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Mission 0: Prologue[]

And it grew both day and night, till it bore an apple bright.
—William Blake, A Poison Tree

(A crowd of people are looking over in shock and confusion over a gigantic demonic-like tree in front of the city. Some people even taking pictures of the tree)

May 16th 08:06pm

(A man starts smoking on a cigar)

Morrison: We've known each other a long time...

(The Broker - Morrison)

Morrison: Ya never had this much trouble. You gonna make it through this, Dante?

(Meanwhile, inside the demonic tree...)

(The Legendary Devil Hunter - Dante)

(Dante is fighting against something, dodging fireballs from a powerful demon standing on what looks to be a throne and trying to attack it. Two people are walking, they're about to catch up with Dante. One of them being a young Devil Hunter but with a missing right arm)

(The Devil Hunter - Nero)

Nero: What am I doin', wasting my time here? He's got this.

(Dante continues to try and fight the powerful demon)

V: You should not underestimate this demon...

(The Mysterious One - V)

V: After all, it was he who took your right arm... ...and gained a great deal of power from it. I'm leaving. I suggest you don't fall behind.

(V rides Shadow and speeds away with Griffon right behind him)

Nero: Yeah... okay, V... You're an interesting guy but you're right. I've got a score to settle with that son of a bitch.

(During Mission - 1)

Nero: Dante...

(Demonic Insect - Empusa)

Nero: I can take you with no arms!

(During Mission - 2)

Nero: V... Can I trust you?

(Airborne Evil - Green Empusa)

Nero: Demons helping each other out..? What's the world coming to?

(During Mission - 3)

(Nero notices Griffon flying nearby)

Nero: Hey! Thought you took off?

V: Do you not understand? We cannot hope to do this without you.

Griffon: That's all right, superstar, go on with your bad self. Go ahead, we got this.

(Nero then walks on ahead)

(During Mission - 4)

(Nero notices Dante fighting off the demon, Nero is getting close to catching up with him)

Nero: Hold on, Dante...

(Before Nero vs Urizen battle)

(Dante is overpowered by the demon and gets knocked away. Trish and Lady are also on the floor, knocked out. The demon is about to finish off Dante with a vine before Nero shoots it with Blue Rose)

Nero: Well... Looks like this won't be a total waste of time after all. Hey, jackass! Didn't your mother ever teach you that's it's not nice to steal?

(The demon doesn't say a thing, unamused)

Nero: Sorry, Dante...

(Nero brings out Red Queen)

Nero: I'm baggin' this bitch!

(Nero revs up Red Queen, ready to fight the demon)

(After Nero vs Urizen battle)

(Nero is easily overpowered by the demon and is sent flying. Nero gets back up while V catches up with the two, seeing how the two have already been defeated by him)

Griffon: This is it, this is the end! It's all over!

(The demon is about to finish off Nero before someone tries shooting him in the face, along with stopping its energy charge. It's Dante)

Dante: Round two.

(Nero gets back up before Dante goes into Devil Trigger and charges at the demon with Rebellion. Not even able to leave a scratch on his shield as Dante is in a stalemate)

Dante: V, get Nero out of here! This is a bad move!

Nero: I can still fight!

Dante: Nero, go! You're just dead weight!

Nero: Back off!

(A bunch of rocks from the battle drop close to Nero and V, blocking them from Dante and the demon. V is trying to get Nero out of there)

V: Come on!

Nero: Let go!

V: We must leave here. He is far stronger than we ever could have imagined.

(Griffon flies away from the two. Nero is able to get out of V's grasps as rocks continue to block the two of them from Dante)

Nero: That bastard called me dead weight! I didn't come all this way for nothing!

(V is able to get Nero out of the way before rocks completely block their path from him. V pins Nero to a wall with his cane as he tries to reason with him)

V: Stop hitting yourself, and think of ways to get stronger and actually help. If Dante are all that can defeat Urizen.

Nero: Is that what you call him?

V: Yes, Urizen, the demon king... That's the name of the demon that took your arm.

(Urizen is able to overpower Dante in his stalemate, punching him and sending Dante flying. Forcing Dante out of his Devil Trigger and even able to shatter Rebellion into pieces. Meanwhile, Nero and V are able to get out of the demonic tree with the help of V's giant golem, Nightmare, as they land in the middle of the city with Morrison and everyone else confused)

Morrison: What happened to Dante? Where's Dante?

V: He's buying time, doesn't look good.

(Roots from the demonic tree begin to erupt through the ground and begin stabbing random civilians as others run in panic)

Morrison: This can't be happening...Dante lost?

(Nero is about to try and stop the roots from killing any more bystanders before V stops him with his cane)

V: Forget it, there's nothing we can do. We must go...

(Nero pushes away V and Morrison as he walks away in frustration, with V soon following him as Morrison watches the bloody massacre happening in front of him)

Secret Ending[]

Urizen: Is limit...?

The one who usurped the demon throne was vanquished. Peace returned to the world above. Indeed, this was the perfect conclusion all had hoped for. Come, raise your fist in victory and celebration. A new legend has been born.

Devil May Cry 5

Mission 1: Nero[]

Capcom Presents

(An RV van is driving through the roads of an abandoned city)

June 15th 04:24pm
-One month later-

(Nero is laying down on the passenger seat while a young lady is driving the RV. Nero is switching through different calls coming out from the radio of the RV)

Radio Station 1: Red Grave and its surrounding cities have ceased to function as a result of a mysterious tree that apparently attacked the city approximately one month ago.

(The Artisan of Arms - Nico)

Radio Station 1: In light of this incident, the government has now--

Radio Station 2: They're demons! I've seen them with my own eyes! Red Grave is completely taken over!

Radio Station 3: Let us pray for mercy. This is a trial from the heavens above... The end--

(Nero turns the radio arm)

Nero: Same crap, different day. So, tell me.

(Nero gets out of the passenger seat and heads to the jukebox)

Nico: Tell you what?

Nero: How's it feel rescuing the guy that killed your father?

(Nero turns on the jukebox)

Nico: Hey, I'm glad we're gettin' personal. Well, he abandoned my mother and I and left us for dead... So, I feel nothin'.

(As Nico is talking, Nero heads back to the passenger seat)

Nero: Well he's not exactly going up for a Father of the Year award, now is he?

(Nico lights up a cigarette and begins smoking)

Nico: His research wasn't that bad. Came in handy. Mildly thankful for that...

(Nero rolls down his window to get fresh air)

Nero: Do you have to it in here? It already smells like ass...

Nico: That's you.

(Nero sees Empusa demons up ahead. Devil Trigger starts playing on the jukebox as Nero notices the incoming demons)

Nero: Hey, Nico!

Nico: Don't lose your tits, I see'em.

(Nico accelerates and starts driving faster. Nico runs through some of the Empusa demons as she continues driving)

Nero: Hey, you have to hit every single bump on the road? Gonna ruin my groove!

(Nero starts shooting out his window with Blue Rose as Nico continues to run through some of them. A demon crawls up Nico's window, with Nico getting it off with her cigarette as she runs it over. Nico runs some Red Empusa over and hit the RV and she wipes them away with the windshield wipers. Nico turns the RV over as a horde of demons block their path, with Nero getting out from his window as he shoots down the remaining demons as the RV is flipping around. As the RV gets back on the ground, Nero gets back in through the passenger seat window as they continue to speed through the abandoned Red Grave City. Nero decides to light up another cigarette for Nico as he looks out through his window)

Executive Producer: Jun Takeuchi

Senior Producer: Michiteru Okabe

Devil Breaker Design: Shoji Katamori (Satelight Inc.)

Movie Producer: Hiromasa Inoue (Shirogumi Inc.)

Art Director: Koki Kinoshita

Character Design: Tatsuya Yoshikawa / Daigo Ikeno

Scenerio Writer: Bingo Morihashi (Nine Stories Inc.)

Audio Director: Kakunoshin Atsumi

Lead Composer: Kota Suzuki

Movie Director: Yuji Shimomura (U'Den Flame Works Co., Ltd.)

Director: Hideaki Itsuno

"This game does not promote smoking or the use of cigarettes."

(The RV is revealed to be a mobile branch of the Devil May Cry shop with a new blue neon logo)

Devil May Cry 5

(Meanwhile, a bunch of soldiers are trying to attack against a horde of Empusa demons on a bridge)

Solider: Hold the line. Hold the line! Nothing gets through!

(They're losing the fight as one of the soldiers gets their arm sliced off by an Empusa)

June 15th 05:02am

Soldier: What's happening? What's going on?

(The soldier is about to be attacked by an Empusa before miraculously getting saved as the Devil May Cry RV runs over it before the RV parks nearby the soldier. Nero, still with only one arm, gets out of the RV)

Nero: You look like you need a hug, but you're not gonna get one from me. --Better get lost.

Soldier: Hey, who are you? Hey, you're gonna get yourself killed!

Nico: Don't crap yourself. He likes to kill demon things. Let him do his thing.

Soldier: You hear what I said, you dumb one-armed son of a bitch!? You're gonna die!

(Nero continues to walk into the horde of demons before turning back to the soldier)

Nero: Cheer up, crew cut.

(Nero slides in his arm and introduces the Devil Bringer: Overture)

Nero: You takin' notes?

(Nero then proceeds to take down some Empusa with the help of Overture)

Nero: All right, time to kick some ass.

  • Devil Breaker Tutorial

Nero: I've got some cleaning up to do.

(The soldier just sits there staring in stunned emotion, as he continuingly watches Nero fight the Empusa demons single-handedly)

Nico: Yeah he's a real pro at smackin' demons around. That's why I built him that well-functioning arm... to kick demon ass.

(Overture starts to malfunction from all the fighting, which Nico notices.)

Nico: Hey, psycho! Watch the merchandise!

Nero: Hey stop bitchin' and take cover!

(Nero throws the broken Devil Breaker to the ground as he replaces it with a new Overture)

  • Wire Snatch Tutorial

Nero: I'm really getting the hang of this new toy!

  • Picking Up Devil Breakers Tutorial

Nero: Did Nico leave this here? Sweet!

Nero: What a mess...

(Bloodgorged Scavenger - Red Empusa)

Nero: Why are they collecting human blood? It's not just about feeding... there's something else.

(Before Qliphoth Roots battle)

Nero: What a lovely house plant.

(The roots strike first as Nero unsheathes Red Queen, reving it.)

Nero: Oh, I get it... who brought the marshmallows? 'Cause I'm bringin' the fire.

(Nero continues to rev up his sword, ready for battle.)

  • Exceed Tutorial

(During Qliphoth Roots battle)

Nico: Incinerate 'em! That sword makes it easy, right?

Nero: You like that? Then have some more!

  • Dodging Tutorial

Nero: Swing and a miss.

Nero: I gave you that one! ...dammit.

Nero: They're everywhere... makes me sick...

Nero: Pretty sturdy... gotta be some spots that are softer...

(After Qliphoth Roots battle)

(The Qliphoth Roots disintegrate as Nico catches up to Nero with the RV)

Nico: Hey, tough guy. That'll keep'em, but not for long.

Nero: Whattaya mean?

