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This is a transcript page for tips appearing on loading screens in Devil May Cry 5 and Special Edition.


• Dante, the legendary Devil Hunter. He may be a legend, but it seems there's at least one demon who can still match him blow for blow. On a job for the mysterious V, Nero ventures into the depths of the underworld to aid Dante and take down some demons. There's a twinge in his phantom right's crying out for a fight.

• There was once a demon who saved the human world from destruction. That demon became a legend, but with time his name faded from the annals of history. Now the world faces a new threat. Will the outcome of this battle be determined by man? By demon? Or perhaps...

• The demon king Urizen's strength was beyond all expectations. Dante was forced onto the back foot and yelled at Nero to get out while he still could. As a strange demonic infestation climbed ever higher towards the surface, V and Nero fell back in defeat, unable to do a thing to stop it. What fate lies in store for Dante, beaten and left behind?

• Events were set in motion back before Urizen took his throne, when a silent, hooded figure came to tear off Nero's demonic right arm. Now, a month later, Nero is back with a brand new power—his Devil Breakers—to smash his way through the demon swarms in Red Grave and reunite with V.

• With the city in the grip of a full-scale demon invasion, Nero found himself battling—and beating— a gargantuan demon at a church in the infested city. After meeting up with V, Nero learned that the infestation can be traced back to a demonic tree known as the Qliphoth. Looks like the only way to free the city is to attack the Qliphoth at its roots.

• Nero and V split up to find separate paths to the Qliphoth, the demonic tree. Nero encountered a deadly demon wielding light as a weapon. When defeated, it turned out to contain Lady. Can she shed some light on the battle with the demon king? And what is V's true motive?

• The demons at V's command made short work of the great demon parasitizing the roots of the Qliphoth, but the arrival of a colossal demonic monstrosity destroyed the road ahead, plunging V underground.

• After dodging the colossal demon above, V made rapid progress underground, moving towards his true goal of recovering Sparda. Meanwhile, back on the surface...

• Nero toppled the colossal demon striding through the ruins of Red Grave. He doesn't have time for fear; no matter what terrors lurk in his path, there's only one enemy on his mind. Nico managed to catch up with him and give him the good news: Lady's awake.

• Judging by Lady's account, there's little chance that Trish and Dante made it out of the battle against the demon king unscathed. Nero and V pressed on through the subway system and finally reached the roots of the Qliphoth. The ruins of an old house there prompted V to share his thoughts...which only deepened Nero's suspicions. Who or what is V?

• With V determined to seek out Sparda, Nero went his own way and confronted the demon king Urizen alone. Just when he seemed on the brink of revenge, Urizen unleashed an unseen level of power that Nero could not hope to match. All seemed lost until an unfamiliar demon with blazing red eyes rushed in and beat back the demon king's assault.

• The entire crisis began when V visited Devil May Cry and hired Dante to take on the demon king Urizen. Now, V has left Nero's side and discovered Sparda near its wielder—Dante, who appears to have been comatose since his battle with Urizen. With hatred and vengeance in his eyes, V brought the sword down toward Dante, but as the blade descended, Dante's eyes flicked open...!

• After awakening from a trip through his boyhood memories, Dante spoke about the first battle with Urizen. Everything was going well until Trish, Lady, and Dante made it inside Urizen's fortress and came under fire from Urizen's terrifying power. Nero and V joined the fight but were quickly forced to retreat. And now...

• After awakening from a month spent recuperating, Dante headed for the demon king. He crushed the demon knight blocking his path and rescued Trish from within, only to continue making his way towards the Qliphoth. Meanwhile, V revealed his past to Trish.

• V revealed the truth to Trish—he is in fact one part of Dante's brother. Vergil used the power of Yamato to cleave himself in two, separating his human and demon sides into two distinct beings. As V recounted the tale, Dante absorbed Rebellion into himself and awakened his true power. He battled Urizen and forced him back, but at that moment the Qliphoth completed its emergence into the human world.

