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Flying Hunter is the fourth mission in Devil May Cry 5 and the third "proper" mission.

June 15th 06:26am[]

With the city in the grip of a full-scale demon invasion, Nero found himself battling—and beating—a gargantuan demon at a church in an infested city. After meeting up with V, Nero learned the infestation can be traced back to the demonic tree known as the Qliphoth. Looks like the only way to free the city is to attack the Qliphoth at its roots.


Style Points & Time Requirements[]

The following is a table that lists the S rank requirement (Style) based on difficulty level as well as the timing requirements for each "Speed Clear" Extra Bonus. This information was taken from the Devil May Cry 5 Official Complete Guide and was translated by @DMC5Info which can be found here.

- Human Devil Hunter Son of Sparda Dante Must Die Heaven or Hell Hell and Hell
Style Points 4000 5000 5500 6000 ? 5500
Speed Clear S 12:30 15:30 18:30 23:30 06:30 23:30
Speed Clear A 18:45 23:15 27:45 35:15 09:45 35:15
Speed Clear B 25:00 31:00 37:00 47:00 13:00 47:00


When the mission starts, stand on the nearby pad for a Grim Grip to appear. Use the Grim Grip to go to the next rooftop where Pyrobats appear. Defeat them and go down the terrace to get some Green Orbs. After that go to the next platform to go to the next area. Jump to the other side of the roof to find more Red Orbs then use the Grim Grip to your left. After that, go to the next rooftop where more enemies appear. Defeat them and use the Grim Grip on the corner of the roof to continue. On the next rooftop, get the nearby Red Orbs and Green Orbs then continue to the next Grim Grip pad to proceed. Use the Grim Grip to go to a rooftop with a Red Orb cache and a Gold Orb. Use the next Grim Grip to fly to a sewer.

In the sewer, break the Demon Tree Blood Clot up ahead to open a path. Go around the corner first to obtain more Red Orbs then go to the other side where enemies will appear. Defeat them and go to the left underneath the roots and destroy the Blood Clot to your right but this won't make an opening yet. Continue around the corner to what seems to be a dead end with a few Red Orbs and Green Orbs. The wall is cracked, so break it using Nero's sword to reveal a hidden area with Red Orb caches. Destroying the cracked wall will also spawn enemies so defeat them. Head to the nearby doorway to destroy another Blood Clot. Enemies will appear after destroying the Blood Clots so defeat them as usual. The gas canisters can also be destroyed to cause an explosion to damage enemies close to it but be careful not to get too close when destroying them or Nero will also take damage. After the enemies are defeated, go to the door with a green exit sign.

Go to the bottom of the stairwell and go to the back left corner, then turn around and look up at the wall behind you. You should see the red markings that begin to glow, which is Secret Mission 2. Continue through the stairs and, instead of heading through the door, continue going upstairs. There's an overhang, which you can get to by hopping on the wall beside you. Use the Grim Grip platform here to reveal a point above you, and Wire Bound up to find a Blue Orb Fragment. Go back downstairs and continue through the door.

An enemy called the Death Scissors comes out from a painting; continue to the next room to find it. It is in the library, defeat it and continue. Go up the stairs and turn right. Follow the path around to find some Red Orbs in the back corner, then jump across the chandeliers from the ceiling to go back to the top of the stairs. Grab the Red Orbs to your left then cross the hallway to the right until you make it to an open room with a phone booth. Beyond the phone booth is the boss area.

Boss: Artemis[]

Artemis is a flying demon with a mermaid-like body and a strong resemblance to a Seraphim. Her attacks are reminiscent of the ones that gun variant of Artemis was capable of in DMC3, primarily utilizing different patterns of lasers for combat though she's also capable of summoning additional enemies and using her body itself as a weapon. Her near-permanent state of hovering off of the ground combined with her rapid movement from one side of the room to the other requires constant use of aerial movement and techniques, with few opportunities to stay in one place for very long.

While it's entirely possible to do this fight efficiently with any Devil Breakers you feel most comfortable with, Gerbera and Punch Line are strong recommendations if only for their ability to move Nero around the arena quickly. With Punch Line, it's also possible to knock Artemis to the ground using its Boost Knuckle ability though she will only stay grounded for a few seconds before darting away.


