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Tomio Ogata's Devil May Cry 5 Visions Of V Key Visual

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Devil May Cry 5 – Visions of V – is an official manga series that serves as a tie-in to Devil May Cry 5. The manga was announced on March 7th, a day before the game was released.[1]

The manga centers around V and will go into detail about the events following his birth and how he was led into the events of the game.

The manga is published by the electronic Japanese manga hosting website, LINE MANGA (LINE マンガ). It is illustrated by Tomio Ogata.[2][3]

The first chapter came out on April 27, 2019 on LINE MANGA, with the manga updating new chapters every other Saturday afterwards. The prologue "Chapter 0" was available early on the site.[4] Due to LINE MANGA's regional access service, the manga can only be read in Japan.[5][6]

The collected edition volume 1 was released in Japan on November 15, 2019 by LINE Digital Frontier [7] both on paper and digitally. Volume 1 comprises Missions 01–09 and the Prologue chapter, and features refined art and changed lines. At the end of the volume Q&A with Hideaki Itsuno and Tomio Ogata is included. Black-and-white book cover featuring hooded Vergil is exclusive to the paper version. The collected edition of volume 2 was released in Japan on August 12, 2020 [8], containing Missions 10-16, the black-and-white cover featuring the DMC3 version of Dante with Rebellion and Force Edge behind him. Customers received a black-and-white print of V with Griffon and Nero if they bought volume 2 at Book 1st and Animate, respectively. [9]


The story will center around V’s birth, how he meets his familiars, and other details that set up the events of the game.[5]


In Red Grave City, Griffon spots a demon and notifies V, who sit upon corpses of numerous demons and tells Griffon to ignore the demon if it is not coming near them. V reads "A Poison Tree" from his book and looks upon the Qliphoth tree. V narrates the Qliphoth is feeding off on human blood to grow a fruit for Urizen. The chapter flashbacks to many different point of V's life, one involving shortly after his birth with Griffon telling him they need to join forces if they want to beat Urizen. Another gives a glimpse of V obtaining his cane and Shadow for the first time. One moment shows Griffon warning V that not all demons will submit so easily and must be tamed by force as they face against a Phantom. Another sequence shows them facing against Nightmare, with Griffon wanting them to run away. The final moment shows V sneaking into a sleeping Nero's hospital room, vowing to use everything he can to defeat Urizen.

Mission 01Edit

After ripping Nero's Devil Bringer off, a weak and dying Vergil goes to the ruins of his former home in Red Grave City. While he doesn't fear death, Vergil's desire to beat Dante and his desire for power compels him to use the Yamato to discard anything that he believes that makes him weak. Vergil then removes the memories of his enslavement as Mundus's Nelo Angelo, causing them to manifest as shadowy creatures, as well as his decaying flesh and human heart. As a result, V and Urizen are born, with V being left with a human body that will eventually perish. As Urizen begins to form, V watches in fear and tries to crawl away, all while failing to strengthen his feeble body with demonic power. V reflects on how terrifed he felt about being powerless in front of Urizen's demonic presence as he finds Vergil's book of poems on the ground, causing V to remember Vergil's childhood with his brother Dante. When V internally express his wish of not wanting to die, Griffon yells at V to express his desire to live out loud and lifts V off the floor. Griffon takes V outside and drops him on a pile of garbage, mocking V a little bit before telling him to make a contract with him.

Mission 02Edit

In a deserted alleyway in Red Grave City, a young punk mugged an old man as a naked V approach the scene. While the punk focus his attention on V, Griffon attacks the punk from behind and knock him unconscious. As V steals the punk's clothes and jewelry, V comments on clothing style causing Griffon to rant at his nitpicking and tells V that must listen to his wishes. A flashback taking place outside Sparda's mansion shows Griffon half-jokingly pitching to V to make a contract with him. Annoyed at Griffon's yapping, V shuts his beak and demands that Griffon explain himself. Griffon reveals to V that he is the discarded memories that Vergil cut off with Yamato, specifically the "nightmares" of Vergil's time with Mundus. While Griffon states his doesn't care that Vergil discarded him, but as a "dream", he will disappear soon without a host. Griffon says the V will become his host since his body is also decaying and he can't return to being Vergil, as the demon side of him will never allow that to happen. He also stresses that V doesn't the power to defeat the demon half, therefore the two of them have to work together or they will die. Back in the present, V questions why would he need Griffon, angering him since been helping him. However, V clarify that he planning on "using" Griffon, not helping him, and voices his skepticism of his abilities. While exasperated V's demeanor, Griffon agrees to prove himself to V, who tells him to kill the Empusa that manifest in the alley. Griffon easily subdue the Empusa with a lighting attack, boasting to V if he still think he doesn't need him.