• Qliphoth, blood-drinker, infernal tree. At its nadir, all the life force it has absorbed is condensed into an unholy fruit. Dante, Nero, and V stand together, each for their own reasons, and prepare for the final battle. They set forth toward the depths of the Qliphoth, fighting through the harshest resistance yet. V is grimly determined; he will see this through to the end.

• Time is running out. As his body started to fail him, V summoned what strength remained to continue downward. With devilish illusions cast before him, he was thrown into pocket planes where he faced shades of the underworld lite, and though he finally reached the source of his torment, he had too little strength to defend himself. But just then, Nero appeared, having reached this point via a different route...

• Revenge is almost within Nero's grasp, and that's all the motivation he needed to persevere through a gauntlet of fiendish demons. He took down the enemies in his path and finally managed to rendezvous with V, who appeared to be at death's door. Even so, the man was determined to press on. Together they continued toward the base of the Qliphoth. Meanwhile, Dante is even farther ahead...

• Having obtained the power of his Sin Devil Trigger form, Dante was the first to reach the deepest depths of the Qliphoth, where he defeated a demon in a battle reminiscent of a past encounter, obtaining a new weapon in the process. Then, at last, he arrived at the final battleground: the uncanny arena where Urizen lies in wait.

• Urizen ate the fruit of the Qliphoth and gained power beyond reckoning, but Dante's new strength proved greater still. The furious battle reached its climax, with Dante finally bringing the demon king to his knees. As the life ebbed from the Urizen, V approached and merged with the fallen king. Where once stood man and demon... Vergil was restored.

• Dante revealed the truth to Nero: Vergil is his father. Leaving the younger Devil Hunter in shock, Dante then went on alone to confront Vergil at the summit of the Qliphoth. The path was blocked by V's castoffs, the three demons that served him until his reunion with Urizen. Having proved to them what it means to be a legendary Devil Hunter, all that's left is to confront his brother.

• A brotherhood defined by hatred and grudging respect. A rivalry for the ages. Vergil and Dante clashed...all their grievances, their enmity, their reasons to fight, focused into one decisive battle. But this would not be their end... Nero, having found his own reasons to fight, comes between his father and uncle. There will be no fratricide this day.

• Dante has a vast arsenal of attacks. Brute strength will not be enough to defeat him. Remember what you've learned, and deal with each attack as it comes.

• Sin Devil Trigger Dante is a fearsome foe, one that you cannot hope to beat just by evading his attacks. Summon your courage, and your own Sin Devil Trigger, and hold nothing back.


• In mid-air, press <ICON ACT_BtnD> while touching an enemy to jump off of that enemy. When the battle gets crazy, keep your cool and go for style.

• Hold <ICON ACT_BtnL> to charge your weapon with more power. Skillful use of charging during battle can make it easier to raise your Stylish Rank.

• If you start running low on Devil Breakers, try searching around for more. You might find some on the street, down alleys, or hidden behind something. But be warned, enemies in the area are liable to crush them underfoot, so be sure to grab one as soon as you see it.

• Nico's Devil Breakers are fragile, shattering if you take a hit while using them. Know when to use them sparingly and when to go all out.

• You can change magazines on the Customize screen. Change things around to fit your combat style, or choose a setup to challenge yourself instead. Find the style that's right for you.

• You can cancel Devil Trigger form when needed. The power granted by Devil Trigger doesn't last forever, however, so keep an eye on your DT Gauge and use it wisely.

• Devil Breaker: Overture A user-friendly Devil Breaker with average power. Can take out puny demons in one hit.

• Battery An Overture skill that allows the user to fire electricity from the Devil Breaker's palm. Its effectiveness changes depending on whether the enemy is airborne, knocked down, or near a wall.

• Exploder An Overture skill that allows the user to set time bombs and detonate them remotely. Up to three bombs can be set at once for extra damage.

• Devil Breaker: Gerbera Provides airborne movement and piercing beam attacks. Good against strong flyers.

• Jocky A Gerbera skill that allows the user to release a powerful shockwave from the palm of their hand. Good for evading and stopping enemy projectiles in mid-air.