Nico: Soldier boy says city's gone to hell and back, taken over by the underworld. Not just here, but everywhere.

(Nero holds on to where his old right arm would've been)

Nero: Yamato did this...

(Nero reflects on the past on Yamato and what happened to his arm - the Devil Bringer)

April 30th 05:45pm
-Two months ago-

(Nero is inside a garage as Nico is fixing the underside of the RV)

Nico: Why do I feel like your pet mechanic. Don't get used to it...

Nero: Nico, I showed you those Order docs. So you still owe me one, remember?

(A familiar voice calls out to Nero and Nico)

Kyrie: Hey, you two! Dinner's ready!

Nero: Be right there! Hey, why don't you go ahead? I'm gonna finish up here.

Nico: I'll try to save you some... Not.

(Nico leaves and heads inside for dinner. As Nero is fixing the hood of the RV, a hooded man appears before Nero outside of the barley open garage door)

Nero: You, uh, you need something?

(The hooded man doesn't respond, only audibly breathing)

Nero: What is it, you hungry? Well, you're in luck pal, 'cause food's ready and Kyrie always makes too much. Hope you like loud talkers, too, 'cause we got a pair of those upstairs.

(Nero isn't paying attention as the hooded man steps inside the garage, he is now right behind Nero. He soon notices the hooded man next to him and becomes increasingly suspicious)

Nero: You see something you like?

(Nero's Devil Bringer begins to glow as it reacts to the hooded man)

Nero: What the hell? You a demon?

Kyrie: Nero, the foods getting cold. What goin--?

Nero: Kyrie, get back inside, now!

(As Nero tries to warn Kyrie, the hooded man grabs Nero's arm and throws him at the wall, ripping off his Devil Bringer arm in the process)

Hooded man: I'm taking this back.

(Nero finds his arm gone as blood spills out from where his arm was. The Devil Bringer glows as Yamato was inside of it, releasing it once again. The hooded man coughs out blood)

Hooded man: I'm running out of time...

(The hooded man then opens up a portal with Yamato and soon enters the portal)

Nero: Wait... Wait!

(Nero drags himself to try and stop him, but he was too weak to move)

Kyrie: Nero!

Nico: I leave you for two minutes!, what the hell happened!?

(Nero slowly loses his consciousness and passes out. Meanwhile, in the present day, Nero and Nico continue to drive through Red Grave City)

Nero: V's waiting for us up ahead. Try not to get us killed on the way there.

Prologue: Special Edition[]

(The hooded man drags himself to Nero's garage)

Hooded Man: Just a little... longer...

(The camera goes into the hooded man's POV on Nero)

Nero: You, uh, you need something? What is it, you hungry? Well, you're in luck pal, 'cause food's ready and Kyrie always makes too much. Hope you like loud talkers, too, 'cause we got a pair of those upstairs. You see something you like?

(Nero's arm reacts)

Nero: You a demon?

Kyrie: Nero, the foods getting cold. What goin--?

Nero: Kyrie, get back inside, now!

(The hooded man grabs Nero's arm and rips it, revealing Yamato as the arm gets absorbed)

Hooded man: I'm taking this back.

(The hooded man coughs out blood)

Hooded man: I'm running out of time...

(The hooded man then opens up a portal with Yamato and soon enters the portal)

Nero: Wait... Wait!

(The scene changes to an underground area where the hooded man drags himself)

Hooded man: It's nearly... time...

(Riots appear before the hooded man as he takes them out with one strike)

Hooded man: At last... I will...

(The hooded man continues to drag himself going forward. The scene changes to an old house during the night. The last scene changes turning out that the "hooded man" was actually Vergil)

Secret Ending[]

Urizen: Is limit...?

Usurper slain, an empty throne the crown lies covered in blood. Power is its own reward and we have just begun. So grab your blade, the time has come we only have each other.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

Mission 2: Qliphoth[]

June 15th 05:32am

Nico: That's it. No more wheels from here.

Nero: Alright, guess I'm walkin', then.

Nico: Yo yo yo, check it out.

Nero: What? And this is?

Nico: From Morrison, I think it's his manifesto.

(Nero reads the letter)

Nero: Hey, we doin' this or what?

Nico: I'm waitin' on you. I'm cookin'. Any special orders?

(During Mission - 1)

Nico: What're you, lonely? Hurry up and get moving!

Nero: Need to catch up to V, fast.

Nero: What a mess...

(During battle 1 - Empusa)

  • Stylish Rank Tutorial

Nero: What are demons doing in a city like this...? There something to this place?

Nero: Not making it easy for me, huh?

(Nero dodges a car being thrown at him and reaper-like demons similar to the Hells rise)

(Cleaving Vanguard - Hell Caina)

(Nero finds V fighting)

Nero: Huh... looks like I'm gonna make it before you, V.

(During Mission - 3)

Nero: Trying to stop me? Oh, whatever should I do?

Nero: Huh... yeah, I can make this work.

(Nidhogg Hatchling)

(During Mission - 4)

Nero: Shoulda just hacked my way through.

Nero: V doesn't seem like a demon to me...

Nero: Wait... which way did I come from again?

  • The Next Objective Tutorial

(During Mission - 5)

Nero: This again...?

(During Battle)

Nero: That was the floor's fault, not mine.

  • Secret Mission Tutorial

(During Mission - 6)

Nero: I'm getting really sick of this stupid tree...

Nero: Oh man... I'm getting sick of this.

(Nero dodges demons wielding cleavers)

(Brutal Berserker - Hell Antenora)

(During Mission - 7)

Nero: Not gonna lie... this new arm is pretty sweet.

  • Telephone Booths Tutorial

(Calling Nico)

Nero: Guess the phone still works...

Nico: Took ya long enough, dumbass! What happened to the third ring rule? Tell ya what, you call ME from now on, and I'll hustle on over.

(Nico's mobile van arrives to Nero)

(Before Goliath battle)

(An ambulance is thrown at Nero, but is able to get inside)

Nero: Somebody call a doctor?

Goliath: Human... I wasn't expecting any survivors.

Nero: Sorry to disappoint ya.... hey, ya happen to see a guy around here, about this big, uses a cane? I'm supposed to meet him. Did you snack on him?

Goliath: Your blood... is a very precious sacrifice. Eating you would do me no good. I must have every last drop... to rule the Underworld... as king!

Nero: King? You? I don't know. I mean, you're a big guy and all, but you seem more like a knuckle-scrapping fart in the wind than anything else. No offense.

Goliath: Puny human... do you know who I am? I shall show... the wrath... of the mighty Goliath!!!!

Nero: Cool trick! Hey, do you do parties?

(Incandescent colossus - Goliath)

(During Goliath battle)

Goliath: You'll be sorry for this!

Nero: Yeah, maybe I will. Sorry I'm about to kill ya!

Goliath: Insolent human! You're the one who's going to die!

Goliath: Hahahahaa! Tremble before my might!

Nero: It's your grave... jack it up all you want.

Goliath: The next thing to shatter will be your bones!

Goliath: Stop buzzing around!

Goliath: Is that all, you puny human? The fruit is mine!

Goliath: Eat dirt, you scum!

Nero: You're eating garbage now? You got some weird tastes.

Goliath: You mock me, you die!

Goliath: You've got to be kidding! H-how could a mere human do this!?

Nero: Says a mere demon... how about we wrap this up?

Goliath: Damn you!

Goliath: Death upon you!

Goliath: Heed my power!

Goliath: The fruit is mine!

(After Goliath battle)

Goliath: I must not be defeated... in a place like this!.The fruit... is mine... I will rule the Underworld... not him...!

(Griffon appears out of nowhere, flying around Goliath. And V shows up out of the blue)

V: "I curse my stars in bitter grief and woe, That made my love so high and me so low."

(V summons Shadow to weaken Goliath)

Goliath: Why... why are you...?

V: "Little wanderer, hie thee home!"

(V stabs Goliath with his cane to finish him)

Nero: Though I was gonna have to pick you out of his... tummy teeth.

V: Pardon my delay, I was catching up on some reading.

Nero: Yeah... looks like a real page-turner. So... you think Dante's still in there?

V: If Urizen defeated him, then I expect he's much more than Qliphoth pollen by now.

Nero: A what?

V: Qliphoth. It's a tree that grows in the underworld. It thrives on human blood, and those whose blood it sucks well... let's just say that they don't turn out too well.

Nero: Well, in any case... we need to find out. If Dante's alive, we'll save him. If not, we don't.

V: Wait. First, we need to exterminate some Qliphoth roots.

(Shadow and Griffon return to V)

Nero: V... what the hell are you?

(Nico arrives)

Nico: I know, I know, I know, shut it! The roads were all clogged. Hey, you must be V, huh? You gonna get that? Ding, ding, ding, ding! That there. Right by your feet?

(V throws Goliath's horn with his cane to Nico)

Nico: Woo-wee! I'm gonna make somethin' amazing out of this!

Nero: Did you just sniff that? Do you have idea where that's been?

Nico: Up your butt?

Nero: Focus on the mission.

Mission 3: Flying Hunter[]

June 15th 06:26am

V: I think we should split into two groups.

Nero: ... and cover more ground. Good idea.

Nico: Behold my genius!. Cash first.

Nero: All the materials I collect for your little pet projects don't count for anything?

Nico: My brilliant badass work is worth every dime, you know it.

Nero: Yeah? Well your quality control sucks ass, and you know it.

Nico: Or don't let the demons smack you around such much?

Nero: Whatever...

Nico: I am truly gifted! It's a work of art!

Griffon: (laughs) Oh, so you're an artist now, huh?

Nico: Yes I am! Got any questions, little chicken? My grandmother was called the ".45 Caliber Virtuoso"... Legendary Gunsmith. I hope to be like her someday. An artist, and a lethal artisan. Everything I create is art, whether its a gun... or a steel pot... to cook birds in. Anymore questions, huh? ....Little chickee.

V: I'll take my leave now. And if I don't see you along the way, I'll see you at the bottom of the Qliphoth.

Nero: Sure. What're you gonna do?

Nico: I gotta shake the cobwebs out, I'll let you know. Hey, you got anymore questions, better ask it now.  I can't read minds... well, yet.

(Nero looks at the Devil Breaker hanger to see anything useful) (During Mission - 1)

Nero: Alright move out!

(Nero waits for Nico, but her van can't get reach where he's at. She just yawns and waves bye to him)

Nero: So much for teamwork.

  • (Wire Bound 1 Tutorial)

Nico: Use the wire hook to your advantage, unless you wanna stretch your arm out.

  • (Wire Bound 2 Tutorial)

(Winged Deception - Pyrobat)

Nero: Think I'll handle the closer one first. Gotta start somewhere...

Nero: So this Qliphoth... screw it. We're taking that fucking thing down.

  • Grim Grip Tutorial

Nero: Kyrie... I wonder what she's up to...

  • Demon Tree Blood Clots Tutorial

Nero: Oh great, now the roots are in the way.

Nero: These roots have to be coming from somewhere...

Nero: Bingo!

(Shears of Annihilation - Death Scissors)

Nero: You want me to follow you? No way, asshole. Bring that shit to me.

