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There are no enemies in this mission, only Nero, a Gyro Blade, five towers, and a two-minute timer. The objective is to use the Gyro Blade to smash the towers. The first tower is along the curved path, just keep hitting the Gyro Blade forward and it should be destroyed. The second tower is in front of the door to the Central Courtyard where Bael is fought. The third tower is across from the gated room that had a Gyro Blade and a puzzle switch in Mission 4. The fourth tower is in a small alcove at the end of the hall here, and the fifth tower is where the Gyro Blade was in the gated room in Mission 4. To move the Gyro Blade down straight halls, give it the second-level spin by hitting it with two sword attacks. To move the Gyro Blade around corners, use only the first-level spin, and use no spin for fine movement. When all five towers have been destroyed, a Blue Orb fragment will appear where the switch is in the main game.


  • Use a single Buster without sword swings to carefully correct the direction of the Gyro Blade. Doing this results in less time wasted.
  • Use a single sword swing and Buster to make the Gyro Blade travel medium distances.
  • Use two sword swings and a Buster to propel the Gyro Blade through long distances.