Mission 03Edit

V looks upon the fallen Empusa, wondering if its appearance in the city is because of Urizen. Griffon confirms V's theory, and states that due to how powerful Urizen is and the fact he has Yamato, Red Grave City will likely be infested with demons soon. Griffon chides V for acting arrogant when he can't even protect himself and mocks him as V picks up Vergil's poetry book. While V express his dislike of teaming up with Griffon, he agrees to work together with him because he doesn't want to die. As the two bickers with one another, the Empusa rises from the ground and attacks the duo, much to Griffon's shock. Griffon dodges the Empusa and lifts V in the air, questioning why his lightning didn't kill it and tries striking it again. However, the Empusa is still alive and recovers from the attack. Griffon suddenly runs out of demonic power, causing his form to become unstable and making him fall to the ground. Unable to fight, Griffon tells V that they need to hide, prompting V to break into a nearby antique store and drags Griffon inside. The Empusa attacks V, pining him down, but Griffon draws its attention and lunches a strong attack, despite his weak condition. V reflects how frustrating it is to be weak and decides to take action, breaking a glass case and retrieves a cane to stab the Empusa.

Mission 04Edit

After great effort, V is able to successfully kill the Empusa and collapse on a nearby couch. V wonders if he was able to killed the demon because of the cane, though it doesn't look like a Devil Arm. Griffon explains to V that it is not the cane, but V himself. Griffon deduces that because he is a essentially "dream" without any substance, so it's impossible for him to kill anything, and V must be the one to deliver the killing blow. Griffon states if this will work they will fight in the future, although V is doubtful that could do it since it took a lot effort just beat a low-level demon. However, Griffon assures V that he shouldn't be ashamed since the both of them are "pathetic" in their own way. Having reach his limit, Griffon's form begins to melt on the floor and tells V to make a choice quickly. Knowing he doesn't much options, V accepts he needs Griffon and places his hand on Griffon's melted form to begin the contract. As Griffon's form wraps around V's body, Griffon apologizes to V for thinking he will be a burden and the promise not to make fun of him anymore. With the contract complete, V gains tattoos on his upper body and arms as Griffon regain his proper form.

Mission 05Edit

In a flashback, a bloody Vergil is shown being tortured by Mundus, with his body proceed by spikes and Yamato broken. Mundus cursed Sparda and belittles Vergil for being weak due his human genes. Vergil defiantly provokes Mundus, who engulfs Vergil in dark energy and tells him that his human heart makes him weak, and will transform him into his servant - Nelo Angelo - without any emotions or sense of self. In the real world, a panting V snaps out of the memory as Griffon pokes fun at his expression. Suddenly, Griffon senses another being like him nearby and urges V to find them before they disappear. Finding the deed troublesome, V is reluctant to do so, but Griffon states that they urgently need more allies. Griffon explains that two more memories took physical form after Vergil cast them out. While Griffon admits that they still behave like demons and will likely be aggressive, he believes that some of them will be willing to join them since they won't want to die or use force to tame them. V spots a dark human-shape figure in the street, who morphed its body and attacks them with a large spike, but V was able to block it with his cane. The figure reveals itself to be Shadow, another manifestation of Vergil's memory, and starts growling at V. After snatching V's cane away, Shadow flees, leading Griffon to speculate that since the cane smells like the Demon World, Shadow might think he can use it to go there. They follow Shadow to an alleyway swarming with bugs and sees Shadow is about to disappear. Before V could help Shadow, a giant, speaking Phantom appears and threatens to eat V and Griffon for trying to claim his prey.

Mission 06Edit

As V retrieves his cane, he moves to confront Phantom, telling the demon that he and Griffon were after Shadow first. Griffon tells V that Shadow is in his core state and form should return soon since he not completely out of energy yet, but advise that they should deal with Phantom before handling Shadow. Phantom recognizes V and Griffon, calling the former their "host". When Griffon tells Phantom to make a contract with V, Phantom hauntingly proclaims that he will never serve someone as weak as V, disparaging V and refuses to live tied to him, stating he would die than serve him. Angry at Phantom's insults towards, V provokes Phantom, causing the demon to attack him. V and Griffon manages to dodge and hide behind a large piece rock, dragging Shadow's limp body with them. Exasperated by situation, Griffon explains they cannot handle Phantom and Shadow at the same time, so V must forcefully tame Shadow. Before V could stab Shadow with his cane, Shadow regains consciousness and clamp his jaw on V's cane. Reflecting over his interaction with Phantom, V realize it's pointless to demand cooperation from Shadow and asks Shadow to make a choice - die or struggle and live - and if Shadow choose to live, then V says that he need Shadow. With Shadow's help, the group are able to attack Phantom and have enter his core state, allowing V to kill him. Relieve that they are all alive, Shadow affectionately licks V's faces as Griffon happily remarks how Shadow is taken with V.