• Petal Ray A Gerbera skill. In mid-air it allows the user to fire piercing beams. Firing them down narrow passages will cause them to ricochet violently, dealing multiple hits to enemies in their path.

• Devil Breaker: Punch Line An armored arm with propulsion power. Use it to restrain enemies, ride around, send demons flying, and more.

• Jet Gadget A Punch Line skill that allows the user to shoot their forearm as a guided missile. After launch, the missile can be detonated remotely.

• Boost Knuckle A Punch Line skill that allows the user to throw a punch with maximum propulsion. Even larger enemies will be knocked back by a clean hit.

• Devil Breaker: Tomboy A weapon that powers up Nero's swords and guns. Think you can handle it?

• You cannot press <ICON ACT_RB> to lock on to enemies while using Tomboy. Although this Devil Breaker offers you great power, you'll have to aim at the enemies manually.

• EX Shot/EX Charge Shot A Tomboy skill that speeds up Blue Rose bullets, improving piercing power. Requires manual lock on.

• Devil Breaker: Helter Skelter Good for piercing straight through large enemies and breaking their guard.

• While attacking with Helter Skelter, tap the <trc id="0"> to deploy a large spinning blade and increase attack power.

• Devil Breaker: Ragtime A weapon that can control space-time. Using a special force field, it bends time for any target it touches.

• When the Ragtime field dissipates, any bullets that were caught in the field will accelerate to high velocities, shooting out at high speed. This can sometimes cause multiple hits.

• Slow World A Ragtime skill that slows down time for targets in the surrounding area. Good for getting past traps or enemies that are too fast to deal with normally.

• Devil Breaker: Rawhide Take advantage of this arm's long-range attack to wipe out enemies in one sweep. Rawhide's range is greater than any other Devil Breaker out there.

• Side Winder A Rawhide skill that, when timed right, boasts greater attack range and unleashes more blows.

• Activating Devil Trigger with Rawhide equipped will upgrade your Snatch technique, letting you pull in some heavy enemies once they've been staggered.

• Devil Breaker: Buster Arm An arm that recreates Nero's Buster attack. Turns into a giant arm surrounded by a force field.

• Super Buster A Buster Arm skill. After charging, unleash this move to perform a powerful throw that cannot be interrupted by enemy attacks.

• Devil Breakers can be found scattered around mission locales. But be warned, enemies in the area are liable to crush them underfoot, so be sure to grab one as soon as you see it.

• Press <ICON ACT_LB> to detonate your equipped Devil Breaker. Activate Break Away in a horde of enemies to beat a hasty retreat, so send the whole group flying. Be warned that this will destroy the equipped Devil Breaker for good, so use this with caution.

• Holding down <ICON ACT_BtnR> until your Devil Breaker crackles with energy will unlock its latent potential. Releasing the button unleashes a powerful attack, destroying the arm in the process. Receiving an attack while pressing <ICON ACT_BtnR> will also destroy the Devil Breaker, so use this technique with caution.


• In mid-air, press <ICON ACT_BtnD> while touching an enemy to jump off of that enemy. When the battle gets crazy, keep your cool and go for style.

• Change styles to pull off cooler, more stylish combos. If you want to call yourself a real Devil Hunter, train up and aim for the top rank.

• Switch Dante's close-range weapons with <ICON ACT_RT> and long-range weapons with <ICON ACT_LT>. Master hot-swapping your weapons to bring some serious pain with an endless barrage of attacks.

• You can customize weapons and buy skills and items by selecting Customize from the mission menu. Preparation is the key to overcoming tough enemies and tricky situations.

• While using Devil Trigger, Dante will slowly regain vitality, so transforming can be good not only for attacks, but also for a quick vitality boost in an emergency. When the going gets tough, use this trick to stay on the offensive instead of beating a retreat.

• Dante's Sin Devil Trigger gauge must be full in order for him to switch to his Sin Devil Trigger form. Keep an eye on this gauge if you want to do some real damage.

