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Below is a list of all Blue Orb Fragments in Devil May Cry 5. In order to fully fill the vitality gauge, the player must buy full Blue Orbs from either Nico or Divinity Statues and complete all Secret Missions.

Once all are collected, the Physical Perfection award will be unlocked.

Mission 01Edit

  • After the cutscene where the Red Empusa is introduced, drop down the bridge and look behind, the fragment is in plain sight.

Mission 02Edit

  • At the room where the second Nidhogg Hatchling is found within the I1 Chiaro Mondo Hotel, there is a floor that can be broken by either the enemies or the player themselves. Perform multiple Splits in order to break it, then the fragment will be at the room below.
  • After obtaining the third Nidhogg Hatchling outside of the hotel, instead of turning right and using it on the root, go forward and you will see a hole on the wall in front. The fragment is inside that room.

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