Phase 1[]

  • Arrow Rain: Artemis will summon a barrage of arrows down on the spot Nero is standing. This attack will not follow Nero if he moves once purple circles have started to appear under his feet and is slow on the upstart, making simply running in any direction a viable strategy for avoiding it.
  • Vertical Lasers: A vertical line of individual, bullet-like lasers that fire in rapid sequence starting from the very bottom of Artemis, up to about the height of her head. In SoS or higher difficulties she has the ability to do a second line, which will start from her head and moves downward; this attack will be linked into the standard attack, meaning that the second the first line finishes, she immediately begins the second with no break in between. There is no way to tell if she's firing one or two lines until the first line ends so it's generally safer to assume she's going to fire two. Regardless of which version of this attack is used, Nero can dodge via standard dodging to either side or by using Gerbera.
  • Horizontal Lasers: The same general idea as the above, but now the line of laser bullets is horizontal. They cover a wide area and space out considerably the further they get from Artemis, making them easy to simply walk between if Nero is far enough away. By default the lasers will always be around Nero's waist in terms of height from the floor, however in SoS or higher difficulties Artemis may include a second row of lasers which will be around the height of a standard jump. Unlike the vertical version of this attack, both rows will be sent out simultaneously with no additional follow ups.
  • Homing Bullets: Artemis will launch a handful of large projectiles that move at a slow speed towards Nero's location. These are easily avoided by walking around them as they travel in a straight line. Alternatively, Nero can simply destroy them with Blue Rose.
  • Shock Wave: Exclusive to SoS and higher difficulties, Artemis will emit a high pitched scream after being hit 8 consecutive times by melee attacks, or after taking an unspecified amount of damage. This scream will both injure and push Nero away, potentially stunning him for a very brief period of time. One way to avoid this is to use Gerbera to move Nero out of harm's way when she's about to scream, and use Calibur to rush back the second she's finished to continue your assault.

Phase 2[]

Aside from several combat changes, an indication that you've entered Phase Two is Artemis detaching two Grim Grips from her chest, which Nero will comment on as an additional auditory cue.

  • Rush: After entering phase two Artemis will periodically full-body charge at Nero, indicated by her doing a back flip and spreading her wings out before rushing forward. This attack can repeat up to 3 consecutive times and moves in a straight line from one side of the room to the other. It can be easily avoided by jumping over her or dodging to either side. Alternatively, it's possible to grab her out of the animation when she charges forward by using Buster at the right time.
  • Grim Grip Generation: Artemis will detach two Grim Grips from her chest, which will then function as both additional enemies and as quick ways to travel the expanse of the room. They cannot be used as grips and will use their own small array of attacks until they've been destroyed, at which point they become Grim Grips and will take Nero directly to Artemis when Wire Bound regardless of how far away she is.
    • Bullets: The Grim Grips will fire laser bullets at Nero.
    • Energy Rings: Each Grip is capable of creating a moving ring of energy which will harm Nero if touched. You can gain Stylish points for maneuvering through them unscathed, however.
    • Self Destruct: This is a homing attack and will always be performed by both Grips at the same time. The Grips will turn a bright red and fly directly at Nero, where they will explode upon impact. Artemis can still trigger their self destructive when they're in a passive state.
  • Ground Laser: Artemis will lower herself to the floor near the wall in some part of the arena where she will proceed to fire a very large laser in front of her. During this attack she will move from side to side, causing the laser to move across a large section of the floor; however, she will never turn around while the laser being fired thus making it perfectly safe for Nero to attack her back while this is happening.
  • Ascension: Around 60% health, Artemis will cause any existing Grim Grips to enter their self-destruct phase before summoning two new ones to the arena and beginning her slow rise towards the ceiling. During this time, Nero should quickly destroy at least one if not both of the Grim Grips with both being strongly recommended if his triple jump has not yet been unlocked. Once destroyed, they can be used as a quick way to rise up to Artemis and attack her before she can complete this attack; if interrupted, she will fall to the floor where Nero can use either a Devil Breaker or his Buster Arm in a subsequent playthrough to enter a unique combat animation and deal a high amount of damage. This interruption is fairly easy to pull off, however should she succeed in finishing this attack it's recommended to use Gerbera and any other aerial movement available to Nero in order to get as much distance as possible in a very short amount of time. Her attack will not reach the borders of the room and Nero can safely stand there to avoid being hit. If your fight goes on for long enough it is possible for her to attempt this attack again.


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