• Trickster A style geared towards movement and evasion. Lets you dance through the enemies and smack them around with style.

• Swordmaster A style geared towards close-range swordplay. Use quick combos to cut down enemies in a flash.

• Gunslinger A style geared towards long-range combat. For those who want to keep their distance in an engagement.

• Royalguard A style geared towards defense. Good for quick counterattacks.

• The style icon in the upper-left side of the screen shows how many units of the Royal Gauge remain to be used in Royal Guard counters.

• <weapon player="d" id="21"> A standard sword that is easy to use. Has decent combo options, making this a safe option for most situations.

• <weapon player="d" id="25"> A sword packing more power than Rebellion. Swings wide and allows for satisfying combos.

• <weapon player="d" id="26"> The Rebellion sword, evolved. It can summon multiple demonic blades to support Dante.

• <weapon player="d" id="24"> A weapon made for close combat. Swap between Blow Mode (quick, compact attacks) or Kick Mode (powerful staggering blows) by pressing <ICON ACT_RB>+<ICON ACT_LS> back +<ICON ACT_BtnU>

• <weapon player="d" id="27"> A weapon that can change form to take down enemies. The three elemental forms allow for versatile combat.

• <weapon player="d" id="31"> A heavy weapon with a unique design. It may leave you wide open, but there's no better way to stagger enemies.

• <weapon player="d" id="22"> A pair of quick-firing pistols. Easy to use but don't do that much damage.

• <weapon player="d" id="23"> A shotgun with powerful buckshot and slow reload. Does more damage to enemies at close range.

• <weapon player="d" id="28"> A high caliber firearm with lots of range and power. Just be careful of the recoil.

• <weapon player="d" id="32"> A weapon that consumes Red Orbs when wielded. Use it skillfully and you'll be rewarded with more orbs, but miss your mark and you'll lose them.

• The length of Dr. Faust's scarf is linked to the Red Orbs Dante has on-hand. When the scarf gets shorter that means you're running low on Orbs, so pay attention.


• In mid-air, press <ICON ACT_BtnD> while touching an enemy to jump off of that enemy. When the battle gets crazy, keep your cool and go for style.

• V doesn't have the strength to take down demons on his own. Instead, his pet demons deal damage, and once the enemy is almost dead, V deals the final blow. Keep your distance from enemies until they're ready to be finished off.

• When V's demons, Griffon and Shadow, take enough damage they stop moving, and can't take orders from their master (a condition known as "stalemate"). Be sure to keep an eye on their vitality at all times.

• V can use his pet demons to escape damage, but he won't be able to use this strategy when they are out of action (in stalemate), so be careful.

• V's pet demons regain vitality faster when close to V. When they're in danger, back off the attack or keep them near V.

• During Devil Trigger, Shadow and Griffon will start attacking enemies automatically. The timer that appears over their vitality gauges shows how much longer they'll stay on the attack.

• Griffon's dashing Flank Attack will automatically home in on enemies, striking others en route to the intended targets.

• Griffon's electrifying Double Check skill lasts for a long time, letting him pile on even more attacks in the interim. • Summon Shadow near an enemy or in mid-air to have him attack enemies as he appears.

• V's pet demon Nightmare is invincible. He acts on his own, but summoning him to the battle will help to clear out the horde.

• Promotion Press <ICON ACT_LB>+<ICON ACT_BtnR> while Nightmare is on the battlefield (or <ICON ACT_BtnD> in the air near him) to climb on and attack with <ICON ACT_BtnR>. V is invincible in this state, and Nightmare stays summoned longer during Promotion, but be warned that taking damage will cost you DT Gauge units.

• Summoning Nightmare in specific locations can cause him to break through walls and other obstacles that are in the way, occasionally revealing hidden passages and items. Try summoning him in different locations.

• When Griffon or Shadow are stalemated, they recover more quickly near V. If getting close to them isn't an option, summoning Nightmare will revive them in a flash.


• You can fire Mirage Blades while moving or attacking. Try working <ICON ACT_BtnL> into other actions for increased damage.