Mission 07Edit

Once Shadow regains his composure, Shadow initiates the contract ritual with V and transforms into a semi-liquid state to warps around V's body. As V mentally connects with Shadow, more tattoos appears on his body, but is plague by another flashback of Vergil being tortured by Mundus and becoming Nelo Angelo. As he quietly undergoes mental and emotional distress, V contemplates how much he hates reliving the memories, but openly admits he needs more power to beat Urizen and must find a stronger familiar. Griffon remarks the they lost a major ally in Phantom, though he admits that Phantom wouldn't cooperate with them even if they tame him. Griffon warns V that all of them aren't very strong individually, so they must work as a team. However, V bluntly just ask Griffon if there is more powerful "nightmare" left they can have as an ally. Griffon nervously confirms that there is one more and leads V to an abandoned church. Although Griffon tries to talk V out of confronting the demon, V enters the church and meets the large Nightmare. Griffon frighteningly begs to run away since they have no chance of beating it, but V is determine to have Nightmare as a familiar.

Mission 08Edit

Griffon explains to V that the original Nightmare was created by Mundus, but was restrained due to having the power to destroy the Demon World. Griffon stresses that original Nightmare does not have a will of its own and it will only obey its master, meaning V is unable to communicate with the Nightmare made from Vergil's memories. With Nightmare blocking the door, V and Griffon cannot run away. When Griffon questions V if he has a plan, V tells him that he wants to gauge Nightmare's power and sends Shadow to attack. Before Shadow could land a blow, Nightmare quickly impale Shadow, leaving him in his core form. Seeing Shadow being taken out in a signal hit, Griffon panics while V stares in awe just as Nightmare prepares to fire its laser beam. While V barely dodges the laser, Griffon takes a direct hit and reverts to his core form. As V admits confronting Nightmare was a mistake, Nightmare captures V and engulfs him into its body, making sure to take away his cane. After V falling down a dark abyss, V lands in front a of a cracked statute of Mundus. V then sees a Vergil as Nelo Angelo emerges from the water-like ground and grab hold of V, causing V to realize that appearance of Nelo Angelo is just a worthless dream.

Mission 09Edit

As Nelo Angelo grabs V by his neck, V tries to banish it away since he knows it's an illusion, but it doesn't work. V is then shown memories of Mundus, Trish, and other moments of Vergil's time as Nelo Angelo. While disturbed by these memories, V sees an illusion of Dante shooting Nelo Angelo in the head, much to his shock. When area starts to dissolve, V falls deeper into the mental abyss and meets with Nightmare's consciousness, which takes the form of a giant eye. Realizing everything he saw was Nightmare's doing, V questions why Nightmare is showing him these illusions, believing that Nightmare is mocking V for his weakness and telling him that he, as Vergil, is inferior to Dante. With his hand upon Nightmare' eye, the area begins to break apart as Nightmare's body in the real world begins to emit light from the inside. Seeing this, a reforming Griffon tells V not to use so much demonic power or he's going to die. Plunging his hand into Nightmare's core, V channels his demonic energy onto it, causing Nightmare's body to crumble in the real world and release V from its slime. As V hold its core, V stands victorious as Griffon and Shadow watch with approval.

Mission 10Edit

Upon inspecting Nightmare's core, Griffon notes that its core isn't different from his core or Shadow's, and tells V to kill Nightmare since it won't listen to him. Nightmare's sludge begins to move and forms a large skull-like shape in front of them, but does not attack them since V has said core. Griffon urges V to destroy Nightmare's core while they still have the chance, however Shadow alerts them to numerous demons that appear outside the church due to sensing demonic power. While Shadow tries to hold them off, Griffon tells V to make a decision quickly as they are cornered between a mob of demons and Nightmare, but V remains silent. A Death Scissors also appears in the church through one of the open gaps. Nightmare then suddenly forms spikes to threaten V, who remains unfazed by Nightmare's intimidation tactics. V tells Nightmare that knows that it wants its core, or rather is "soul" back, and hands it back to him, much to Griffon's confusion. Nightmare impales V from behind, yet he doesn't react in fear and calmly states that he is not giving back the core, rather that he is "bestowing" it. Looking directly into Nightmare's eye, V remarks that it should recognize him as its master. The familiar then withdraws the spike from V and starts the contract ritual. As more tattoos appear on V's body, Nightmare reforms itself into a smaller golem-like body. When V orders Nightmare to kill the invading demons, it uses its laser beam on them and crushes the Death Scissors, which V stabs with his cane to finish it off. While Griffon cheers at their good fortune, V abruptly falls to the ground, causing his three familiar to dissolve back onto V's body.

