, Stinger then Sky Star and then Double Jump and you should land on where the Fragment is located.


Navigate through the platforms while blocking the Mephistos' attacks. Blocking them doesn't cause you to fall off the platforms.


Have a full Disaster Gauge before initiating the mission, then simply use Argument to float through the chasm towards the Blue Orb Fragment.