• Press <ICON ACT_RB>+<ICON ACT_BtnR> to Air Trick next to an enemy pierced by a Mirage Blade. If there are multiple enemies, press <ICON ACT_LS> to choose which one to warp to.

• Your Mirage Blade is capable of a plethora of skills, each with their own unique properties. For instance, Spiral Blades can be combined with other skills allowing for devastating combos. Just keep an eye on your DT Gauge!

• Judgment Cut is a core component of Yamato's arsenal. You can add it to most attacks by holding, and then releasing, <ICON ACT_BtnU>. Release when your scabbard flashes for increased power, speed, and performance. Master its use and dominate the battlefield!

• You can charge most of Beowulf's attacks by holding the attack button.

Charged attacks are better at shattering an opponent's guard and deal enhanced damage.

• Mirage Edge's strength lies in its potential to produce speedy, fast-hitting combos. These rapid-fire hits can quickly overwhelm enemies, making them easier to stun. Chain attacks together efficiently, and you may take enemies down before they can even respond.

• Get Tricky! Trick Actions not only help you navigate battle, but also help fill your Concentration Gauge! Air Trick: rapidly close the distance between foes

Trick Up: fast, upward movement

Trick Down: rapid landings

Trick Dodge: great for evading

• The more efficient you are in battle, the more Concentration you will gain. Missing attacks or aimless running will cause your Concentration Gauge to decrease. Keep cool in battle. Observe, evade, and counter enemy attacks to gain more Concentration.

• More refined play will be rewarded with greater gains in Concentration. When using Yamato, time your Judgment Cuts, or dodge enemy attacks with flawless timing via Trick Actions for big boosts to Concentration!!

• Maxing your Concentration Gauge will grant your weapon the following perks.

Yamato: increased attack reach

Beowulf: three-stage charge attacks

Mirage Edge: increase hits for most attacks

• Accumulate Hold <ICON ACT_LB> while in human form to charge your SDT Gauge. This will consume DT energy.

• You can end Sin Devil Trigger mode at any time by pressing <ICON ACT_LB>. Conserve Sin Devil Trigger energy whenever possible, you never know when you'll need it most!

• Sin Devil Trigger mode will greatly empower your combat capabilities, increasing the number of hits you land and their strength!

• Sin Devil Trigger mode will also restore your health over time. If you don't have time to use World of V, then try activate your Sin Devil Trigger and destroy your foes before they can do the same to you.

• World of V Press <ICON ACT_RB>+ rotate <ICON ACT_LS> once +<ICON ACT_BtnR> to launch an all-out attack with V and his followers. You'll gain some health and enjoy increased green orb drops from any enemies you've slain.

• Doppelganger Creates a shadowy devil clone of yourself. This apparition follows you, mirroring your actions. You can adjust the timing of it like this.

Normal: <ICON ACT_DirU>

Haste: <ICON ACT_DirR>

Slow: <ICON ACT_DirL>

• You can end Doppelganger early by pressing <ICON ACT_LB> or <ICON ACT_DirD>. Do this when there are no enemies around, or when you want to conserve DT energy.

• Your attack, defense, and movement speed will be slightly enhanced while Doppelganger is active.

• While Doppelganger is active, hold and release <ICON ACT_BtnU> at the right time and your devil clone will execute a Judgment Cut. These Judgment Cuts will hit harder, faster, and can be weaved into almost any action.

• Press <ICON ACT_LT>/<ICON ACT_RT> to swap between melee weapons. Swap right or left to cycle through your weapons quickly and efficiently.

• Block Press <ICON ACT_RB> to guard against an incoming attack, preventing any damage you would take. Your Concentration Gauge must be level one or higher to use this skill. Using Guard at Concentration level two or higher strengthens the effect.

• Air Trick is an extremely flexible skill that you can activate at pretty much any time. Mastering its use will allow you be anywhere and everywhere. Enemies will have nowhere left to run.


• Pay respect to players you fought with by pressing "Stylish!" at the end of a mission. Other players can do the same, so do your best to earn each other's respect.

