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The Devil Sword Sparda is the sixth mission in Devil May Cry 5 and the fifth "proper" mission.

June 15th 07:25am[]

The demons at V's command made short work of the great demon parasitizing the roots of the Qliphoth, but the arrival of a colossal demonic monstrosity destroyed the road ahead, plunging V underground.


Style Points & Time Requirements[]

The following is a table that lists the S rank requirement (Style) based on difficulty level as well as the timing requirements for each "Speed Clear" Extra Bonus. This information was taken from the Devil May Cry 5 Official Complete Guide and was translated by @DMC5Info which can be found here.

- Human Devil Hunter Son of Sparda Dante Must Die Heaven or Hell Hell and Hell
Style Points 4000 5000 5500 6000 ? 5500
Speed Clear S 14:00 16:30 19:30 23:30 07:30 23:30
Speed Clear A 21:00 24:45 29:15 35:15 11:15 35:15
Speed Clear B 28:00 33:00 39:00 47:00 15:00 47:00


A large demon breaks the roads and sends V down to the sewers where enemies immediately appear for a mandatory fight in cramped quarters; in H and DH these will be Hell Caina and on higher difficulties you will be facing a handful of Riots. Defeat the enemies and proceed through the tunnel until V reaches a Blood Clot, which you will need to destroy to unclog the nearby pipe. Head through the pipe you just opened up to arrive in what looks like a large shipyard. From here, go to your immediate left and head up on top of the metal scaffolding to destroy a Blood Clot. When you jump up to where the Clot is, a large demon leg will suddenly appear from up above and will hurt you if it hits you; luckily, it's easy to avoid by simply not interacting with it and standing on the opposite side of the Blood Clot. Once the Clot is destroyed, head back down and proceed forward up and over some shipping crates to begin a mandatory fight against several Hell Caina, Hell Antenora, and some Pyrobats. Note that on higher difficulties, a Hell Judecca will be present and on all difficulties another leg will appear from up above. Once all enemies are defeated, jump down and go through the narrow passage to the left to get a Blue Orb Fragment.

Turn around and return to the main area where you'll see a large wall made of what looks like thin wooden boards and metal supports. Summon Nightmare to break it and reveal a large room where a mandatory fight will begin. Here, you'll fight several Empusas, ranging from your standard Empusa to Green and Red varieties. Once the enemies are defeated and before you proceed through the mission, head up the yellow stairs in front of the stacked shipping containers to find Secret Mission 04.

Turn around from where you found the Secret Mission and jump off the stairs onto the shipping containers; head up and over, dropping down into another mandatory fight where you'll meet the Empusa Queen for the first time.

Continue forward through the tunnel created by orange shipping containers, ignoring or fighting the leg that drops down on top of you. Once you leave the tunnel, use the green tarp to your right to jump up on top of the metal scaffolding right in front of you. From there, turn around to see a Purple Orb Fragment; jump and glide over with Griffon to pick it up, then do a 180 and continue forward through the room. Don't worry about the upper level unless you're in desperate need of Red Orbs. Instead, just run all the way to the end of the room where you'll find a Blood Clot; destroy it, and double back a few feet until you see a large hole in the ground on your left. Jump down it.

Once you hit the ground, turn around and stand on the congealed blood in front of the collapsed tunnel until a secret Red Orb Cache appears above your head. Collect it, then turn around and proceed forward through the tunnel until you enter a room where another fight begins. Here, you'll fight several Hell Caina, an Empusa Queen and a Green Empusa. On higher difficulties, the enemies will be Hell Antenoras and Nobodies. Continue forward through the tunnel system.

Keep going until you can't forward any longer, and turn left to find a Gold Orb. Double back and make your first right, then take another right to head outside. Note that Empusas (Riots on higher difficulties) will be spawning in this area, but they aren't mandatory and can be safely run past if you don't want to deal with them.

Now that you're outside, all that's left is the boss battle. You'll see a phone booth to the right of the arena entrance where you can call Nico if you need to customize anything prior to the fight. Once you're ready, head into the arena.

Boss: Elder Geryon Knight[]

The Elder Geryon Knight is an elder breed of Geryon that is ridden by a large, Angelo-like knight. Much like its DMC3 counterpart, the Elder Geryon can control the flow of time and utilizes this ability in conjunction with the Knight's lightning-based attacks.

There aren't phases to this fight and it will play largely the same from start to finish, with the Knight teleporting and riding around the field while using the Elder Geryon's time manipulation to force V and his familiars to fight more defensively than they may otherwise. Multiple time-slowing spheres will be thrown out relatively often even on lower difficulties which will substantially slow the speed of anything caught inside of one, with the except of the boss who will instead be granted a speed increase; the good news is that any attacks thrown V's way while he's caught within one of these spheres can be very easily dodged by utilizing Shadow's dodge due to the 100% iframe uptime. Doing so with the correct timing can be an easy way to acquire DT without having to rely on V's book.

Like most enemies, the Elder Geryon Knight will prioritize attacking Nightmare when possible, which makes it a viable strategy to summon Nightmare right before the Slow Spheres are sent out as a means of forcing the boss to attack Nightmare instead and prevent Shadow and Griffon from being killed while trapped in a slow state. If V is caught in a sphere while Nightmare is out it will extend the length of time that Nightmare is on the field as the DT gauge will drain much slower.

Shadow's safety should always be prioritized over Griffon's and should be a priority in general when playing on DMD and HaH as losing Shadow means losing your most consistent source of iframes. Fighting with Shadow is fine (though he will struggle to keep up when Geryon is running around the arena) but be prepared to quickly pull him back to V.

If you're aiming for an S rank on this level, particularly on higher difficulties, it's recommended to enter the arena with the necessary number of style points already accumulated as it can be difficult to gain style effectively on this boss due to the constant teleporting and his ability to forcibly slow V's attacks.


  • Discharge: Geryon's front legs lift into the air and he lets out a loud neigh just before a large amount of electricity is discharged in short radius. This attack lasts for several seconds and it's not uncommon for the boss to teleport directly on top of V or one of his familiars before using it. Utilizing Shadow's dodge iframes is likely the safest way to avoid this attack while also increasing your Style and DT gauge.
  • Electric Bullets: Elder Geryon Knight will stand in the center of the arena and fire 3-6 lightning bullets towards V. They come one at a time and have the same amount of time between each one.
  • Time Spheres: 1-4 time spheres will be sent out with differing results. Multi-spheres will settle at the edges at the arena and last for an extended period of time in a dome-like shape whereas a single sphere may be thrown from the center of the field that will extend outward in all directions until the entire arena is covered in a time slowing effect. Geryon has a tendency to teleport far more than usual during the arena-wide version of this attack and V is not slowed as significantly as he is when moving within the domes produced by the multi-sphere version.
  • Charge: Geryon Knight charges forward to hit V or one of his familiars with his sword. This move has several alternate versions largely based in the movement of his sword, differing from a straight lunge to an upward sweeping motion.
  • Teleport Slam: Geryon Knight will teleport to a position just above V to slam Geryon's body down on top of him in a forward, leaping motion.
  • Hind Kick: Geryon will kick his back legs out behind him in an attempt to hit anything standing too close.


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