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Devil May Cry 5 (デビル メイ クライ 5, Debiru Mei Kurai Faibu?) is the fifth installment of the main Devil May Cry series and the sixth installment overall not counting mobile games. The game was formally announced at E3 2018 during the Microsoft Press Conference. Set after the events of Devil May Cry 4[5], the game follows Nero as he fights off a widespread demon invasion, all the while looking for the cloaked figure who took the Devil Bringer. It was released on 8th March 2019.

During the PlayStation 5 Showcase event on September 16, 2020 the Special Edition of the game was announced. It was released on November 10, 2020 for the Xbox Series X|S and on November 12 for the PlayStation 5 as a launch title for both consoles.

On December 9, 2021, during The Game Awards, Amazon announced that Devil May Cry 5 was added to their cloud gaming service, Amazon Luna's library (Luna+ subscription).[6]


According to Reuben Langdon, Hideaki Itsuno wanted to leave Capcom after DmC: Devil May Cry, stating that he was not happy and was ready to put in his resignation, however, Capcom didn't want him to leave and asked Itsuno what would make him stay in the company. Langdon stated that Itsuno had a "wishlist", and Devil May Cry was at the top of it, Itsuno also stated in an interview that at one point he thought about making a new Dragon's Dogma game instead of a "Devil May Cry 5", which could potentially be linked to this whole situation.[7] In the words of Langdon, Itsuno told Capcom that he'd stay if they let him do a Devil May Cry game the way he wanted to do it.[8]

However, in contrast to Langdon's comments, Itsuno himself has gone on record saying he "really wanted to make a DmC: Devil May Cry 2”. Itsuno even remarked, "I was really pumped up to do it, and then that didn’t happen. So… when it came time to make a new game, we said, alright, let’s make Devil May Cry 5. We had these people that didn’t work on DmC and people that did. Because we had these two sides mixing, it was like alright, we’re going to make Devil May Cry 5 – it’s not going to be a sequel to DmC, but we definitely want to do what we can to take what we learned from that game too."[9]

The game had been in development since at least 2014[10], one year before the Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition had been released. Itsuno had been working on the game since after DMC4:SE was finished, and the full development team was formed in 2015.[3] Itsuno from the start had a concrete vision of the game: Three playable characters, Nero as the protagonist, and the game starting from the loss of his right arm.[11]

During its development, there was a friendly rivalry between the Devil May Cry 5 and the Resident Evil 2 remake teams, this lead to both teams working their hardest so they wouldn't "lose" to the other.[12]

About a month after the game's announcement at E3 2018, Famitsu released a magazine that covered the development of Devil May Cry 5, in it, it was stated that the game was 75% completed.[13]

The game runs on the RE Engine and uses photorealistic graphics, the developers scanned various models to give a realistic look to the characters and even real clothes which were created in London and scanned in Serbia. The team also traveled to various parts of London in order to create Red Grave City.[14]

DMC5 Dante 3D photoshoot

Adam Cowie's 3D photoshoot for Dante (body), the outfits the characters wear are carefully crafted in real life so it would reflect well in-game. Then they are 3D scanned alongside the model casted to be their face model.[15]

Making Nero's new jacket cost as much as a small car,[16] however his accessories were not scanned.[17]

According to Volume 249 of the CGWORLD magazine, when Nero's outfit was scanned and then ported onto ZBrush, it had around 130 million polygons, when the outfit was then taken care of and ported onto the game itself, it had around 34.000 polygons. And finally, the entire model of Nero in the final game has around 190.000 polygons.[18]

The Devil May Cry van took more than a year to make, the developers would even joke at the van feeling like a character due to how much time they spent on it, additionally, the writing on the van is the artist's own handwriting, including the neon sign.[17]

For the character expressions, Capcom used the latest facial technology developed by the Serbian company called 3Lateral, the movement in the game uses motion capture and after that's done, the voice actors record their lines based on the existing video, which makes it easier for them to understand the character's emotions.[19]

The character's faces themselves were planned to be a complete digital double, meaning the character would look exactly like the model it was scanned from. However, Capcom then decided that in order to make the characters look more like their original looks, they needed to change them. This was done after the facial rig was built, so not only did they change the models, but also had to re-do some of the rigging.[20]



The demon tree starts taking over Red Grave City.