• You can check how many "Stylish!" ratings you've accumulated from online coop partners in the mission menu. You'll receive Gold Orbs if you rack up enough, so don't be afraid to show off and earn that praise.


• If a certain location catches your eye, it's worth taking the time to investigate. Maybe you can find a hidden stash of Red Orbs! Not every spot will yield a reward, of course, but don't let that dim your curiosity.

• Find four Blue Orb Fragments to create a full Blue Orb that will increase your maximum vitality— a good idea if you want to survive the long haul.

• Find four Purple Orb Fragments to create a full Purple Orb that will increase your max DT Gauge. A big gauge will help you take on enemies more aggressively.

• You can obtain skills and items from Divinity Statues. Nico can also sell you things, but she can't make items appear out of thin air. And don't you think her prices are a bit high? Well, best not to say anything to her face.

• Devil Hunters don't have time to get lost. Hold <ICON ACT_LStP> at any time to swivel the camera towards your next objective.

• Press <ICON ACT_BtnD> to jump over obstacles or up to higher levels. If a single jump isn't enough, you can use a wall jump to climb a bit higher. Press <ICON ACT_BtnD> again near the wall to gain the extra air you need.

• Using a provocation in battle (<ICON ACT_CenL>) raises your Stylish Rank. Throw one out at the end of an impressive combo to really stick it to enemies. You can even taunt in the air!

• Total Results You can view all mission scores here. Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, and replaying missions you had trouble with will help you grow to be a better Devil Hunter.

• Bloody Palace Ever feel like going berserk against non-stop hordes of enemies for levels upon levels of bloody bombardment? Then this is the mode for you! Reach the end for a special reward.

• The Void This mode lets you choose a character and practice your combat skills. You can even choose which enemies you want to spar against. A great place to improve without stress.

• Gallery Learn more about characters, enemies, weapons, items, and more. You might even find some hints that will help you get through the game.

• Jukebox Nothing like some good music to get you pumped for battle. Purchase classic songs from the series and title voiceovers and listen to them at the Jukebox. You can even swap in different music to play during missions.

• Store Purchase costumes, music, Red Orbs, and more at the store. Be sure to keep tabs on the lineup so you don't miss out on the latest items.

• You can unlock new skills on the Customize screen. Each skill costs Red Orbs, so choose wisely. Read a skill's explanation or watch the accompanying video to see what it can do.

• You can buy Devil Breakers for Nero in the Customize screen. These weapons have important offensive and defensive properties that you'll want to take advantage of. Devil Breakers won't last forever, but don't be afraid to use them: learning how they work is key to survival.

• You can only equip a certain number of Devil Breakers. Combine different types and find the right loadout for the right situation.

• You can choose which weapons Dante carries with him. The fewer weapons you give him, the faster you can switch between them. By meeting certain conditions, you can go into battle completely unarmed, relying only on Royalguard to defeat enemies. Talk about crazy tactics.

• The effects of items are shared across characters, including vitality and Devil Trigger Gauge upgrades, and the number of Red Orbs collected. Feel free to stick to your favorite character if you're looking to save up for that special something. • The in-game tutorial tips can be viewed at any time from the Pause Menu. Check them out to review any mechanics you may have missed!

• Try out auto-assist if you want to chain together a slick combo without too much fuss. Use the same attack inputs to dish out stylish techniques with ease. Auto-assist can be turned on or off during gameplay by holding <ICON ACT_RStP>.

• The strength of foes in the Void changes depending on mission difficulty and progression. Entering the Void in a mission near the end of the game lets you train against enemies that are tougher than before.

• If you need a break during gameplay, you can open the Pause Menu with <ICON CenR>. Be warned that opening this menu will cancel any online coop connections, forcing you to wait for a new connection. Treasure your current partners, or seek out new ones, the way you play is up to you!

• While using a Super Character costume, the Devil Trigger Gauge refills automatically over time. Have fun throwing everything you've got at the demon hordes! Just be aware that these costumes only allow for asynchronous gameplay over the network.