Mission 11Edit

After losing consciousnesses, V dreams of being in Sparda's mansion, appearing pristine and functional. Upon looking at a book, V concludes that he is experiencing an memory from Vergil's childhood, knowing that he is really laying on the abandoned church's floor after using up his demonic power. V reflects how powerful Nightmare is, deeming him the strongest of his familiars and could allow him to beat Urizen. However, V realize that the demonic power in his body isn't enough to sustain Nightmare a long time and believes it's foolish to battle Urizen with that limitation. Unable to seek out more familiars, V laments that he underestimate his abilities and proclaims that everything he did so far is pointless since he can't defeat Urizen. As V bitterly laughs at his situation, his surroundings begins to change, changing the manor into its ruined state after Mundus's attack on the mansion. When V admits that he's weak, he is suddenly taken into a dark, watery space and notice that Vergil's poetry book besides him. Wondering why he bother to take the book with him, V recites some lines from the book and remarks how Vergil threw away emotional sentiments for power. When a mirror forms in front of him, V sees a reflection of Dante and contemplates why Vergil lost to Dante even thoughts they are twins born with the same power. Acknowledging that he made a mistake, the mirror shatters as V wakes up to Griffon's screams. Griffon warns V not to use his power recklessly since it means the death of the familiars too, and then complains about their situation with the Nightmare's summon limitation and how V is already at his limit. Thinking about Dante, V tells Griffon that there is way to defeat Urizen. At the Devil May cry shop, Dante notice the his toilet won't flush, showing he lost the power and water since he is unable to pay his bills.

Mission 12-1 & 12-2Edit

Back in the more populous part of Red Grave City, V reflects over Dante's previous achievements as a Devil Hunter, deeming him the strongest one of them all. As he rest on a bench, Griffon reports to him that there is still time before the train will depart. When Griffon questions how V will face Dante, V states that he won't tell Dante who he really is since Dante won't even recognize him since he doesn't physically look like Vergil and will simply request Dante's help. Amused at the though of hiding their identities, Griffon tells V he'll need a pseudonym, but V is indifferent to the idea. After Griffon jokingly give suggestions, V decides to just to be call "V", using the poetry book's "V" insignia as inspiration. When V tiredly got up, V realize that he is hungry and hit his cane at Griffon after saying he'll catch mice for him, though Griffon defends himself since he doesn't know what humans eat. V points out that getting food, train tickets, and getting Dante's help would all require money, which he doesn't have. V resolves to steal money, preferably from someone rich so they won't exert themselves doing it multiple times. Griffon agrees with plan and hopes to find a good target soon since they won't to cause a ruckus. In an alley, V and Griffon spots a young woman being rob by a trio of men. Seeing that the buglers has a gun, Griffon advise V not to get involve since he would die if he gets shot. When the robbers demands the woman to hand over her necklace, the woman begs them not to take it since it is a memento of her mother. While Griffon urges V to run away, V sees the woman's oval gem necklace and recalls a memory of Eva giving a young Vergil and Dante their halves of the Perfect Amulet. This causes V to attempt to help the woman, but ends up tripping over some garbage cans since his body is still weak from the lack of nutrition.

The robbers confronts V and questions his presence in the alley, which V cautiously explain he was passing by. Upon seeing V using his cane to get up on his feet, one of the robber kicks the cane away from V and mocks him, demanding V to give them money. Although V explains that he doesn't have money, the robber believes V is lying and aim his gun to V's head. Noticing Griffon watching above, V ask the robber to let him go since he doesn't want to get shot, but the robber refuses until V hands over money. V warily repeats the he doesn't have any money with him and warns the robber to let him go before any real trouble starts, but is pistol whip across the face. While the robber mocks V, Shadow suddenly skewers the robber's hand, causing him to drop the gun, and sends him flying to the wall. As Shadow protectively manifest into a large spiked ball over his master, V calmly states the robbers has made Shadow angry. Frighten by Shadow's appearance, the other two robbers draw their guns, but Shadow quickly attacks and brutally skewers them. V takes this opportunity to take their money as Griffon flies down to complains that money isn't enough for what they need. V remarks that his cane give thieves that impression that V is weak and will attempt to attack him, so they don't have to worry about finding people to steal from. However, Griffon disagree with that idea since it's too dangerous for V, but V states things should be fine as along that can stop thieves before they cause any trouble. Once Shadow release the robbers from his spikes, V mocks them for their groans of pain since their pain is a "dream". Upon noticing the jewel necklace on the ground, V picks it up as Griffon ask if its worth anything. The woman, who witness V's entire confrontation with the robbers, frighteningly trembles at V and begs him to stay back. No wanting to scare her any further, V drops her necklace near her, telling Griffon it wasn't worth anything, and walks away.