After the incident of Fortuna, the former knight of the Order of the Sword turned devil hunter Nero starts to build a branch for Devil May Cry, with his new partner & gunsmith Nico Goldstein, daughter of Agnus. Just then, a hooded man barges in and rips the Devil Bringer off of Nero in his own home, leaving him to die bleeding with Yamato in the hooded man's hands.

Regaining consciousness, Nero climbs to the top of the tree, alongside the mysterious V who is helping him, just to see Dante, Trish and Lady fighting the new demon king, Urizen. The trio get easily defeated by the immense power of the king, and Nero is forced to escape the scene by Dante with the help of V.

It is later revealed that V was the one who hired Dante and his friends to take down Urizen, however, after they are defeated, V decides to rely on Nero's help with his newly equipped Devil Breakers as a replacement for his lost arm. During the mission, overhearing information from demons, such as Malphas, in their plan to destroy the Devil Sword Sparda, V and his Familiars seek it out before them. Once acquired, V finds Dante in what seems like a comatose state. As he's about to stab Dante, he awakens.

Dante then sets off to find & rescue Nero from being killed by Urizen, along with the Qliphoth, the name of the giant demon tree. Its size has increased significantly by this point, and all the blood that's been consumed by it has spawned a fruit which imbues a demon with divine power. Trish states that even Mundus needed it to become the king of the Underworld.

DMC5 Dante Wearing Dr

Nico gives Dante the Dr. Faust after he reunites with the group inside the tree.

When he arrives at one of the lower levels of the tree, he reunites with Lady, Trish, Nico, and then V and Nero also make an appearance. It is at this point that Nico reveals to Dante that she is actually the granddaughter of Nell Goldstein, the creator of the Ebony & Ivory. Nero tries to asks Dante to come along after Urizen, without being proven "deadweight" after being remarked that, despite now having his arm replaced.

Dante, Nero and V now split up and make their separate ways onto the demon tree. Dante arrives at the inner most chamber first, while Nero helps V, who is slowly getting weaker due to the limits of his body lacking demonic power. At this point, V confesses to Nero, the same yet point-of-view truth he shared with Trish, that the name "Urizen" doesn't exist but Dante's twin brother, Vergil, who had all along separated his entire being and everything for power.


Urizen's true form is revealed.

While this is happening, Dante is fighting Urizen at an illusion area which looks to be where the two brothers used to live when they were children. Despite Dante trying to reason with Urizen (Vergil), noting their mother's sacrifice to save them, Urizen ignores him and feasts upon the fruit, gaining even more power. However, Dante is able to defeat him even after having consumed the fruit. During this weak state, V and Nero arrive at the scene. When V sees Urizen laying on the ground, on his last breath, he comes up to him and stabs his chest, which makes V reunite with his own demonic self... as it turns out to Dante's unexpected surprise, V was Vergil's "human side" all along, and with this, Vergil comes back to life and appears in front of Dante and Nero reborn.

Screenshot 2019-03-08 01.04

Vergil is back once again.

When this happens, the illusion at the Qliphoth fades away, and Vergil opens up a portal to the apex of the tree and leaves the demon hunters after stating that Dante needs to rest so they can fight again, but not before thanking Nero as he leaves. Dante, making his way to the top of the tree, asks Nero to leave as this isn't his business. Nero shuts down the request and demands to go after Vergil for manipulating him as V since the day he ripped off his arm to reclaim Yamato. However, Dante straight up confesses to Nero that Vergil is his father. Nero, confused at what he had just heard, could not believe it. But Dante assured him that he knew the day he first saw and met for the first time & when he witnessed Yamato react to him. That's how he was sure of Nero's identity and relation and that he couldn't let Nero kill his own father.