• Tutorials are for learning the basics. Even Devil Hunters gotta start somewhere.

• Focus your attacks and take out any blood clots you see. You can also take advantage of their weakness to fire. Just keep an eye on your surroundings when attacking and don't forget to dodge any enemies that come near.

• You can knock back the fireballs and other projectiles that Goliath shoots at you with Gerbera's Jocky and Overture's Battery attacks. If dodging isn't your style, try giving the demon a taste of its own medicine instead.

• Attacking Artemis' projectiles will turn them into Grim Grips that you can then use to your advantage to strike back.

• Two heads are better than one. Summon Nightmare, split up, and go after different heads on Nidhogg at once.

• There are points you can attack on Gilgamesh's legs when they pierce through the ceiling, giving you a chance to collect lots of Red Orbs.

• Elder Geryon can manipulate time to stop V or his pet demons in their tracks, so attacking recklessly will leave them open to punishment. Keep an eye on the positions and vitality of each pet demon, and ensure they can dodge when the time is right.

• You aren't going to get anywhere if you stay on the ground. Attack the weak areas on Gilgamesh's legs to reveal Snatch points that you can use to climb up to his head, and his exposed weak point.

• The Angelos will come at you tactically. Proto Angelo is in charge, so taking him out first will scatter their formation and make it easier to pick them off one by one.

• If you come across a trap or obstacle, take a look at your surroundings. There might be something nearby you can use to your advantage.

• Urizen's shield can be worn away by attacks, both yours and his own. Hit it with all you've got, and with enough time and effort you should be able to bust through.

• It's easy to forget which way you were going after a battle. Keep your cool and take a moment to look around—you'll find your way.

• Don't be entranced by the bizarre dancing of the Nobodies. Instead, focus on how their attack patterns vary. The eyeball attacks from the green- masked ones stun easily, while the grab attack from the red-masked ones inflicts brutal damage.

• Master style changes to draw out Dante's potential to the fullest. Chain together fast and furious techniques to toy around with the demon horde.

• The demon tree's roots have spread through the ruins. Some of the roots run through unstable ground which will open up to reveal new paths if you destroy the root's weak spots. You might even come across something valuable.

• Don't let Cavaliere Angelo's gigantic sword intimidate you. Meet blade with blade, and if you time an attack well enough, you'll knock the enemy back and leave him open for a counter. Show him who the real sword master is.

• Not sure where to go next? Take a look around. There's sure to be a hint nearby—breakable walls, hidden passageways, or even items you can see in the distance.

• A maximum of three people can fight together here. The battle may get intense, but don't forget why you're here. Go down the hole in the center of the room and head for the lower levels.

• The pet demons have been imprisoned by the enemy. The order in which you free the demons will have a large impact on the battle, so think long and hard about which pet demon will help you most.

• Many traps and enemies await you on your path. Be sure to plan ahead and choose the best Devil Breaker for the situation.

• When the demon bird Malphas goes on a rampage, that's your chance to get in close and deal big damage. It's risky, but it may be worth it.

• Your goal is to reach the bottom of the tree. White Orbs give you more options against the powerful enemies that block your path. Make sure the tide of battle stays in your favor.

• Each of King Cerberus' heads has a unique elemental attack. Take out one of the heads to upset its attack pattern and gain the advantage.

• Urizen has a wide range of attacks, but don't let that throw you off your game. Just stay cool, study his moves, and attack when the time is right.

• If you see a red blood clot on the roots of the demon tree, destroy it. This will change certain areas of the battleground at the upper level where you fight with the three demons, giving you an advantage in battle.

• In a boss fight against three demons, you'll have to keep moving if you don't want to be overwhelmed. Nightmare will keep healing the other demons, so focus your attacks on him first.

• Running head-first into Vergil's rush attack without a plan is suicide. Wait for the end of the attack and then deal out the pain.

• You've made it this far, so you know by now that you can't win by swinging wildly. Plan your attack, think carefully about your weapons, and utilize your new skills to obtain victory.