(During Mission)

Nero: Without strength, you can't protect anything... I know that.

(Calling Nico)

Nero: You're up, Nico.

Nico: You know I got you covered, asshole.

(Before Artemis battle)

(Illuminating Corruption - Artemis)

Nero: What? No chit-chat or monologue? Just getting right to the good point, huh?

(During Artemis battle)

Nero: This demon... something different about it...

Nero: Hey! Don't you, uh, need those?

Nero: Your voice is SO annoying! How about I shut you up?

(After Artemis battle)

(The Walking Arsenal - Lady)

Nero: Dante's friend...

Nico: It's Lady.

Nero: You know her?

Nico: From my gunsmith days.

Nero: What?

Nico: I can't believe you'd do this to Kyrie, I'm gonna have to tell her, man...

(Nico picks up a piece of Artemis - her orb/sphere)

Nico: I'm jokin'... hey, loosin' up your jock strap. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

(Nico sings "bowchickawowwow" behind Nero's back)

Nero: Kyrie would kill me right now...

Mission 4: V[]

June 15th 06:35am

Griffon: So, V. You think this kid can kill Urizen?

V: One can only hope.

(Rubble begins to fall behind V and Griffon, blocking the two of them)

V: But for now, we have a more...pressing engagement

(V continues to press on with Griffon following behind him)

(During Mission - 1)

V: We've a minor errand before we reach Urizen.

(During battle - Empusa)

(A group of Empusa and Red Empusa demons show up to block V, Griffon and Shadow's path)

Griffon: Oooh, genius, says "be careful." Yeah, no shit, Shirley! Ain't that right, V? I mean you ARE fragile at the moment. Wouldn't take much to wipe you out in a sticky situation. I'm just saying running away is okay. It's always okay to run away, if you're not up for it!

(As Griffon is rambling, V opens up his book to quote William Blake's "Proverbs of Hell")

V: "He who desires but act not breeds pestilence."

(Before closing his book and put it away shortly thereafter)

V: ...So it is written.

Griffon: Okay Shakespeare. Just remember this: You and I like to exist. So get rid of those demons quick, 'cause killing them ain't my shtick! I got your back,'cause dyin' is whack!

(Griffon flies around the demons blocking them as Shadow roars at them)

  • Shadow Tutorial

Griffon: Leave the ones around you to the big bad kitty!

  • Checkmate Tutorial

Griffon: Gotta land the final blow, V! You know we can't kill demons!

  • Griffon Tutorial

(During Mission - 2)

V: Descend it is...

(Empusa come towards V as he snaps his fingers, with his black hair changed to white, summoning Nightmare)

  • Nightmare Tutorial
  • Stalemate Tutorial

(During Mission - 3)

V: This bridge looks unstable...

(The bridge starts to fall as he calls on Griffon to fly him to safety)

(During Mission - 4)

V: I will not allow him to gain more power...

  • Devil Trigger Tutorial
  • Read Book Tutorial

(During Mission - 5)

Griffon: Why are you just wandering around!? We're in a hurry, chop chop!

V: A phone... I wonder if I can reach that woman.

(Calling Nico)

V: Come meet me. I'm at--

Nico: Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep your panties on, I see ya already. Be right there.

(Nico's van crashes as V summons Griffon out of its way and summons Shadow to land the van safely)

Nico: If you're done, get moving. I'm gonna have a smoke and then head out.

(Before Nidhogg battle)

(Griffon flies V away from the worm-like demons going to strike him)

(Parasitic Fiend - Nidhogg)

Nidhogg: You dodged me! did you dodge me!?

Griffon: Nidhogg, never liked this guy.

Nidhogg: You pest. Do I know you?

Griffon: Dumb as a bag of rocks. Let's not  even mess with this guy, V. He can't even leave the Qliphoth, anyway. Just a Qliphoth parasite.

Nidhogg: Did you insult me?

Griffon: --Uh-oh.

Nidhogg: --You insult me!

Griffon: I think he heard me... and he's angry!

Nidhogg: I'm going to kill you!

V: Not in this lifetime. "As the air to a bird or the sea to a fish, so is contempt to the contemptible."

(During Nidhogg battle)

Nidhogg: You use... de-de-demon...? But you...human...? Huhhhh....?

V: "If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."

Nidhogg: Augh...? Ah...?

Griffon: Meaning don't try to think too much, shithead!

Nidhogg: I'm... I'm busy. You guys can finish it.

Nidhogg:  I'm heeeerrreee!

Griffon: This dimwitt wants to be all high-and-mighty! Strike'em down, V!

Nidhogg: D-d-dimwitt...? M-me? I... c-c-c-crush you!

Griffon: Even the big bad kitty knows you got shit for brains!

Nidhogg: Qu-qu-qu-quiet! You... you... bird and cat!

Nidhogg: Chaaarrrgggeee!

V: "The cut worm forgives the plow." What do you say?

(After Nidhogg battle)

Griffon: Okay, um, that's not good right now. That's not good. Wait, where--where are you going? Are you running away? That, that's not a good sign.

V: I'm afraid that... that's a little bit more than I can take right now.

Griffon: Let's get out of here, V!

Mission 5: The Devil Sword Sparda[]

June 15th 07:27am

Griffon: We're alive! We've made it! It's our lucky day, V! Let's find a game of cards.

V: These Qliphoth roots... they're everywhere.

Griffon: Well, we ARE underground.

V: Then I guess we have some clearing up to do.

Griffon: And me without my gardening sheers.

(During Mission - 1)

V: How to find an exit...

V: Can't move forward without breaking through these..

Griffon: Ahhh, he's throwing a tantrum up there! Watch the ceiling, V!

Griffon: Woah! What in the world!?

Griffon: Jeez, he almost turned us to paste... what say we break a leg?

Griffon: This ship is awfully big...

(During battle 1 - Empusa Queen)

(During Mission - 2)

V: There must be an escape route...

Griffon: Hey, what's in that hole? Should we take a look?

V: This way, I guess.

(Calling Nico)

V: Hey, I could use a hand.

Nico: You got it. Wait right there.

(Before Elder Geryon Knight battle)

Griffon: Malphas... of course, more trouble. Not sure about that one, though. Never seen him before--

(V holds Griffon back not to make a sound)

Griffon: --Not in the Underworld anyway!?

Malphas: Search for the devil sword Sparda. You know where it is? He told me to leave it be, but I'm afraid it still concerns me. As long as there is a blood descendant of Sparda... I cannot take any chances. Do you understand!?

(Diabolical Amalgam - Malphas)

Malphas: Find it and destroy it! Only then will his reign be truly realized!

(Abyssal Cavalry - Elder Geryon Knight)

V: I see. I know what you are. Don't worry, I'll be gentle.

(During Elder Geryon Knight battle)

V: "One thought fills immensity..."

Griffon: This is no time for poetry! Wait, what does that even mean!?

V: Where there's a will there's a way... now let's go!

V: The power to control time... that's quite a horse.

Griffon: But that would mean its Geryon! I thought Dante killed it already!

V: A rare species but aparrently not quite extinct. Until today that is.

Griffon: Be careful V! He's got horsepower!

Cavaliere Angelo: Weak powerless creatures!

Griffon: So? You got a comeback for that?

V: I'll take that momentum... and send it right back.

V: "The hours of folly are measur’d by the clock, but of wisdom: no clock can measure." Die!

(After Elder Geryon Knight battle)

(Cavaliere Angelo escapes as V tries to go after him but falls to his knees)

Griffon: V!

V: I'm fine... I must chase him. If the devil sword Sparda still exists, it may be our only hope.

Griffon: V, uhhh, think about this for a minute. What will you do if you find it? You gotta be strong in mind and body to wield the Sparda, and you, sir, are neither. Hate to break it to ya, but the Sparda will be just too much for ya.

V: For me, yes. But what of the boy...Nero?

(V picks up a piece from Geryon)

V: Let's go. Once we are near the Sparda, even I should be able to sense its presence.

Mission 6: Steel Impact[]

(Before Gilgamesh battle)

Nico: Well she ain't dead. Got a pretty smokin' body though.

June 15th 07:25am

Nico: Not that I was--barely even noticed. You know, you should go do your thing. I got this.

Nero: Yeah.

(Suddenly they feel the earth shake)

Nero: What the hell?

(It was hover a giant demon named Gilgamesh)

Nero: Whoa... he's too big to leave alone. I better take care of it. Stay alert.

(Marauding Titan - Gilgamesh)

(During Gilgamesh battle - 1)

Nero: Look at this asshole, prancing around...

Nero: You think I'm turning back now? Fat chance!

Nero: Gotta hammer that soft spot there...

(Gilgamesh falls to the ground opening a hole with V & Griffon)

Nero: What're you doing down there.

Griffon: You didn't think you did all that by yourself did ya?

Nero: Ya know, I bet you taste like chicken...

Griffon: Why you ungrateful sonuva---

V: I'll leave this beast to you. I must press on.

Nero: Well... guess it's just you and me, cockroach.

(During Gilgamesh battle - 2)

(After Gilgamesh battle)

Nero: That thing's a root too. What's going on?

Nico: Yo, Lady's awake. Got any questions for her, better make it fast.

Nero: Alright.

Nico: Hey wait wait wait, we could use that. Pick it up.

(Nero almost picks up a can)

Nico: Not that one, the other one.

Nero: This one?

Nico: --Uhhh, next---next to it!

Nero: Come on, Nico. This one?

Nico: Sure.

Mission 7: United Front[]

(Nero & Nico inside van talking to Lady) Nero: So what happened to him? And Trish? They end up like you?

June 15th 08:57am

Lady: Trish... she... she was captured. I remember that. But I don't know what happened to Dante.

Nero: Dammit.

V: You can't travel through here in a car.

Nero: Yeah we know. We're just waitin' for you. There's only one way up that tree. Hang on, I'll get ready.

V: I'm glad to see you look so well. Lady: You too, I guess...

V: I found these. If they are of any use to you, they're yours.

Nico: Wow! I can make something truly amazing out of this.

Lady: Shocker... can we trust him?

Nero: Your guess is as good as mine. He might be useful though. Enough talking, get some rest. You need it.

Nico: Yo, Lady, wake up! It's time to get to work.

Lady: I was just told to get some rest.

Nico: Aww, you were just told to get some rest? Well, we need to make a path, so start digging.

(Lady gets up and drops the cloth)

Nico: --C'mon, get up, get up, get up!

Lady: --Okay...

Lady: Got something to wear that's good for digging?

(During Battle 1 - Riot)

(Nero's Side)

Nero: You can follow if you want, I'm going ahead.

Nero: That WAS the right way! Nailed it!

Nero: Gotta push on ahead.

Nero: Okay, guess I'm goin' down.

(Calling Nico)

Nero: Bored? I got a job for you./Uh, Nico?

Nico: Alright, let's hear it. Whatcha got?/Spit it out. Whattaya want?

(V's Side)

V: Better to split up... we can cover more ground.

Griffon: It's a fucking maze in here... but we still gotta search every corner!

V: Indeed

Griffon: Careful, V... something in here stinks.

V: This way.

(Calling Nico)

V: Can you meet me over there?