Mission 13Edit

After taking the train and failing to search for J.D. Morrison since his arrival to the city, V takes a break from his investigation to eat a burger in an alley, with three injured men that V recently dealt with laying on the ground. While eating, V questions Griffon if he really knows where to find Morrison since all the leads they are given turned out to no good. With their latest lead being Grue's Cellar, V hopes to find Morrison soon and that the money he collected so far will be enough. When Griffon inquires why V is going through all the trouble to find Morrison even though he already knows where Dante's shop is, V explains he wants to conceal their identities as much as possible. While continuing on their search, Griffon questions the possibility if Dante can't defeat Urizen, which V admits that he hasn't thought about that scenario. V remarks that it was Vergil's wish to beat Dante and is the reason why V was discarded in the first place, but V proclaims he is more scare of dying than having his pride injured and has faith that Dante won't lose to Urizen. Suddenly, a man appears and hold a knife to V's neck and attempts to rob him, but Griffon quickly deals with the man. Finding Grue's Cellar, V contemplates what would happen if Dante does lose and thinks about Nero, whom was gravely injured after Vergil took his Devil Bringer. However, V dismisses Nero and believes him to be too weak as a back-up plan compare to Dante. Upon entering the bar, V finally meets Morrison and bluntly tells him he wants to meet Dante, having a "special request" to make of him.

Mission 14-1 & 14-2Edit

At Devil May Cry, Morrison talks to Dante about V's job offer as V waits outside the office with Griffon. Griffon tells V to go inside, question if nervous meeting his "brother" for first time in years. Griffon remarks that Dante shouldn't be able to recognize V as Vergil, but encourages to act differently from Vergil just in case. Griffon suggests V to tell a joke before dissolving back into tattoos on V's body. As V enters the shop, Dante quietly takes in V's appearance in puzzlement. After Morrison leaves to recruit Trish and Lady, V telepathically talks to Griffon, who hopes V won't get flustered in front of Dante, which V denies never doing. When Dante asks for V's name, V response quoting lines from William Blake's "Infant Joy", making Griffon laughs at V's attempt at humor. After Dante questions V about the nature of his job, V bluntly states that he needs Dante help to deal with a powerful demon. Upon hearing V's request, Dante scoffs them, having easily dealt with demons that were considered powerful by others. However, V clarify that the demon is actually Vergil, causing Dante go into a stunned silence. While V ponders over Dante's reaction, Dante recounts V that many demon extermination jobs were either lies or exaggerations, but he was never petty about things like that and will kill any demon regardless. However, a furious Dante tells V to pick better lies, unleashing demonic aura at the mention of his brother's name and his fury causes his eyes to become demonic. Despite being afraid, V is secretly elated by Dante's strong reaction, knowing he hasn't change since he defeated Vergil years ago. V calmly explains to Dante that he doesn't mind if he doubts him because once Red Grave City is demonized, he'll know the truth. At the mention of his old home, V sees that Dante is starting to believe him and warns him that the city will be in danger soon, so Dante should keep an eyes on the news. When V turns his back to Dante, who was still in shocked from hearing Vergil's name, V is pleased how Dante is being lured in as he speaks to Griffon telepathically, but V's moods quickly soured when see Eva's picture on Dante's desk. Elsewhere, Morrison talks to Trish, who is finishing off a demon, to help Dante with his new job, but Trish is hesitant to join since Dante can usually handle things on his own. Morrison tells Trish that he sense Dante will be needing help, though remarked that Dante said he doesn't need help. Annoyed at thought that Dante said he doesn't need her, Trish slice a demon part near Morrison, who takes this as a sign that Trish is accepting the job.