While making his way to the top of the Qliphoth, Dante meets V's Familiars one last time, however, they are hostile against him for personal reasons, but are eventually killed to "end Vergil's suffering". Finally arriving at the top, Vergil is seen simply sitting down on a small root. The brothers fight yet again.

Screenshot 2019-03-08 01.13

Nero stops the brothers' endless fight.

Nero, who was also making his way up the Qliphoth, finds a broken phone on the way up. He calls Kyrie in search for consolation, and it is granted. Kyrie reassures Nero about his decisions, and her response gives him the confidence he needed to face his family heritage & legacy. While he was reaching out to the top of the tree, his missing arm blows the Devil Breaker off of him, and a new arm simply grows out of it. This new power awakens Nero's true Devil Trigger, and he arrives at the climax of the brothers' fight, stopping the two at once.

Nero states that neither one of them will die, and that this vendetta will end once and for all. When Dante tries to tell Nero again that their rivalry does not concern him, he gets sucker punched and is so surprised by Nero's new powers that he sarcastically states that it almost killed him. Nero and Vergil start their own personal fight. In the end, after being bested by Nero, Vergil and Dante make a truce due to the Qliphoth tree, stating that they need to go to the Demon World to kill it once and for all. Nero doesn't accept this because the two would be stuck there forever, but the brothers go anyway. But not before Dante passes the torch to his nephew, who goes back to Kyrie with Nico.

40367343193 158cf0e729 o

The sons of Sparda fight together for a common goal. "Jackpot!"

As the two brothers find the main root of the Qliphoth within hell, they start cutting it down. After it's been done, they start fighting again, this time keep track of their scores and real brotherly time together. However, some demons arrive and intrude their little "game", as the brothers fight together again.


The gameplay revolves around three playable characters; Nero, Dante and the newcomer V.


The Punch Line Devil Breaker allows Nero to ride its missile arm like a skateboard.

At first, Nero wields a cybernetic prosthetic arm called a "Devil Breaker" with multiple different types which differ greatly. All Devil Breakers have one "Break Away" move however which is supposed to be its most impactful attack, upon using the this move, the Devil Breaker will be broken and gone.

Upon finishing the game, Nero gains his Devil Trigger and a new Devil Bringer, which is always equipped by default. The Devil Bringer behaves similarly to that of its Devil May Cry 4 iteration, but one key difference is that while Nero's Devil Trigger is active, any Snatch move will try to pick up two enemies instead of only one.

Blue Rose - Devil May Cry 5

Alongside the Red Queen, Nero's signature Blue Rose also makes a comeback.

Nero's signature Red Queen and Blue Rose make a comeback, this time with some upgrades. the Red Queen keeps it's Exceed gameplay mechanic, but various new moves have been added to it. The Blue Rose however is much more different than its Devil May Cry 4 counterpart, at first, its charge shot skill is almost done instantly, and three quick, powerful bullets can be fired. When it's not charged, the gun is weak and its fire rate is slower than in Devil May Cry 4, however, upon finishing the game once, the player unlocks the classic Devil May Cry 4 charge shot, where the fully charged bullet deals heavy damage and explodes after a few seconds.

Dante's loadout in Devil May Cry 5 is heavily expanded, he has access to a total of 12 weapons, but only 4 Styles due to the Yamato being with Nero then stolen by Vergil, which prevents the use of the Dark Slayer Style.

To learn more about Dante's gameplay and his weapons or styles, see the designated pages:

V's gameplay is distinctively different than Dante's, Nero's, or any other playable character of the Devil May Cry series. Instead of attacking enemies head-on, V has to rely on his three familiars, and once an enemy has taken enough damage, they must be finished off by V himself using the cane.

V's Devil Trigger is replaced by Nightmare. While Nightmare is on the field, neither Griffon or Shadow can be stalemated, however, V does not recover health while Nightmare is active, but there are skills the player can buy which increase the amount of Green Orbs V obtains while Nightmare is fighting.


V's "Royal Fork" skill allows him to spawn multiple canes around him, which kills all low health enemies nearby at once.