Nico: Help has arrived! Got any cash?

(Before Proto Angelo & Scudo Angelo Battle)

Nero: Nice, getting the band back together, huh?

V: What evil lurks... I must destroy.

Nero: I thought that was the plan all along.

(During Proto Angelo & Scudo Angelo Battle)

(Nero's side)

Griffon: Hey, hey, we're working our tail feathers off over here! Stop slacking off, kid!

Nero: Apparently they're not fond of loud-mouthed critters, either. Maybe you should try shutting up?

(V's side)

Nero: Oh, they just love me! What'd I ever do to them?

V: Draw their focus for a while. We'll kill them one by one.

(After Proto Angelo & Scudo Angelo Battle)

Nero: Took us long enough to get here. What, tired already?

V: I've just remembered something... this town was attacked once before. 

Nero: Is that so?

V: I was here... I can still see it. In fact, I was playing right here. That was the house. This is where we part ways. You go ahead.

Nero: You're gonna miss all the fun.

V: No, I must seek the devil sword Sparda.

Nero: What? Yeah, I don't think that's such a good idea, trust me.

V: You're not the only one who thinks so. But to win this fight, we're going to need all the help we can get.

Nero: Not the only one? What the hell aren't you telling me?

Mission 8: Demon King[]

June 15th 09:56am

Nero: Guess there's no point thinking about it...

(Calling Nico arrives as the side almost hits Nero)

Nero: Perfect timing... now we're starting to act like a team.

Nico: Are you flirting with me? Knock it off... get in the car.

Nero: Well, no point in turnin' back now... Not that that was ever an option. Time for some payback.

(During Mission)

Nero: Alright... just you wait, you big bastard. I'll drag you all the way down here.

Nero: What the hell... this is bad.

Nero: Never stood a chance.

Nero: Guess that's my ride.

(Bloodstreams Tutorial)

Nero: Where does this go?

Nero: Man... I got blood all over me. There better be a shower here.

Nero: It's still falling?

Nero: Damn, all the way down. Too heavy, huh?

Nero: Alright... going down is the only way, huh?

(Elusive Incantor - Baphomet)

Nero: This again... where's it gonna take me now?

(Divinity Statues Tutorial)

Nero: Well, well. Haven't had enough yet?

Nero: Are there no express elevators? Someone's a lousy architect.

Nero: Out of my way wimps!

Nero: Good, finally made it. Now, about that payback.

Nero: A phone, here? Does it still work?

(Calling Nico)

(Nero finds a magazine)

Nero: So, think you can make it all the way here?

Nico: Duh. Who do you think you're talking to?

(Nero sleeps with the magazine covering his face. He hears the van coming, he falls but catches his sword and the magazine before the van rammed him)

Nero: Think its good to be king, huh? Not for much longer.

(Before Urizen 2 battle)

Nero: Hey douchebag, miss me? Where's Dante? No body, no dried up Dante jerky? Nothin'?

Urizen: You've come here to die?

(Nefarious Usurper - Urizen)

Nero: He talks? Urizen huh? I bet your parents didn't like you much, cause your name sucks.

Urizen: I am without a name. I am power, absolute.

Nero: Well No Name... I'll be sure to put that in your tombstone.

Urizen: You will suffer... and... die.

Nero: I'll show you dead weight.

(During Urizen 2 battle Part 1)

Urizen: You would so readily throw away your life, child?

Nero: I'm not interested in you having a winning streak. Now I can break it for ya.

Nero: It's working! That shield of yours... is done for!

Urizen: You shall regret your existence!

Urizen: What an eyesore.

Nero: It's almost broken! You ready to get slapped!?

Urizen: Humans...are all so foolish. Don't you understand that your efforts are futile?

Nero: Best thing about humans is that they never give up. Just watch, I'll beat it into your head.

(During Urizen 2 battle Part 2)

Nero: It's about time I landed somethin'.

Urizen: Weak mortal. Demon power does not course through your veins. Yet you try... how dare you strike ME!?

Nero: The hell... !?

Urizen: You will regret... being born useless and human! I will show you... your worst nightmares! I will give you... despair and death!

Urizen: Scatter like dust...

Urizen: You worthless piece of scum...

Urizen: Nowhere to go!

(After Urizen 2 battle)

Urizen: Merely human. Petulant mortal flesh. Cursed... the moment you were brought into this world.

(Nero screams in agony until suddenly freed by some unknown force landing)

Urizen: Who dares interfere?

(An unknown demon floats before Urizen & Nero)

Urizen: What creature stands against a king!?

Nero: Is that... a demon?

Secret Ending[]

Urizen: Is limit...?

The one who usurped the demon throne was vanquished. Peace returned to the world above. Indeed, this was the perfect conclusion all had hoped for. Come, raise your fist in victory and celebration. A new legend has been born.

Devil May Cry 5

Mission 9: Genesis[]

(Morrison is whistling as he's walking into the Devil May Cry shop)

May 03rd 08:08pm
-A few weeks ago-

(Morrison walks find the inside the inside to be barley lit and finding Dante practically asleep, only waking up when Morrison entered the shop)

Dante: You could've at least knocked, Morrison.

Morrison: Yeah, I could have. I got some good news and some bad news... Pick your poison, which you wanna hear first?

Dante: Just speak.

(Morrison walks over to sit down)

Morrison: Bad news it is! Lady Patty's feathers are all ruffled. See, she wants to invite you to her birthday party, but your phone is disconnected.

Dante: You're a smart one, Morrison. You notice the electric and water are out, too?

Morrison: I expected nothing less...

Dante: So what's the good news?

Morrison: Oh, I got a gig. Cash, up front.

Dante: Cash up front? This, I like. The water needs turning on, and those toilets need flushing.

(Morrison walks over to Dante to give him his cash)

Morrison: Water, gas and power... Comin' outta your cut. You're a real agency now.

(Soon after, the shop's lights, fan and jukebox turn on as the power comes back on. Along with that, the phone next to Dante starts ringing with Dante soon picking it up to answer the phone)

Dante: Devil May Cry.

Patty: Dante, Dante! Do you have any idea how many times I've tried to call!? Like a zillion! Oh my God, tonight's my birthday party! Yeahhhh!! I'm turning 18! Not a little kid--

(Dante is shocked, even trying to bring the phone to Morrison who can't help but chuckle before Dante put the phone down before Patty could even finish her call. Patty tries calling again almost instantly after, before Dante unplugs the phone)

Dante: Okay, Morrison, I'll take you up on that gig. But ONLY if you can get me out of that hellish birthday party.

Morrison: Consider your RSVP declined. Meet your new client.

(V walks into the shop and waits near the door)

Morrison: Listen, I'm gonna find Lady and Trish. Bring them in on this.

Dante: What!? C'mon, you don't think I can handle this gig on my own?

Morrison: It's a big job... Big job, Dante. You're gonna need the help.

(Morrison leaves the shop to find Lady and Trish's whereabouts)

Dante: So... what's your name?

(V walks up to Dante, with his book at hand and quoting "Infant Joy")

V: "I have no name; I am but two days old..."

(V soon closes his book)

V: Just kidding. You can call me "V".

Dante: Okay V... Why don't you tell me everything about this job?

V: A powerful demon is about to ressurect, and we need your help, Dante.

(Dante can't help but laugh at V's request)

Dante: Now that's a familiar tune... Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that exact same line?

(As Dante's talking, he gets up from his desk and sits in the couch where Morrison was sitting in before)

V: This is...special.

Dante: Special? Okay, so what's so special about this one?

(V walks up to Dante)

V: This demon is your "reason"... Your reason for fighting.

Dante: This demon got a name?

(Camera zooms in on V's lips, but the audio is muted)

June 15th 10:06am

(Fast forward as V and his familiars are continuing to look for the devil sword Sparda, until he stumbles upon some demons)

Griffon: What the hell!?

V: Did you find it?

Griffon: Uh well... I don't know what I found, but... I think I saw some demons dancing?

V: Well, then I guess we keep going. The devil sword Sparda is nearby.

(During Mission 1)

V: It's coming from the Qliphoth's root.

(V encounters two Hell Cainas until they get tackled by a big demon with chains around its mouth, as V moves out of its way destroying an old house)

Unstoppable appetite - Behemoth

Griffon: You're awfully quiet, V. Thinking about mommy dearest?

V: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. But the past is... a bitter place for me.

Griffon: I've got a bad feeling about this place... but I think it might get us where we need to go.

Griffon: Hey, you lost? Get it together, buddy!

Griffon: You think Dante's dead?

V: Quite possibly. He has no reason to keep Dante alive.

V: If we had the devil sword Sparda... Nero might just be able to defeat him.

Griffon: Almost there... you gonna make it, V?

Griffon: Hey look, V, a phone! Check and see if it still works!

(Calling Nico)

Griffon: Alright Missy, you're up!

Nico: Keep squawking, little chickee!

(Griffon teases V by stealing cane just for fun, until Nico pops up and tries to almost ram Griffon as a means of stopping. V gets his cane back.)

V: Impressive.

V: This presence... it's the devil sword Sparda! No doubt about it.

(Before Nobody Boss Battle)

Griffon: Whoa this is some kind of ritual shindig, isn't it? You guys got the dance fever for Sparda, huh?

(Abnormal avatar - Nobody)

Griffon: Whoa, easy there on the dance floor there, partner.

V: I'll be taking that back. You know your endless worshipping isn't making the Sparda any happier. 

(During Nobody Boss Battle)

V: It's mask changed... so that's your tactic? I'll be sure to watch out for that.

Griffon: Well that pissed it off. Eww, still creepy.

(After Nobody Boss Battle)

(V takes out a Qliphoth root, which breaks down a structure and lands Sparda to the ground. V tries to wield it)

V: It seems this sword is still too strong for me...

Griffon: So close, though, so close. You got a lot of heart, kid, you really do, but you're a bit of a sissy in the strength department. Hey, hey, no offense, uh, you know.

V: That kid, Nero... he has the strength.

(Shadow growls calling for V what its found)

Griffon: It speaks!

V: Dante...

(Griffon flies down as the scene slowly shows Dante in a coma. His hair is grown while covered in blood, which in turn was the Qliphoth's work. Scene switches to Dante on the ground still unconscious.)

Griffon: I don't even have the words. I--He's alive, he's alive!

V: The devil sword Sparda was concealing Dante's presences.

Griffon: How does one friggin' guy get so much luck, huh!?

(V throws down his cane)

Griffon: Uhh, V? No no no, get a grip on yourself now, c'mon!

V: If only you could defeat Urizen... if only... no.

Griffon: V? No no no...

V: If only you never existed... then I....!

(V raises Sparda above Dante's head)

Griffon: Don't do it V! No no NO!

(Dante's eye open as Sparda was stabbed to the ground)

Mission 10: Awaken[]

Eva: Come here!... You need to hide, Dante. No matter what happens, you mustn't leave! I need to find Vergil. I promise I'll be back. I know this is hard. You must listen to me. Be a big boy... A man, huh? If I don't return, you must run. By yourself, alone.You must change your name. Forget your past and start a new life as someone else... A new beginning.