Mission 15Edit

As media stations report the events happening in Red Grave City, V, Dante, Lady, and Trish arrives at the Qliphoth tree via helicopter. When Lady inquires about their target's name, Dante brushes off her question off and let V answer for him. After V explains the demon they are after is Urizen, a small flashback shows that V and Dante agreeing to uses an alias to prevent the others from finding out Vergil's role in the crisis. While Morrison stays outside the base of the tree, V and the others heads into the tree and walk their way up. Noticing how V is staring at Trish, Griffon telepathically speaks to V, worrying if Dante and girls would kill them if they find out the truth. Griffon also reminds V that he they must give Urizen the killing blow before Dante. Suddenly, V sense Urizen's demonic power, amazed and frighten by how much stronger he become since their separation, and hallucinates a vision of slug-like skulls haunting him. Distressed, V realizes that Urizen is much stronger than Dante and his plan is likely to fail. When V openly express his concerns over the situation, Dante mocks him and tells him to run away if he can handle the mission. While frustrated, V pragmatically agrees that Dante is right and leaves to let them handle it on their own, much to Griffon's shock. While Dante and the girls press on, Griffon questions V's intentions, who explains he want to get Nero as an "insurance policy", despite Nero's major injury. Since Nero has Sparda's blood in him, V believes Nero could be useful and assures Griffon that Dante won't be able to defeat Urizen by the time they return. Meeting up with Morrison, V orders him to prepare the helicopter to head for Fortuna.

Mission 16-1 & 16-2Edit

Upon arriving in Fortuna, the helicopter pilot is having trouble a place to land, causing V to jump out of the helicopter and fly down with Griffon, promising to meet up later. After dreaming of his encounter with a cloaked Vergil, Nero awakes from his coma and finds V by the window. Seeing Nero's quick reaction to his presence, V remarks that Nero seems physically fine and assures him that he doesn't mean him any harm. While V introduces himself, Nero silently ponders who V is before V swiftly tells him that he knows the demon who stole his arm. When Nero questions him, V claims to Nero that he is a "Devil Hunter" that's been chasing Urizen for a "long time" and happens to learn about Nero's encounter with him. V explains that he hired Dante to help him, but Dante won't be able to win by himself and demands Nero to come with him. However, Nero doesn't believe Dante could lose and ends up bickering with Griffon when he manifests inside the room, but V cuts their antics since they are short on time. V provokes Nero by asking if he isn't confident to fight without his Devil Bringer, which Nero annoyingly takes offense to.

After Nero gets dressed, Nero ask V and Griffon to wait for him to get his weapons from the garage and is urges to hurry. As he grabs Blue Rose and Red Queen, Nero thinks about Kyrie, whom he feels about bad leaving without telling her, but knows she'll try to talk him out of his mission. However, he is determine to take revenge of Urizen for his previous defeat and heads outside to meet up with V. Upon seeing the helicopter in the air, Nero cheekily remark it and warns V to make sure it doesn't get too close to the house so it won't wake the others up. V dryly states he can't communicate the pilot and sarcastically tells Nero to jump to helicopter pilot himself, leaving a awkward silence between them. Griffon telepathically encourages V to be more friendly with Nero and points out that Nero is likely a the child of either Vergil or Dante. However, V cold rebuffs Griffon's words, stating it doesn't matter Nero is family and will use him to achieve his goal when the time comes. V also comments he wouldn't have any reason to interact with Nero if he didn't need him and believes he should be cautious around Nero since those of Sparda's bloodline are cursed to fight each other. At the Qliphoth tree, Dante arrives at Urizen's throne room and mockingly praises Urizen for defeating Trish and Lady. Knowing Vergil is the only person defeat them, Dante takes his as confirmation that Urizen is really his brother and prepares to fight.

Mission 17Edit

As Morrsion worries about Dante from outside the Qliphoth tree, Dante attacks Urizen, but his attacks are repels by Urizen's crystal barrier. While Urizen strikes at Dante with energy beams and Qliphoth roots, Dante remarks Urizen isn't putting in a lot effort to fight and gloats him to get up from his throne. However, Urizen states that doesn't have to to beat Dante since he doesn't view him as a threat. As the fight continues, V and Nero arrives inside the Qliphoth and notices the fight up ahead, with Nero commenting Dante seems to have the situation under control.