V's book also has its own purpose during gameplay. While reading the book, V regenerates Devil Trigger. The closer V is to enemies, the faster the DT Gauge will regenerate.

In addition, V's Cane can be used in a rapid succession to kill multiple enemies in a fast streak. When V deals the finishing blow on an enemy, pressing the Cane button at the same time as the finishing animation will make V teleport to the next enemy. V can also spawn multiple canes around him, which guarantees the finishing blow on multiple enemies at once, while leaving V safe.

Special Edition[]


Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition - Announcement Trailer

During the PlayStation 5 Showcase event on September 16, 2020, the Special Edition of the game was announced. It was released digitally on the launch day for the Xbox Series X|S (November 10) and PlayStation 5 (November 12)[note 1], with physical versions for PS5 releasing in Japan and South Korea on November 12,[21] in the rest of Asia on November 19[22] and the rest of the world on December 1, and for Xbox Series X on December 1 worldwide[note 2][23] at price of $39,99 USD/¥4990 JPY/€39,99 Euro/£34,99 GBP.[24][25][26] Game purchased by November 18, 2020 came with 100,000 Red Orbs pre-order bonus.[27]

While original PS4 and Xbox One versions of DMC5 are compatible for play on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S respectively, they won't contain exclusive additional features or content included in the Special Edition. DMC5 SE is not available via Xbox Smart Delivery.[25] Capcom states there are no plans to release the SE on the PC platform.[28] This has happened before in the series where DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition was never released on PC.


  • Ray tracing graphics option (available on PS5 on release, on Series X as a day-one update, not supported on Series S)[27]
    • Prioritized resolution (targeting 4K @ 30fps) or frame rate (targeting 1080p @ 60fps) options
    • Disabled automatically when High Framerate mode is enabled, or in Turbo or Legendary Dark Knight modes
  • High Framerate mode – allows the game to run at up to 120fps
  • Enhanced 3D Audio
  • Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback support for the PS5 DualSense controller
    • Color of the controller's light bar changes depending on the player character: blue for Nero, purple for V, red for Dante, and teal for Vergil
  • New playable character: Vergil – available for use in Story mode missions, the Void, and Bloody Palace
  • Turbo mode – increases the game speed by 1.2x
  • Legendary Dark Knight difficulty mode – greatly increased number of demons
  • Previously released downloadable content for the base game (including Deluxe Edition Upgrade and pre-order bonuses):

Playable Vergil was also released for PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the base game as a paid DLC on December 15 for $4,99 USD/¥455 JPY/€4,99 Euro/£3,99 GBP.[29][27]

SSS pack[]

A special version called Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition SSS pack was released in Japan on December 22, 2020 exclusively on e-Capcom. It includes:

  • PS5 copy of the game
  • Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Character Screen Art File – 94 page book containing image visuals, collaboration art and in-game images
  • Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition VERGIL Sound Selection soundtrack CD
  • Original T-shirt
  • Original replacement cover with artwork by Chisato Mita

Full package cost ¥11500 JPY, the bonus goods, however, could be purchased separately from the game for ¥7500 JPY.[30]


Pre release[]

Itsuno and Matt backstage E3 2018

Itsuno and Walker backstage at E3 2018. Once the logo of the game was shown to the public, they heard the crowd going crazy, this made the two very excited.[31][11]

Upon its announcement at E3 2018, the game received a positive response from the fanbase.[32] The feedback towards the game's demo shown at various game conventions was also overwhelmingly positive.[31]

The E3 trailer's theme song, Devil Trigger, which is also Nero's main battle theme in the game, reached the number one top song in the United Kingdom's iTunes.[33] Dante's equivalent, Subhuman, had a generally negative reception from fans, its official music video had a high dislike ratio before it was eventually deleted from the official DMC YouTube channel. The song's vocals ended up being changed due to some allegations towards the original vocalist, Eddie Hermida.[34]

Following Gamescom 2018, Devil May Cry 5 won the "Best PC game" and "Game of the Show" awards from DualShockers.[35]