(Eva closes the closet doors on Dante slowly to hide him)

Eva: Vergil!? Where are you, Vergil!?

(Eva screams)

June 15th 10:37am

(Dante's eyes open up, finding Sparda almost to his face. V smiles to see him awake.)

Dante: For a second there, I thought you were gonna shish kabob me.

V: I knew how stubborn you can be. I thought it'd be the way to wake you.

Dante: What day is it?

V: The 15th... of June.

Dante: A whole month? No wonder I'm so stiff.

(Dante stretches)

Griffon: Right, sunshine, now put a fire on it. We gotta get going, 'cause that annoying pimple Nero is making a beeline for Urizen. And if he gets there he's gonna--

(Dante grabs Griffon by the beak and throws him)

Griffon: Smashed like a bug!!!

Dante: Hey! This is my gig. Leave Nero out of this.

V: If you could defeat Urizen... then I never would have dreamed of using that child. But Urizen... is much stronger than we could have imagined.

May 15th 04:44pm

(The Bewitching Devil - Trish)

Lady: Oh, it stinks in here.

Dante: I know, smells like hot garbage.

V: This is far worst than I thought...

Dante: There's no crime in turning tail, V. These things might be a little too much for ya.

V: You're right. I'll leave the rest to you.

Griffon: Wha, wha--what? Wh--whoa, my, my, V. All the way down here, and turnin' tail, really? Huh?

V: One must always have an insurance policy.

Lady: Who was that guy? Can't believe he just ran...

Dante: No one special. C'mon, let's clean up this garbage.

Lady: Music to my ears. Hurry up, Dante!

Dante: Looks like I get to see it with my own eyes. If it really is you.

Dante: Did that guy really do this? Well, there's no accounting for taste.

  • Rebellion Tutorial
  • Ebony and Ivory Tutorial
  • Style Tutorial
  • Balrog Tutorial

(During Battle - Chaos)

Dante: Aw man, they're already here! These ladies work fast.

(During Battle - Hellbat)

Dante: Yeah, gettin' close... I can feel him.

Dante: Oh yeah, I'm feeling it. It's him...

(Before Dante vs Urizen battle)

Dante: Well well... o king of stench and filth. I'm impressed! Those are the two best badass women in the world. And I know only one other guy that can defeat them... jackpot!

Urizen: Dante...

(During Dante vs Urizen battle)

Urizen: Petty...

Urizen: You shall regret your existence.

(After Dante vs Urizen battle)

(Dante gets beaten until Nero appears)

Mission 11: Reason[]

June 15th 11:02am

V: Our last hope, Nero... was completely useless.

Dante: V, get Nero out of here! This is a bad move! Nero, go! You're just dead weight!

May 16 08:37pm - 1 month ago

Nero: That bastard called me dead weight! I didn't come all this way for nothing!

(Urizen blows Dante away with one punch and breaks Rebellion in the process.)

Urizen: This... is power.

(Trish throws Sparda to him to break free of the tentacles. But Urizen blasts Dante out)

Urizen: The devil sword Sparda no longer serves a purpose. I have plans for the both of you.

(Urizen's tentacles take Lady & Trish)

Urizen: You will exist to give me strength. How fortunate to serve such divine purpose.

June 15th 11:11am

Dante: Alright, enough's enough. Can't let a boy... (picks up Sparda) do a man's job.

V: Hey! I'm not done talking to you yet-- (V falls down starting to weaken)

Dante: OK. You get some rest. By the way... I guess I owe you one.

(V's flesh starts crumbling a bit)

  • Sparda Tutorial

(During Mission)

Dante: I guess I overslept... time for a warm-up.

Dante: I'm not a fan of ruins... like my cities lively.

Dante: What a pain in the ass... just gotta take it down.

(During Battle - Hell Judecca)

Dante: Up we go, I suppose. Seems like the fastest route.

Dante: Well, that's gonna collapse... what a headache.

Dante: Can't a guy get a break? I just woke up from a long-ass nap.

Dante: Oh, they're just gonna let me through! ... boy, wouldn't that be the day.

(Before Cavaliere Angelo battle)

(A motorcycle is thrown as Dante slices it)

Dante: Is it Halloween already?

Cavaliere Angelo: Sparda...!

Dante: That costume looks big... I thought you had better taste than that. How about I take it in a little?

(Volatic black knight - Cavaliere Angelo)

(During Cavaliere Angelo battle)

Cavaliere Angelo: Sparda....!

Dante: Sorry, but I can read all your moves! Helps that I know who you really are.

Cavaliere Angelo: Dante!

Dante: Forgot how scary you are when you're mad... sheesh.

Cavaliere Angelo: Take this!

Dante: Come on, didn't I already ya that you can't beat me!?

Cavaliere Angelo: You cannot get away!

(After Cavaliere Angelo battle)

(Dante sees a glimpse of Trish inside of Cavaliere Angelo after slicing off its face and bonding it with a broken motorbike. He continues slicing the demon to free Trish as Cavaliere was formed.)

Dante: Whoa, looks like I took a little too much. You okay?

Trish: I've been better. Dante... that demon is--!.

Dante: Shhh! Don't even think about it. Just rest.

V: Dante!

Dante: Take care of Trish for me!

V: Dante, wait--!

(V tries to get up with much strength he has left)

June 15th 11:40am

(Trish wakes up)

Trish: Dante's left

V: Yes... and I don't think he can win.

Trish: What was that demon, V? Where did it come from? Urizen is not a demon. I know for a fact, because I'm from the Underworld. Oh my god... what are you then?

V: It doesn't matter. I'm a shadow of my former self who lost everything. I will tell you... the story of my birth.

Mission 12: Yamato[]

May 01 09:19pm
-A few weeks ago-

: Suffering defeat after defeat, that man's body was reaching his limit. Breaking down. But he couldn't die yet. The man had a job that must be done: to defeat his twin brother.

(The hooded man slowly pulls out Yamato seeing his reflection)

Hooded man: Dante...

(With a voice so familiar revealing to be Vergil all along, he pulls it out from its sheath and performs hara-kiri, while reciting a William Blake poem)

Vergil: "...heavy chain, that does freeze my bones around!"

V: In order to defeat his younger brother, he can only do that one thing with the crumbling flesh and feelings. He needed to separate man from devil with the strength of Yamato.

(Vergil successfully separates his humanity, creating V in the process. V's hair turns from white to black and tattoos form over his entire body)

V: And eventually, the man became a true devil.

(The remaining part of Vergil slowly transforms, becoming a demon that would embody his endless lust and pursuit for more power, Urizen. V becomes terrified as he watches Vergil become Urizen)

June 15th 11:47am

V: I've tried to hold together my crumbling flesh with whatever demonic power I have left, but... I'm approaching my limit. In separating and regaining my human soul, I've realized the gravity of the crime I've commited. I've realized how important everything was... everything I've thrown away in my pursuit for power.

Trish: Is that why you went to find Dante?

V: Yes. Foolish. I thought maybe he could change... maybe fix... maybe right my wrong. Tell me... was this fool before you right?

Trish: I'm not your mommy, V. You're a big boy.

(Trish materializes a new set of clothes about her as she removes the blanket.)

Trish: And you need to see this through. Dante's war.

(Dante rides on the Cavaliere and takes on a group of demons)

Dante: How's that for road rash?

  • Cavaliere Tutorial

(During Battle)

Dante: Unless you wanna die, I suggest you get the hell out of my way!

(During Mission - 1)

Dante: You need some blood, huh? Sorry, you wouldn't like mine.

Dante: Huh, dried blood in the gutter here... guess that explains how the pools down there get filled.

Dante: If I follow these grooves...

Dante: "When in doubt, smack it!". That's our family motto.

Dante: Yep, here comes the blood.

(During Battle - Fury)

(During Mission - 2)

Dante: Oh great, crossroads. Decisions, decisions...

Dante: I was hoping I could just follow the groove, but they're not making it easy for me.

(During Mission - 3)

Dante: Don't wanna keep Mr. Demon King waiting. Gotta keep up the pace.

(During Mission - 4)

Dante: ​​​​That should be all of'em. It's been a while since I used my brain this much.

(During Mission - 5)

Dante: Man... this brings me back.

Dante: Holy shit... can't believe any of this is still standing...

(Dante finds his old home in ruins except for the family portrait)

Griffon: Hey, there you are! Hey, what's wrong with you? Hey! Hey, Dante!

Dante: The demonic power was activated in me once, when Vergil lovingly jammed this through my chest. I always wondered... why did my father give me the Rebellion?

Griffon: Okay, what are you muttering?

Dante: Over the years, I've been stabbed and jabbed by a number of things. But who would've ever guessed.

(Dante stabs himself with the broken Rebellion)

Griffon: Have you lost your mind!? There's a demon to destroy! Kill yourself later! I'll help!

Dante: If the Yamato can separate man from devil... then what of the Rebellion?...

(Dante absorbs Rebellion along with Sparda)

Griffon: Wow... you are... absorbing the Sparda!

(Dante unleashes his true form - Sin Devil Trigger)

(Before Dante vs Urizen)

Nero: It can't be? Dante, you son of a bitch... I knew you couldn't be killed that easily! Hey, he's all yours. But don't let it become a habit.

Griffon: Win, Dante, win!

(New legendary devil sword - Devil Sword Dante)

Urizen: Dante...

  • Sin Devil Trigger Tutorial

(During Dante vs Urizen)

Urizen: Dante... you dare approach me with that form!?

Dante: You're one to talk! Do you know what you look like now?

Urizen: As long as you live, you will never understand. Power is everything!

Urizen: Run while you can...

Urizen: What an eyesore.

(After Dante vs Urizen)

Dante: All this time, and you still don't get it.

(Dante summons his sword)

Urizen: It is YOU who does not understand.

June 15 12:00pm

Urizen: It has begun.

(The Qliphoth begins to grow)

Lady: What's happening!?

Nico: Bad news! Gotta go now, that house plant is pissed off!

(Trish and V run but he ends up falling until Trish catches him as the Qliphoth continues to grow)

Urizen: The Qliphoth is revealed in its entirety. This inconvenience... matters not.

(Dante chases after Urizen but lost him)

Mission 13: Three Warriors[]

June 15th 12:36pm

Lady: Well, looks like no one's worse for wear. I'm just gonna double-check.

Dante: Hey, where did that garbage god go? What is Urizen after?

V: He's at the top of the Qliphoth.

Trish: It's the other way around, Dante. This is the lowest level of the Qliphoth's upper echelon. Human blood is the source of demons' power. The fruit born through the Qliphoth is even more dense than the blood that created it. It power is unparalleled. Even the almighty Mundus used it to become king of the Underworld. V told me everything.

Dante: Yeah well, that's a lovely story and all, but... as long as we know where to find him.

Nico: Whoa! You are the infamous Dante! Um, I'm Nicoletta Goldstein. Sounds familiar? My grandmother is Nell Goldstein. The gunsmith that made all your fancy weapons that you got... strapped... back there...

(Dante takes out Ebony & Ivory)

Nico: Yeah, there she is!

Dante: You don't look much like her...

