The Devil May Cry 5 Demo is one of the demos of Devil May Cry 5. It was officially confirmed on January 7th, 2019, one day after the Devil May Cry 5 Xbox Exclusive Demo expired.[1]


This demo is a mirror of the Devil May Cry 5 Xbox Exclusive Demo. Mission 02, again, is the only available stage, however, this time the demo includes the Punch Line of Devil Breakers. In addition, the "Customize" option is also available in this demo.

Just like the Xbox One exclusive demo, having saved data from this version would give players 30,000 Red Orbs in the full game.[2]

"Customize" pricesEdit

Below is a table with the buyables moves in the demo and their cost.

Type Name Price (in Red Orbs)
Skill (Ability) Air Hike 2,000
Skill (Ability) Enemy Step 15,000
Skill (Red Queen) Roulette Spin 6,000
Skill (Red Queen) Shuffle 11,000
Skill (Exceed) Exceed 2 8,000
Devil Breaker Overture and Gerbera 100 each
Devil Breaker Punch Line 200
Devil Breaker "Buy In Buld" 400


  • While the reversal mechanic is present in this demo, it is actually mostly missing from the final game. When asked about this during an official livestream, Matthew Walker stated that this demo was on an older build of the game, which dates back to the original Gamescom 2018 demo (which was the first demo of the game). Matt stated that while the development team were doing bug testing, one of the players found themselves doing a reversal on accident, which prompted the team to remove this mechanic. [3]



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