After TGS 2018, Devil May Cry 5 won the "Future Division" award from the Japan Game Awards as well as multiple awards from DualShockers including: Game of the Show, Best Xbox One game, Best PS4 game and Best PC game.[36][37] However, on September 22, 2018, one day before TGS ended, a GameSpot article reported that the game would have microtransactions[38], this caused concerns from the community, even after producer Matthew Walker responded to multiple questions over the matter on Twitter and a DualShockers article made clear how many Red Orbs the player is able to earn through natural play[39], many fans still remained skeptical about how these would be implemented in the final game.[40]

On September 2018, Devil May Cry 5 was the top pre-ordered game on the PS4[41] and the 4th game at the global top seller list on Steam.[42]

On January 2019, the Devil May Cry 5 Xbox Exclusive Demo had a 4.4/5 score on the Microsoft Store, with 74% of users giving it a perfect score.[43] A month later, when the multiplatform demo was released, players quickly realized that the inertia element present in Devil May Cry 4 was gone, which caused some controversy within the community. Users frustrated with the change started tweeting under the #DMC5Inertia hashtag in order to raise awareness.[44]

Before the game was officially released on March 7th-8th, 2019, reviews from multiple sources were posted on the internet with high scores.[45] The game's Metacritic rating was 88 at the time (Xbox One version).[46]

Post release[]

Shortly after its release, Devil May Cry 5 was the top watched game on Twitch.[47] Its launch on PC (Steam) was the second best for Capcom after Monster Hunter: World, surpassing Resident Evil 2 (2019). The game had a ~88K concurrent player count at the time, with the Resident Evil 2 remake having 74k and Monster Hunter: World having more than 300K concurrent players at one point after its launch.[48][49]

The PlayStation 4 version of the game was censored due to new Sony policies, but only in the west, the Japanese version of the game on the PlayStation 4 remained unchanged. However, on April 1st, 2019, Patch 1.07 was released which made the Bloody Palace playable, this patch also removed the censorship in the Mission 11 cutscene where Trish is shown naked.[50]

In Japan, the PS4 version of the game sold 75.75% of its Initial retail shipment, with an opening of 116,202 units sold. For comparison, the original release of Devil May Cry 4 sold 205,390 units on the PS3, its Special Edition sold 35,872 units on the PS4, and DmC Devil May Cry sold 110,429 units on the PS3, all in Japan and retail numbers.[51]

Itsuno, Matt and Okabe at GDC 2019

Itsuno, Matt and Okabe at the Game Developers Conference 2019. Itsuno had revealed that the game sold 2 million copies worldwide.[52]

At the Game Developers Conference 2019, Hideaki Itsuno stated that the game had sold 2 million copies by that point.[53] Shortly after this however, Itsuno stated in an interview with The Verge that Devil May Cry 5 didn't feel "like a home run" and that he was "on second base or third base", which is a reference to what he said in an Archipel interview, where he wanted to "hit a home run, hit it out of the park” before the end of his career.[54]

While the Devil May Cry 5 Demo had no inertia, it actually had the "reversal" tech, which is not entirely present in the full version of the game. This caused some concern within the community, similar to the small "#DMC5Inertia" movement. During an official livestream on April 1st, 2019 meant to promote the release of the Bloody Palace mode, Matthew Walker was asked about this, he stated that the Devil May Cry 5 Demo was on an older build of the game, which dates back to the original Gamescom 2018 demo (which was the first playable demo of the game), when the developers were bug testing, they found that people were accidentaly performing the reversal, so this caused them to remove this mechanic.[55]

JGA2019 Award for Excellence Kadoi, Anpo, Itsuno

Directors Kazunori Kadoi and Yasuhiro Anpo (RE2), and Hideaki Itsuno (DMC5) with their JGA2019 Awards for Excellence.