Nico: Yeah, I got my looks from my daddy. That's about all I got from him. But based on research, I-I-I managed to cobble this--

(Nico presents a gift to Dante: the Dr. Faust hat)

Nico: consider it a gift! In honor of us finally meeting! Meeting.

(Dante takes it and the hat willingly goes to head and a Faust-based scarf is formed. He starts to dance in tribute to Michael Jackson, with even fireworks appearing after he finishes dancing. And Nico applauds)

Dante: I'll take that.

Nero: Dante! I'm gonna go too.

Dante: Why don't you sit this one out?

Nero: Oh, let you call me dead weight again? No thanks. I got all the power I need. Right here.

Dante: You don't understand. That's not what I mean.

V: Let him go, Dante. Time is a luxury we can no longer afford. We must chase after him, post-haste.

Dante: Why? Does this mean you're going too?

V: I have a duty to see this through.

Dante: Well that's all you have to say, Mr. Poetry. I'm gonna go my way, you guys can go yours. Let's just say that's best for the cause.

(Nero, Dante & V go their separate ways)

  • Dr. Faust Tutorial

(During Battle - Lusachia)

Dante: We'll meet back at some point. But for now, one foot in front of the other.

Dante: Ugh, it stinks... must be in the right spot.

Dante: No way! I'm not that old (During Coop)

Dante: Take a break, Kid! (During Coop)

Dante: I can smell that piece of shit from up here. He needs to be flushed.

Dante: Rebellion... Power of revenge... Dad really was pretty grim...

(During Battle - Lusachia)

Nero: The high road's out... So I'll take the low road.

Nero: Go down to go up. Sure, that's straightforward.

Nero: Dante! You need a hand? (During Coop)

Nero: Can it. I'm just getting started! (During Coop)

Nero: Hey, V! How's that bird of yours working out? (During Coop)

Nero: While you are talkin', I'm still fighting! (During Coop)

Nero: This presence... That devil's down even deeper.

Nero: Wait for me, Kyrie... I'll be home soon.

(During Battle - Lusachia)

V: Looks like there's a cave down there.

V: Nero! Don't strain yourself! (During Coop)

Griffon: Better than you, numbnuts! (During Coop)

Griffon: Hey, V! I'm smellin' something down here. How 'bout you?

V: I will never make the same mistake again. I will...regain myself...

(Nero, Dante & V land)

Dante: Looks like we still got a long ways to go.

(The three hunters fall as the ground falls)

Mission 14: Diverging Point: V[]

June 15th 01:13pm

Griffon: I can't carry you anymore! I gotta put you down! I gotta put you down...

V: Damn, just a little longer. Come on... I must... go... before he loses completely.

(During Mission - 1)

V: Dammit... hold on a little longer... just hold on a little longer.

Griffon: Are you alright V!? You might wanna take a break...

(V's Familiars are taken out by Malphas)

V: Where am I? I'm losing my power... gotta recover somehow.

V: This dimension its... healing my body...

V: So this is where they are... I'm claiming what's mine.

(Mirage Boss 1)

Griffon: Hey, you're alive! Oh good to see ya again! Did ya miss me?

(During Mission - 2)

V: That's one down.

(Mirage Boss 2)

(Mirage Boss 3)

Griffon: Let's get the hell outta there! This humidity is killing me!

V: Agreed. It's time to get back on course.

Griffon: We finally made it out! That this was something else...

V: Best we avoid it, is possible. Especially given my...condition.

V: They're safe...

Griffon: No time to worry about them, V. We've gotta hurry.

V: My journey... is coming to an end...

(V finds Malphas)

Malphas: If he reaches the fruit, it will all be over. Even Mundus failed to reign over the human world... surely we know he will not.

Griffon: Malphas! No way we can handle her, we don't have the strength!

V: I know. But we must get through this, somehow.

Malphas: Ahh, an intruder perhaps? I'm coommiing...

(Malphas gets shot in the back by Nero)

Mission 15: Diverging Point: Nero[]

June 15th 01:13am

Nero: Dammit, running a little on low...

Nico: Hey, honey, need assistance?

Nero: What the hell's your problem? You TRYIN' to kill me!?

Nico: If you wanna bitch, blame Lady. SHE'S behind the wheel.

(Lady flirtingly waves hi to Nero)

Nico: Okay, enough with the suspense. What do you need?

(Nero shows to Nico the Devil Breaker needs patching and more upgrades before heading off)

(During Mission - 1)

Nero: Split up again, huh? I work better alone anyway.

(Before Malphas battle)

Malphas: I’m ccoomming...

Nero: Gotta pay attention, sweetheart.

Malphas: Sparda’s kin... but you're nothing more than an empty shell with no power. You are as weak as your flesh, human.

Nero: Hey, we're tougher than we look. Well there's only one way to find out.

Malphas: I will enjoy this!

(During Malphas battle)

Malphas: You won't even make a good offering!

Malphas: Try to follow me with your foolish human eyes!

Nero: Anything with a nose would follow you... you stink.

(V throws Nero a random Devil Breaker)

V: Take it. I was babysitting it for you.

V: Don't let it go to waste.

Nero: Game over, birdie.

Malphas: What a fool.

Malphas: Get up! this is not the...end.

Malphas: Futile attempt.

Malphas: Now die!

Malphas: Ressurect! Rise with my power!

Nero: Don't wanna give up the ghost, do ya!?

Malphas: You will wake in HELL!

Malphas: Feast your eyes upon Hell's mightest sorcery!

(After Malphas battle)

Malphas: How do you have such power left!?

Nero: You can come out now.

V: I guess I owe you one.

Nero: You should turn around. Your body's not gonna last much longer.

V: That... I cannot do. I must go!

Nero: Damn it V! Don't push yourself. You need some rest.

V: I must go... to where Urizen is.

Nero: Why? Why the hell do you have to--

V: I beg you! This is my last request.

Nero: Fine. Dante's definitely gonna beat us there...

(V sinisterly smiles)

Mission 16: Diverging Point: Dante[]

June 15th 01:13am

Dante: No hard feelings guys, but this is my gig! Trust me Nero... this one's gonna be a little too much for ya.

(During Mission)

Dante: Alright... this is the real deal.

Dante: Full speed ahead!

Dante: Onward and... downward. Oh well, better get to it.

(Before King Cerberus battle)

King Cerberus (Fire): Leave at once!

(Gatekeeper Unleashed - King Cerberus)

King Cerberus (Ice): Only kings of the Underworld may enter these gates!

King Cerberus (Lightning): You shall not pass!

Dante: Easy there fella. Hey... I remember a stinky little pooch just like you.

King Cerberus (Fire): You insult me, foul-scented creature!

Dante: Looks like your master's got you on a pretty short leash. Come on, little puppy, I'll take you out for a walk, c'mon! Let's go!

King Cerberus (Ice): You have fought our kin in the past...

King Cerberus (Lightning): But I am king of the Cerberus tribe!

King Cerberus (Fire): They were weak! But WE will feast on your flesh... and gnaw on your bones!

Dante: So, you're the strongest of the litter. Looks like we're gonna need a bigger leash. Come on!

(During King Cerberus battle)

King Cerberus (Fire): Fear me! Fear my flames!

Dante: Huh, you're a bit tougher than the rest of your breed.

King Cerberus (Lightning): Feel my thunder!

Dante: This fight's a real shocker! You holding up okay there, pup?

King Cerberus (Ice): Your flesh will freeze! Then I'll freeze you to your very soul!

King Cerberus (Fire): I'll burn you to death! My flame will consume you!

King Cerberus (Fire): Even Berial stands powerless before my flames!

King Cerberus (Lightning): Taste the most powerful lightning in all of Hell!

Dante: Ahh, turning tail? I've got a bone for ya! Here, boy!

King Cerberus (Lightning): Such petty taunts... I am not so easy to deceive!

King Cerberus (Lightning): Fire and ice are mere child's play!

King Cerberus (Ice): The power of ice reigns supreme!

King Cerberus (Ice): A petty demon like Bael is nothing before me...

Dante: I've seen these moves haven't shat out any puppies, have ya?

King Cerberus (Ice): Do not mock me! Others of my kind cannot compare!

(After King Cerberus battle)

(Dante defeats King Cerberus and gains its soul as his weapon. And does a kata just like before but with new features of the new weapon.)

Dante: Guess I'm the first one here. I like that!

Mission 17: Brothers[]

June 15th 02:01pm

V: The truth is... I wanted to be protected and loved...

(Nero is carrying V as they're walking)

V: But I was alone. My only choice was to survive.

(V falls to the ground again)

Nero: V, you gotta rest.

(V gets back up on his own with his cane)

V: Nero... I will tell you...everything. There is no demon named Urizen... only a man who threw away his humanity, in an endless pursuit of power,

(V turns to look at Nero)

V: He is Dante's older brother.

Nero: Dante's brother?

V: Yes. And his real name is... Vergil.

(Before Dante vs Urizen battle)

(Dante lands on the ground close to what looks like the Sparda Manor, while Urizen is preparing to ripe the fruit of the Qliphoth)

Dante: Vergil...

(Dante starts walking to Urizen)

Dante: Hey, is that the damn fruit you've been jabberin' about? Doesn't look so special to me.

(Dante continues to walk while Urizen continues to stare at the root preparing the fruit)

Dante: Yep, this is where it all started. That day mother saved me and... left you behind. The thing you don't know is, she tried to save you, too. She kept searching and searching... Until it killed her.

Urizen: I have no recollection of this tale, or this place. It's all an illusion, created by this extraordinary fruit. It's power, you see, is all I ever wanted.

(Urizen grabs the Qliphoth fruit)

Urizen: And with this...

Dante: No!

(Dante quickly runs to Urizen to try and stop him from eating the Qliphoth fruit)

Urizen: I will have everything!

(Urizen eats the Qliphoth fruit, gaining massive power from it. The sky turns dark and the root that was preparing the fruit disintegrates)

Dante: No, brother, you don't have everything. That last shred of humanity that you still had? You just lost it!

(Urizen's skin starts to shed as his true form begins to show)

Urizen: That is nothing but the pitiful cries of those without strength. Come to me, brother... I shall enlighten you, Dante!

(During Dante vs Urizen battle)

Dante: You ready to do this, Vergil? It all ends here!

Urizen: Scatter!

Urizen: This is true power... The power I've sought for so long!

Dante: You've been chasing this for an eternity... and its nothing but useless shit.

Urizen: Over here...

Dante: What's wrong, Vergil? There's no time to hold back.

Urizen: It would seem so...

Urizen: Power... more POWER...

Urizen: How... How are you so powerful!? You never lost anything!

Dante: It's not about loss... Strength is a choice. Fighting like hell to protect what's important. You threw away everything you ever had... No wonder you have no true power!

Urizen: Danteeeeee!

Urizen: This is the end!

(After Dante vs Urizen battle)

Nero: They're brothers? Why are they fighting each other?

V: To see one's justice through, a man must fight for it. Even if the one who stands before him is his kin.

(As Nero and V are talking, Dante stabs Urizen deep through his chest)

Nero: That's ridiculous.

V: The brothers of blood disagree on the very reason of their existence. They must fight.

