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Below is a list of all Blue Orb Fragments in Devil May Cry 5. In order to fully fill the vitality gauge, the player must buy six full Blue Orbs from either Nico or Divinity Statues and complete all Secret Missions. Blue Orbs can only be bought after Mission 01 is finished.

Blue Orbs can also be bought with real money via DLC, if done so, the blue orb fragments in the game will turn into red orbs, and purchasing more than fourteen orbs will not make the health bar bigger than it's supposed to.

Once all are collected, the Physical Perfection award will be unlocked.

Mission 01[]

  • After the cutscene where the Red Empusa is introduced, drop down the bridge and look behind, the fragment is in plain sight.

Mission 02[]

  • At the room where the second Nidhogg Hatchling is found within the Il Chiaro Mondo Hotel, there is a floor that can be broken by either the enemies or the player themselves. Perform multiple Splits in order to break it, then the fragment will be at the room below.
  • Secret Mission 01 - After seeing V in the distance, a group of Qliphoth Roots will appear at a corridor, the secret mission is located inside the room the roots open. On the first playthrough, this secret mission is unmissable unless the player has tutorials turned off.
  • After obtaining the third Nidhogg Hatchling outside of the hotel, instead of turning right and using it on the root, go forward and you will see a hole on the wall in front. The fragment is inside that room.

Mission 03[]

  • After fighting the first set of enemies (Pyrobats), another pad and Grim Grip must be used to progress, upon landing, instead of heading left to the next pad, go forward and jump over the small ledge, now drop down and turn the camera around. The fragment will be at plain sight.
  • In the sewers area, when the Qliphoth Roots are destroyed and Nero can now go ahead and encounter a Death Scissor, instead of entering the hole that leads to the library, jump up and a pad will be at the ledge above. Use it and the fragment will be up there.
  • Secret Mission 02 - At the same area as the above, but instead at the very bottom of the stairway. Walk inside a small entrance at the bottom level and the glowing point will appear, then turn the camera around and find the pattern slightly above.

Mission 04[]

  • After the intersection at the bridge area, a Nidhogg Hatchling can be acquired, make sure to pick it up. Then, at the very next sealed battle, there is a giant wall in front with a painting of a woman praying. Spawn Nightmare and he will break down the wall and the fragment will be inside in plain sight. When playing as Vergil, the wall will be destroyed by default.
  • Immediately after the above, go down the steps within the building and follow the road outside of it, a second Nidhogg Hatchling will be unmissable, pick it up and continue the mission as normal. Before the forced battle that happens before the Nidhogg boss fight, there is the location where the Nidhogg Hatchling can be used. The fragment is in plain sight behind it.
  • Secret Mission 03 - Immediately after the above, the second Nidhogg Hatchling can be used to the left of where the fragment was, follow the path and eventually V will reach a ledge, do not fall off the building, but instead look forward towards the pattern outside.

Mission 05[]

  • After the forced battle where there is a gas tank in the middle of the battlefield, drop down and immediately head to the left. There is a small corridor that leads to the fragment.
  • Secret Mission 04 - Immediately after the above, go back and head forward towards the wall where there is a yellow waste canister nearby, spawn Nightmare and he will break down the wall, if playing as Vergil, it will be destroyed by default. After taking down the enemies, find the yellow set of stairs to the right and climb it up to where the glowing point and pattern are.

Mission 08[]

  • After the Divinity Statue, the fragment will be on the other side of the large hole. There are many ways to reach it, such as using the Enemy Step to jump off of enemies, using a triple jump (NG+ only), using a Calibur then a double jump or enemy step, etc. When playing as Vergil the gap can be crossed most easily by performing his aerial taunt to cross the room while still airborne.
  • Secret Mission 05 - Upon reaching the second lava "elevator" in the mission, look at the right side as it's going up, a platform will be available to jump to, then use the Grim Grips to reach the area with the glowing point.
  • Upon reaching the fourth bloodstream in the mission, get behind it and kill the Qliphoth Root, the fragment will spawn in front of the bloodstream.