In March 2019, Devil May Cry 5 won the Players' Choice poll hosted by PlayStation where it topped the second place held by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by just 13 votes.[56]

As of May 21st, 2019, Devil May Cry 5 had been reported to have sold 2.1 million copies.[57] With the series as a whole selling 20 million.[58]

During the 2019 Tokyo Game Show held in September, Devil May Cry 5 won the Japan Game Awards' Award of Excellence, losing the Grand Award to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[59] Later that month, Devil May Cry 5 won the Excellence Award from the CEDEC Awards in the sound category, losing the Grand Prize to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.[60][61]

DMC5 development team

The Devil May Cry 5 development team after receiving the Golden Joystick Award for Best Visual Design.

On the 27th of September, Devil May Cry 5 was nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards for the title of "Best Visual Design", running against 11-11: Memories Retold, Ape Out, Control, Gris, Kingdom Hearts III, Metro Exodus, Outer Wilds, Sayonara Wild Hearts and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.[62][63] On the 15th of November, it was revealed that Devil May Cry 5 won the award.[64]

On the 7th of October, Devil May Cry 5 was nominated for game of the year for the Pocket-lint Awards 2019 - a digital technology award show - running against Pokemon: Let's Go, Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Metro Exodus and Forza Horizon 4.[65]

On the 19th of November, Devil May Cry 5 was nominated for The Game Awards of best score and best action game, running against titles such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Gears 5, Death Stranding, Kingdom Hearts III, etc.[66] The game would go on to win best action game.

On December 2, 2021, Special Edition of the game was presented with Special Award at PlayStation Partner Awards 2021 Japan Asia for "achieving especially notable results" during the PlayStation 5 launch period.[67][68]


  • This game marks a number of firsts for the mainline series (not counting DmC: Devil May Cry):
    • The first time Eva is ever shown in-game as well as the childhood home of the Sons of Sparda.
    • The first instance of an official dates and times being used for the story.
    • The first time more than two playable characters share a unified campaign.
    • The first time where characters talk during gameplay.
    • The first time where a character isn't in the game's logo.
    • The first time it is acknowledged in the game mechanics that Ebony & Ivory are different to each other, when using Gunslinger Style.
    • The first time in the series to have multiple endings.
    • The first game in the series to receive a PEGI 18 rating, unlike its predecessors, which were all rated PEGI 16. This is likely because of somewhat more mature content.
    • The first time since his inception that Vergil will be playable in the original versions as DLC for PS4/XBOX ONE/PC. Originally, Vergil supposed to be released in all enhanced versions of Devil May Cry since Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition.
  • It also marks the return of many long-gone elements:
    • Dante actually using the Devil Sword Sparda
    • Several classic enemies, including the Nobody and Death Scissors, that have not been seen since the original Devil May Cry.
      • The design and one hit kill strategy for the Death Scissors returns from Devil May Cry's Sin Scissors.
    • Dante having a second, more powerful Devil Trigger.
  • The game has several references to and concepts inspired by DmC: Devil May Cry:
    • Nero has taken the look of Dante's counterpart from long hair to short.
    • Nico jamming a cigarette in a demon's face, akin to the other Dante doing the same in the very first promotional trailer for DmC.
    • Dante's EX color is patterned after his counterpart.
    • Dante's dress style is similar to that Dante in DmC with a less stylized outfit compared to his previous iterations. Specifically, he has a t-shirt that is half tucked-in akin to Dante's from DmC.
    • Vergil's Doppelganger as well as his overall fighting style takes some cues from his alternate version, not only holding the Yamato blade up but even using Summoned Swords for teleportation and Yamato's ability to cut open portals to travel between areas.
    • A dying V says to Urizen the same phrase "we're one and the same" before stabbing him used by the dying Hollow Vergil before being stabbed by Vergil's counterpart in the events of Vergil's Downfall.
    • Vergil's first use of Doppelganger is even accompanied by Dante repeating the "not in a million years" line from DmC.
    • V's default black hair color changing to white when in Devil Trigger.
    • An announcer calling out Stylish Ranks.
    • The demons introductions.
    • The Killcam feature, which occurs after the last enemy in an encounter has been killed.

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