(Urizen falls to the ground, defeated. Dante catches his breath as Nero and V finally catch up with him)

Nero: Dante!

Dante: You're late...just finishing up.

Nero: Is that really your brother?

Dante: I'm afraid so.

Nero: So he was behind all this. Your own flesh and blood.

Dante: Right again.

(V slowly walks to the defeated Urizen)

V: In the last thrones of defeat, I see.

Urizen: You...

Dante: V, get back! Things are about to get really messy.

(Dante is about to finish off Urizen before V blocks him, trying to stop him)

V: No! Please... Let me. I want to end this battle...with my own hands.

(The dying V begins to walk closer to the damaged-up Urizen before standing on top of him)

V: Do not struggle. For if you can't even defeat me, then you've already lost.

Urizen: I will not lose... Not to Dante... I need power... More power!

V: I know... We are one and the same, you and I. But you've lost me, and I've lost you. Yet we are connected, by that one feeling. "While thy branches mix with mine, and our roots together join."

(V lifts up his cane, preparing to stab Urizen. Dante realizes who V truly is after hearing their conversation, as he tries to stop him. However, he was too late, as V succeedingly stabs Urizen with his cane. A flash of blue light erupts from the two, powerful enough to shatter the illusion of the Sparda Manor. The flash of light dies down as a visible figure appears, with the Yamato in his hand)

Nero: What is this?

Dante: Vergil...!

(Vergil turns around revealing his healed face to Dante and Nero)

(The Alpha and the Omega - Vergil)

Mission 18: Awakening[]

June 15th 03:06pm

(The newly reborn Vergil stands before Dante & Nero. He picks up the book that V had left behind, which turned out to be his.)

Dante: Ya got some pretty big cojones for comin' back. Just don't know when to quit, do ya!?

(Dante charges to attack, but Vergil is able to easily overpower Dante, attacking him only with Yamato's scabbard and launching Dante in the air as he throws the scabbard back at him and is able to catch it, launching him back a little. Nero stands there surprised, desperately wanting to fight him.)

Dante: Get out of my way, Nero!

(Dante charges to attack Vergil again before the two clash swords. The sons of Sparda are now in a stalemate)

Vergil: Defeating you like this has no meaning.

Dante: C'mon, Vergil. Let's do this!

Vergil: Heal your wounds, Dante. Get strong. After that, we'll settle the matter.

(Vergil overpowers Dante again, launching him to the ground with his scabbard then Yamato. Dante and Nero watch Vergil open up a portal with Yamato)

Vergil: Thank you, Nero.

(With Nero looking confused, Vergil steps inside, closing before Dante can try and catch up with him)

Dante: Dammit!

Nero: If that's your brother, what happened to V?

Dante: He returned... to himself.

(Dante then starts walks away, preparing for the upcoming fight with Vergil, with Nero realizing V was Vergil all along)

Dante: Go home, Nero. This doesn't concern you.

Nero: Like hell! I lost my right arm because of him!

Dante: This is not your fight. I need to stop him, and that's all that matters.

Nero: I'm not gonna let you have all the fun, Dante!

(Dante stops walking to deal with Nero's arguing)

Dante: You don't get it!

Nero: Lemme guess, I'm dead weight? You can shove that--

Dante: That's not it, Nero.

Nero: What is it, then!?

Dante: He's your father!

(Nero is in shock and denial at the sudden revelation)

Nero: What!?

Dante: I had the feeling, the first time I saw you, but I just wasn't sure. And then I saw how the Yamato reacted...and I was certain. He's your father. Now, he needs an ass-kicking... But I can't have you kill your old man.

(Dante gives Nero a pat on the shoulder before walking away)

Nero: My father...?

(Meanwhile, Vergil stands on top of the Qliphoth tree, looking down on the Human World as the Qliphoth tree continues to grow, yet appears to be falling and blooming)

Vergil: That day, if our positions switched... Would our fates be different? Would I have your life, and you mine?

(Vergil sits down on a throne made by the Qliphoth, awaiting for the upcoming fight against Dante)

Vergil: Let's settle this... Dante.

(Meanwhile, Lady, Trish and Nico can feel the Qliphoth tree falling)

Lady: What? What's happening now!?

Trish: Oh god, I thought it was over!

Nico: This isn't good. We're gonna get dragged into this!

(The three of them head to the Devil May Cry RV as Dante appears behind them)

Trish: Dante! What happened?

Dante: My dumbass brother's back, and I'm gonna rip him a new one.

Trish: Vergil's--? How!?

Nico: Dante!

(Nico, in the RV, hands over Dante the Kalina Ann II)

Nico: Made it for Lady and she paid for it, so consider it a rental.

Lady: Hey, you can't just--!

Dante: Okay, okay, we'll take care of that later. Right now, you three get the hell out of here. I'm gonna go take care of old douchebag.

(Trish and Lady get in the RV as they make a run for it, while Dante walks ahead while carrying the Kalina Ann II)

Dante: Got a feeling this one's gonna be a doozy.

(During Mission - 1)

Dante: Never would've guessed you'd come back... dammit V, was this your plan all along?

(Before V's Familiars battle)

Dante: Hey guys, where ya been? I thought you went back into Vergil. You're gonna wish you did.

Griffon: Oh the wise guy Dante. We were spawned from Vergil's abominable thoughts... but you knew that already.

Dante: Come to think of it, I did know somethin' was off. Just like with my old brother.

Griffon: Well, we're merely the discarded thoughts when he was Nelo Angelo. No longer bound in his consciousness. We're here now to kill with our own free will. Liberating!

(Griffon tries to attack with a barrage of lighting strikes, while Dante easily doges with his Devil Sword)

Griffon: And kill you we shall, Dante. Us, not Vergil.

(During V's Familiars battle 1 - Griffon)

Griffon: Alright, let's get started! This'll be quite the party!

Griffon: Come here and face me like a man, boy!

Dante: Why the rush? I'm enjoyin' this!

Griffon: Just close your eyes and go to sleep... forever!

Griffon: Damn... you're as tough as you look!

Griffon: What a mess!

Griffon: Ahh... reminiscience of a time long past!

Griffon: Not bad, but I'm just getting started!

Griffon: Time out! Gimme some time out!

(During Mission - 2)

Dante: Great... can't wait for the rematch.

(During V's Familiars battle 2 - Shadow)

Dante: Running away? ... nah, didn't think so.

(During V's Familiars battle 3 - Griffon & Shadow)

Griffon: Hey! Watch the birdie, Dante!

Griffon: Ya can't kill what's already dead... and a demon is a demon, even in death!

Dante: Not a bad line... I feel the same way.

Griffon: Even that couldn't stop ya!? You ain't so bad!

(During Mission - 3)

Dante: One more round... it's like I'm back on Mallet Island.

Dante: They know they don't stand a chance... are they trying to atone for something?

(During V's Familiars battle 4 - Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare)

Griffon: Bring it on! This is a grave — either yours, or ours!

Dante: Not the worst place to die... but death's not on my agenda just yet!

Griffon: You'll take care of the rest...

Griffon: I'm gonna kill you! I'll kill you, Dante!

Griffon: Good, good! Now you're talking!

Griffon: It's not over yet...

Griffon: This is the climax! If you've got any regrets, voice'en now before we shut your stupid mouth for good!

Dante: I'm too young for regrets... Now, let's end this!

(After V's Familiars battle 4 - Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare)

(Shadow & Nightmare die as Griffon slowly fades away)

Dante: Should'a known better. You got a good heart, but you're as sharp as a marble.

Griffon: Perhaps... but if you had a little bit of trouble defeating us, imagine what Vergil can do to you. Us? This is our final fight... and the end of Vergil's nightmares. Godspeed Dante, you'll need it.

Dante: Rest in peace, little chicken. It's been a bash.

(Nero running down the Qliphoth, until Nico and her car appear to him)

Nico: Nero, jump in!

(Nero takes Trish's hand as the Qliphoth continues to collapse)

Nero: Where's Dante!?

Trish: He's got this. We gotta go, now!

Nero: So this guy Vergil, you know him?

Trish: Vaguely, yes.

Nero: Dante said that guy's my father... what the hell's going on, Trish!?

Trish: His logic is sound... I had a hunch myself.

Nero: This doesn't make any SENSE!

Trish: I know you hate Vergil, but you can't kill your own father!

Lady: She's right. You'd never recover from that. You saved us, you should be proud. Now you can put all this behind you--

Nero: Nico! Stop the car!

Nico: No chance! After all this, are you insane!?

Nero: Fine, I'll go by myself!

Lady: Nero!

Mission 19: Vergil[]

(Before Dante vs Vergil battle)

(Dante walks ahead to where Vergil waits for him)

June 15 04:04pm

Dante: Hey Vergil! Your portal-opening days are over. Give me the Yamato.

Vergil: If you want it... then you'll have to take it.

(Vergil gets off his seat as the Qliphoth throne disintergrates)

Vergil: But you already knew that.

Dante: I had a feeling you'd say that...

(Dante summons his sword)

Vergil: How many times have we fought?

Dante: Hard to say, it's the memory I have of us since we were kids.

(Both Dante & Vergil smile at each other)

Dante: Time to finish this Vergil. Once and for all!

(Vergil unsheathes Yamato as they prepare to battle)

(During Dante vs Vergil battle)

Vergil: I won't lose to the likes of you... little brother.

Vergil: Thank you for that... Now I shall give you death in return.

Vergil: Foolishness... is rushing in blindly all you can do?

Vergil: Just like old times.

Dante: It's just about time to settle this.

Vergil: That's right... come on.

(Vergil transforms into his new Devil Trigger due to eating the fruit)

Vergil: Just like old times...

Vergil: Prepare... to die!

Dante: Think you can beat me? Not in a million years.

Vergil: Save that until you win, if you can.

Dante: You cut off your son's arm for THIS!?

Vergil: My son... means nothing to me!

(After Dante vs Vergil battle)

(Dante is knocked down)

Vergil: Nero is my son?

Dante: Yeah, dumbass. You can't remember through that thick skull of yours?

Vergil: Well, well... That was a long time ago.

Dante: I guess you were young once, too. As much as I'd love to hear that story, I think it's about time we...

Vergil: ...ended this.

(Dante and Vergil transform into their Sin Devil Trigger forms as they charge after each other. Then suddenly, someone appears between the two. The brothers of Sparda go back into their human forms as they're in shock of a mysterious demonic figure with almost angelic-looking blue wings blocking the two from each other)

Special Edition - Vergil vs Dante[]

Vergil: Farewell, Dante.

Mission 20: True Power[]

(Nero lands and finds a phone booth. Instead of calling Nico, he calls someone else) June 15 04:27pm

Kyrie: Hello? Nero? Is that you Nero? Did something happen?

Nero: Kyrie... when I was a kid, I... I was alone. You and Credo were all I knew. And now all the sudden, I found out I have a family. What am I supposed to do with that?

Kyrie: You always know which path is right, and which is wrong. There's no need to doubt yourself.

Nero: Thanks... I guess that's all I needed to hear. I have one last thing to take care of... then I'm coming home.