Mission 18 & 19 Edit

After V warns Nero not to underestimate Urizen, he telepathically speaks to Griffon, who notices V in a sour mood. V explains to Griffon he can feel his body and his power eroding with every movement he makes, and that sleeping or eating doesn't help slow the deterioration. When V remarks that he doesn't want to move as much as possible, Griffon tells V that Shadow had an idea - carrying V as formless shadow under his feet. V tells Nero that he's be going ahead and travels up the tree while riding Shadow. Griffon questions why V is moving ahead instead letting Nero handle all the fighting, but V states he doesn't know how capable Nero with just one arm, though he doesn't want to wear himself out too much either. As a bunch of demons appears to ambush V, V comments that since the Qliphoth tree the his closest location to the Demon World, a multitude of demons will be drawn here. After V deals with the demons, he takes a short break and wait for Nero, but goes to look for him when he's taking too long. Upon seeing Nero fight, V comments that Nero is useful than he thought. As Nero regroup him, more demons appears around them, but V sends Nero ahead and deals with the lesser demons his familiars, hoping that Urizen will be defeat soon. However, unknown to V, Nero arrives to the throne room just in time to see a wounded Dante falling on the ground.

Mission 20 & 20-2Edit

Upon seeing Dante and friends pass out on the ground, Nero confront Urizen and cockily attempts to speak with him, though he receive no response. Despite remembering V's warning, Nero rush headlong towards Urizen, but the crystal barrier blocks at his attacks. When a tentacle tries to ensnares Nero, he momentarily forget he lost his right arm and is captured, allowing Urizen the chance to blast into the wall. As a bloody Nero fall to the ground, V and Griffon arrives to see Urizen undefeated.

With Nero bloody and beaten, Urizen tries to attack with a energy blast, but Dante regains consciousness and draws Urizen's attention away for a "round two". Dante activates his Devil Trigger and charges at Urizen with Rebellion, but is block by a barrier and the clash causes the area to crumble. Stunned by everything that's happening, V despairingly laments that all his efforts are in vain as Griffon urges him to snaps out of his stupor. V regains focus once Dante yells for him to take Nero and leave, though Nero insist on staying. As V drags a stubborn Nero away, Dante tells Nero that he's just "dead weight", which hurts Nero. V chides Nero for his temper and tells him they must retreat since is Urizen too powerful. V tells Nero he must get stronger since he's the only person who could defeat if Dante loses.

Mission 21 & 21-2Edit

As Dante is defeated and Rebellion destroyed, V and Nero bust out of the Qliphoth tree with Nightmare's help and informs a concerned Morrison what happened to Dante. While on-lookers observe the group, Qliphoth roots suddenly emerges from the ground, killing everyone in its path. Despite Nero's desire to help the panicked civilians, V tells Nero that there's nothing he could for them and they should retreat, especially since they can't afford to lose Nero. Although frustrated, Nero relents to V's words while V explains to him and Morrison that they have a month before the Qliphoth fully matures and ends the world. Morrison questions if they could really figure out something within a month, But V states the only thing they can do is get more power - namely helping Nero get stronger to defeat Urizen. Although Morrison is worried since they lost Dante, V encourages him not to give up since that's humanity's greatest strength. With all that in mind, Nero requests for Morrison to bring him back home to Fortuna to figure things out and return within a month. Meanwhile, V informs them that he will stay in Red Grave City to gather intelligence and bids farewell to Nero. After Nero and Morrison leaves, V collapses from exhaustion and speaks to Griffon, who questions V's decision to stay in the city with many demons still swarming. V points out that he can't help Nero due to his weak body and believes Nero will grow stronger, especially since his fate rests in Nero's hands now.

Mission 22Edit

Following Nero's departure, V and Griffon apathetically watches the Qliphoth roots consuming blood from the defenseless humans of red Grave City. Griffon laments the state of affairs and questions V if they should help the people, but V deems that to be pointless action. Griffon then inquires about Nero, wondering if he will return, but V assures that Nero will come back because he's not the type to accept defeat and saw his determination in his eyes before he left. While Griffon jokes where Nero inherited his attitude from, a Hell Antenora attacks V from behind, but Shadow protects his master and they quickly end the demon. At the same time, V tells Griffon that he's been reflecting over his (as Vergil) past battles with Dante and admits that he never truly beaten Dante. While V also acknowledge Urizen isn't the cause of his inferiority and that there's a major difference in Dante that Vergil lacks, but he doesn't know the answer. Upon seeing a group of humans being attacked by Hell Cainas, V begins to realize the biggest difference between the twins are their ideals about humanity. Suddenly, V resolves to help the humans, much to Griffon's bewilderment, and does whatever he can, despite the risk of draining his power.