Mission 09[]

  • After the second forced battle, go to the left side instead of the right, the fragment is locked behind Qliphoth Roots. Spawn Nightmare and he will destroy the Blood Clot in the distance. When playing as Vergil, the Blood Clot will be destroyed by default.
  • Secret Mission 06 - Immediately after the above, climb the platform right in front of it, the glowing point is at that spot.
  • After the area where Griffon asks V about his mother, there will be a forced battle. Following this battle, the fragment can be seen behind the debris. Head down the only path available and a large hole can be seen on the left, drop down to it and some enemies will be in sight. The ledge in front can be dropped down, but instead jump towards the platform in front and climb the other platforms to its left, then turn the camera around the fragment will be above.

Mission 10[]

  • At the forced battle after the first Chaos encounter, the fragment will be above. Kill the enemies quickly then go through the red pulsating door in the battle area. If the door is closed, using multiple Highsides with the Cavaliere while in mid-air is one of the ways to get up there.
  • Secret Mission 07 - After the forced battle that introduces the Hellbat, go through the red pulsating door on the right before it closes. Following this path will lead to the Secret Mission area. If the door is closed, getting on top of the stair, then using a double jump, Air Trick (Trickster), multiple Highsides (Cavaliere) then a Sky Stair (Trickster) is one of the ways to get back there.

Mission 11[]

  • Secret Mission 08 - After destroying the first Blood Clot at the building area, instead of going down, go back up and climb up to the new location you just unlocked.
  • There is an area with two clots within the same location, one in front of the other. When destroying the one to the left, it will open the way to the fragment.

Mission 12[]

  • Upon destroying the blood sac that leads to the Red Orb Crystal, where Dante says to not keep the demon king waiting, look up and climb to the right. The fragment is at the end of the path.
  • Secret Mission 09 - After going down the Sparda statue and climbing up within the underground area, reach the top and then turn the camera around, a ledge can be seen in the distance. Using a Stinger then a double jump and Air Trick with the Trickster Style is one of the ways to get there.

Mission 14[]

  • After being caught by Malphas and spawning at the new location, go right and climb up the rocks. The fragment is at another rock to the side of the one that was climbed. Having Griffon would help reach the fragment.
  • Secret Mission 10 - Upon leaving the strange area from above, there will be two Blood Clots that must be destroyed in order to progress. Once the second one is destroyed, walk forward, past it, rather than go back and finish the mission. The glowing point will be in that area, then simply turn the camera around and find the pattern.

Mission 15[]

  • When the first Divinity Statue within the mission is reached, walk behind it and follow the path, a Punch Line course is present in the area. The very top of it has the fragment in plain sight. When playing as Vergil, a special set of Grim Grips will be available, use them to reach the same location.
  • Secret Mission 11 - Immediately after the above, drop down to the right side and walk to the northeast area next to the small Red Orb crystal that can be destroyed.
  • After the second divinity statue, head down the path to the left, in this room will be a non-forced fight, kill everything and use the grim-grip pad afterwards. You'll then be on a pathway with more enemies, a few hells and two Hellbats (on lower difficulties), kill these or run past them, at the end of this path will be steps on the left, jump up and left at the top again, there will be a Blue Orb fragment.

Mission 16[]

  • After the second forced battle, go to the way forward instead of dropping down. There will then be another forced battle, after this one, keep progressing and the fragment will be at plain sight in the distance. Using a Stinger then a double jump and Air Trick with the Trickster Style is one of the ways to get there.
  • Secret Mission 12 - After the second forced battle, drop down instead of going to the way forward. There will then be another forced battle, after this one, drop down on the highest platform in view then on the one to its left, turn the camera and a Red Orb Crystal should be in the distance. After jumping to that location, the next area has more small platforms to get to - jump to the highest one in front, then turn the camera around and on the right side is a bigger area to get to which is a small dead end, jump to it and the glowing point will appear at that dead end, turn the camera around and up slightly and you will see the pattern.

Mission 18[]

  • After fighting Shadow for the first time, climb up the ledges and three Red Empusas will spawn, all of them must be killed for the fragment to appear in plain sight.

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