(Nero hangs up and heads to the top)

Nero: I couldn't protect Credo. To this day, I hate myself for not having enough strength. But this time is different. I swear! I'M NOT LETTING YOU DIE!

(Nero's arm begins to glow through the Devil Breaker as it breaks down like its shedding. His arm suddenly grows back and wings begin to form as he flies up to where Dante & Vergil are)

(Before Nero vs Vergil battle)

(Back to the scene at the end of Mission 19, it turned out the demon that stood between Dante and Vergil is actually Nero in his true Devil Trigger form)

Vergil: This is... curious.

Dante: Nero?

(Nero pushes the two away from each other)

Vergil: What form of power is this?

Dante: What the hell?

Nero: This ends, right here.

Dante: Listen to me. I told you already, this is not your-

(One of Nero's spectral wings slaps Dante away as Vergil is stunned with what he did)

Nero: You listen, dead weight. I won't let you kill each other. There are other ways of settling your differences. I'm putting a stop to this sibling rivalry.

Vergil: Ahh, you came all this way just for that.

Nero: Vergil...V...whatever you call yourself... Dante's not gonna die here, and neither are you. Do you have a problem with that?

Dante: "Not gonna die", my ass. That bitch slap nearly killed me.

Vergil: If I beat Nero... Then by default, I beat you. Agreed, Dante?

Dante: Whatever. I don't really care. I'm just gonna sit this one out.

Nero: When this is over, I'll make you submit... Father.

(During Nero vs Vergil battle)

  • Nero Devil Trigger Tutorial

Vergil: This has nothing to do with you. Stand down.

Nero: Nothing to do with me!? It has everything to do with me!

Vergil: Nero...

Vergil: It's way past your bedtime.

Vergil: Stay there, child.

Vergil: You disappoint me, Nero.

Nero: FUCK YOU!!!

  • Buster Tutorial

Vergil: You...!

Nero: Take me seriously now!?

Nero: Relying on numbers won't do you any good.

Nero: Feeling accepting yet?

Vergil: Of your existence? Or your strength? 

Nero: Both, you fuckin' asshole!

Nero:: You will...accept my existence!

Nero: I'll toss you like a ragdoll! 

(After Nero vs Vergil battle)

Vergil: Interesting...

Dante: Oh brother. You cut off your own son's arm  for more power, and you still lost.

Nero: Enough, dammit! The Underworld is taking over, and we need to do something before it's too late.

Dante: He's right. We need to close that portal. Come on, you lost so you better do what he says.

Vergil: I can still fight. But if those roots continue to spread through town, it'll just interfere with our business.

Dante: Now that's the smartest thing I heard you say. Better hurry up... we still got a score to settle.

Vergil: Evidently.

Nero: Wait, were are you going?

Vergil: We need to sever the Qliphoth roots in the Underworld itself. Then, we'll seal the portal with the Yamato.

Nero: Hang on, if you do that, you can't come back.

Dante: Why do you think I'm goin'? Someone's gotta keep an eye on your old man.

Nero: You can't just expect me to stay here, while you both go--

Dante: It's because you're here we can go. We're trusting you with things on this sidem, capisce?

Vergil: Make haste, Dante.

Dante: Yeah, I know.

Nero: Hey, wait!

(Both brothers sucker punch Nero as he tries to stop them.)

Dante: Take care, Nero. Adios.

(Dante transforms to Sin Devil Trigger as he flies down.)

Vergil: I won't lose the next time.

(Vergil still holds his (V's) book)

Vergil: Hold onto that until then.

(Vergil then transforms as well as he follows his brother. And Nero tries to chase them down but too late. Nero then picks up his father's book)

Nero: Idiots...

Special Edition - Vergil vs Dante[]

Vergil: All things end, Dante. Even us...


June 15th 06:26pm

(Nero & Nico return home in Fortuna)

Nico: Hoo-wee. I'm still freakin' shock...

Nero: About what?

Nico: Uhh, duh! Your arm? Who the hell grows an arm back? It's just weird. It's like a... lizard tail, or something?

Nero: Look I don't know it just grew. I mean, are you kiddin' me? A lot of weird stuff happened. There were demons and scary plant roots and arms growin' back. Lots of stuff.

Nico: Do you know how much love and care I put into that Devil Breaker?

Nero: Nope. But this arm, it's nice.

Nico: So uh, how's it feel?

Nico: Saving the man who killed your father. Heard Dante killed Vergil once.

Nero: Doesn't matter. They're both gone now anyway.

Nico: It's okay to cry if you want Nero, over a loss.

Nero: I'm not crying.

Nico: It doesn't make you a crybaby.

Nero: There it is.

Nico: Does make you a little bitch though.

Nero: Do you think I'm a demon?

Nico: I didn't cry when my asshole daddy died. But... yeah I know, I know. I wouldn't be here without him, that's a biological fact. 

Nero: Right.

Nico: All I'm saying is tough guy... it's okay to cry if you want. --Devils cry.

Nero: --I'm not crying.

Nico: Devils cry!

Nero: I'm not gonna cry.

Nico: --Kittens cry "meow", puppies cry "woof".

Nero: ​​​​​​--Will you shut up? Will you stop it?

Nero: --Look at you. You're--nobody's crying, alright?

Nico: --Why don't you cry on my shoulder. --Come on, cry on my shoulder! I know you wanna.

Nero: --Stop saying cry. If you say cry again-- Devil May Cry--@#$!

Nico: You said it.

Nero: Hey, Kyrie... yeah I'm comin' home. Oh yeah, I don't wanna spoil it. But I got a surprise for you. 

Nico: Oh yeah, he's got a HUGE surprise.

Nero: Would you shut up!? No no no no, Kyrie, not you. Nico, you know and her big mouth. We're just--

(Nico brakes the van)

Nero: What the hell's your problem!? Where'd you learn how to drive!?

(Nero finds she saw demons in their path)

Nero: Hey uh... I gotta call you later. It's time to get back to work.

(Nero & Nico high-five each other with his right hand)

Nero: Got an arm, I'm good.

Nico: It's a prototype. And this is the perfect place to test it out! Look, you're gonna use it and--

Both (Nero & Nico): "It's a work of ART!"

Nero: I gotcha 

Nico: ... and it ain't complete without you.

Nero: Well, how sweet...

(Nero's arm dematerilizes as it bonds with the new Devil Breaker)

Nero: Feels good!

(Nico tries to startup the jukebox to play a song, but doesn't work)

(Executive Producer: Jun Takeuchi)

Nico: You're gonna get fixed as soon as we get back!

(Senior Producer: Michiteru Okabe)

(Nico kicks it to start it up)

Nero: So... devils cry, huh? Let's hear what it SOUNDS LIKE!

Devil May Cry 5

Director: Hideaki Itsuno

Art Director: Koki Kinoshita

Scenerio Writer: Bingo Morihashi (Nine Stories Inc.)

Character Design: Tatsuya Yoshikawa / Daigo Ikeno

Devil Breaker Design: Shoji Kawamori (Satelight Inc.)

Movie Producer: Hiromasa Inoue (Shirogumi Inc.)

Movie Director: Yuji Shimomura (U'Den Flame Works Co., Ltd.)

(During battle - Devil Trigger Tutorial & Credits Pt. 1)

Nero: Come one, come all! Just makes things easier for me!

Nico: Oh, come on! You can do better than that!

Nico: Hoo-ee! Nice work, lil' bro. Damn, you make my creations look good!

Nero: Guess that's the end then.

Epilogue - Dante & Vergil[]

Dante: So all we gonna do is cut this thing down?

Vergil: That's right. I'm more than capable of handling this one on my own.

Dante: You're gonna need some help... and someone to keep an eye on you.

(Qliphoth roots appear before them.)

(During battle - Credits Pt. 2)

Vergil: Useless pests... they must be ready to die.

Dante: Fine by me! Let's give'em what they want!

Vergil: You're sluggish... are you still wounded from your fight with Nero?

Dante: You're one to talk!

Dante: You beat me this time... but that battle's just begun!

Dante: Look at that, a tie. Are we ever gonna settle this?

Dante: Took more out than you did. You ready to accept defeat, Vergil?

Epilogue: Special Edition[]

Dante: Wow, this thing got real big... you tryin' to compensate for something?

Vergil: Yes. Your incompetence.

Dante: By the way, how'd it feel catching up with your kid.

Vergil: There's no need for us to "catch up".

Dante: Well, with an attitude like that, you're never gonna met your grandkids.

Vergil: That's enough. I don't wanna hear it. Now, don't get in my way.

Dante: Took the words right out of my mouth...!

(The brothers charge for the Qliphoth. Nero witnesses it fall on his side)

Thus brothers joined to face the tree, but time rekindles rivalry.

Bonus - Lady & Trish[]

July 24th 09:24pm

Lady: Wow, still no sign of him. Nothing.

Trish: Mmm... yeah.

Lady: Then can I have his office? Because I'm thinking it's almost time for me to settle down somewhere.

Trish: No I don't think so. I rather quite like it.

Morrison: Oh I hate to spoil your dreams ladies. But that shit ain't gonna happen.

Lady: Whattaya mean, Morrison?

Morrison: See, there's this deed to this place, and I have it.

Trish: Why do you---?

Morrison: Clever little devil came to see me right before his last job. Said something like: "My dearest friend, I know you'll keep this place safe, 'cause them crazy bitches--". Did I say crazy bitches? Sorry I meant ladies. Anyway, the rest of the story is not important, but you get the gist. 

Lady: I wonder if he ever plans to come back.

Trish: Got me.

Morrison: What is important is that I got a job for you two.

(The lights and all power go down again)

Morrison: .... cause the rent ain't free.

Bonus - Dante & Vergil[]

(Dante and Vergil continue fighting as usual)

Dante: Score one for Dante! I'm up one.

Vergil: Where did you learn to count!? We're even!

Dante: You know... I got a feeling this is never gonna end.

Vergil: Maybe. But we got plenty of time.

(The brothers get up and fight again until demons appear interfering with their fun)

Vergil: Don't you dare say it!

Dante: Jackpot!

Bonus - Dante & Vergil: Special Edition[]

(The brothers fight)

Vergil: That's it. Time to die!

Dante: You're like an open book... I can read your every move. Too easy!

(Vergil tired out)

Dante: Score one for Dante! I'm up one.

Vergil: Where did you learn to count!? We're even!

(Demons appear before them - Special Edition Credits)

Dante: C'mon! You know I was better... with numbers!

Vergil: What?? You were never better... at anything!

Vergil: What are a few numbers anyway?

Vergil: Hmph, as if there was any doubt. Admit it, Dante, I'm just better than you.

(After the demons)

Vergil: Don't you dare say it--!

Dante: Jackpot!

(Dante's bullets shot Riots)

Dante: Why you gotta leave me hangin'!? We used to love saying that.

Vergil: I have no recollection.

Dante: Well lemme jog your memory. A little Vergil... crying in the corner because mommy got mad?

Vergil: I seem to recall YOU crying every time father raised his voice.

Dante: Hah! How would they feel if they saw us now?

Vergil: What does it matter? We're still here aren't we?

Dante: Yeah, you're probably right.