Mission 23 & 23-2Edit

After fighting demons for three days since Nero left, a tired V sit upon a pile of demon corpses and worries if his body would last for month, which causes Griffon to sarcastically chide him for using his powers so much. As the two talk, a group of humans that V saved cower in fear of them and runaway, much to V's bemusement and Griffon's annoyance. Griffon inquires if V figured out what he was lacking, but V states he hasn't. With all the demons dead and people gone, V and Griffon decides to find a safe place to rest and eat. In an abandoned ransacked grocery store, V discovers a young boy and saves him from a Riot with Shadow's help. Upon seeing more Riot demons, V tells the child to run, but the boy refuses because his injured, unconscious mother is stuck under a fallen shelf. Griffon nags the boy to leave, but he refuses to leave his mother behind. While an annoyed Griffon suggest to leave the child alone, V callously belittles the boy for being weak and states that he doesn't care if he gets himself killed, but the child resorts that he's not running away. Griffon warns V the Riots are currently not attacking them because they want to come closer to their nest and then swarm him as a pack, and the fight won't be easy due to their numbers. When V decides to retreat, the boy begs V for help, causing V to coldly insult him for his "disgraceful" pleas.

However, the child questions if there is anything wrong for asking for help, making V remembers the day Mundus's minions attack the Sparda's mansion that left Vergil injured and alone. V concedes begging isn't shameful and summons Nightmare, who appears falling out of the sky. While Shadow protects the mother and son from the impact, Nightmare's collision destroy all the demons. While Griffon chides V for overdoing it, V tells the duo to leave and boy thanks V for his help. After some mild teasing, Griffon points out that V's actions literally annihilated the only food source left in the city. However, V states that there is one source of protein he can eat - demon meat. Griffon worries whether consuming demon meat is safe for him, but V starts eating a demon carcass anyway, though he remarks on the awful taste.

Mission 24Edit

Taking shelter in a greenhouse, V roast the demon meat and shares his meal with Griffon and Shadow. After complaining how noisy his familiars, V remarks that a "strange feeling" he's experiencing, which stunned Griffon. Pushing V into a fountain, Griffon urges him to wash himself as he and Shadow wring out his wet clothes. As he submerge himself in water, V contemplates over his feelings of fear and how he has to rely others because of his weak body. V reflects how Vergil always sought to compensates for anything he lacked with raw power, but he realizes that isn't the right answer. Once getting dress, V relax with Shadow for a time as Griffon comes back from scouting to inform him no demons are around the area. After V recites "The Fly" from his book, he comments are how their destiny is determine out of their reach and their actions may be meaningless in hindsight, but V accepts his "nightmares" are necessary and humbly ask his familiars to continue to assist him. An amused Griffon claims all of them are working for their own survival, but admits that he and Shadow likes V and they been having fun. Laying on top of V's head, Griffon tells V to get some sleep and trio shares a quiet moment as they slumber. In his mind, V speaks to an image of Urizen, stating that he understand how he embodies Vergil's fear and that fear is his weakness. V regrets running away from Sparda's mansion years ago and will face the memories of that day in order to become truly strong.

Mission 25Edit

In a flashback, a young Vergil runs away from Dante, who is pestering him to play with their wooden swords. After roughly pushing Dante to the ground, Vergil is able to escapes and visits his friend - an bibliophile old man - in the city. As Vergil look through the book shelves, the old man inquires if Vergil dislikes playing with his brother, which Vergil denies and states he simply wants to read today. Upon noticing Vergil choosing a William Blake's book again, the old man gives Vergil the book as a gift. Vergil draws a "V" on the front cover to signify his ownership, explaining to the old man he has to it because Dante always tries to take his things.

Once Vergil returns to Sparda mansion, the brothers quickly got into fight, with Dante trying pry the book from Vergil in order make him play with him. Fed up, Vergil kicks Dante to the ground, causing him to bleed, but Dante retaliates with a kick to the face, giving Vergil a bloody nose. Armed with their wooden swords, the twins begins to clash, but Eva arrives to scolds her sons for breaking their promise to her to stop playing so roughly. Eva chides Dante for picking fights and tells Vergil he should know better as the older brother. Eva sentences the twins to pull weeds as punishment, but Vergil storms off in a huff since he wants to spend his time reading, not realizing he left the book behind. In the playground yards away, Vergil complains about Dante, oblivious to the three skeletal demons appearing and preparing to stab him.

Deviations from the Main SeriesEdit

Whilst acting as a canonical prequel to Devil May Cry 5, there are several retcons and contradictions to events in the Main Series. These include:

  • In Chapter 1, Vergil's separation scene was retconned so that the Nightmare Demons were created first. V was created after lacking his signature tattoos and black hair dye. This formed the plot of the first nine chapters of the manga whereby V has to convince the Nightmare Demons join with him or else they gradually fade away.


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