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Genesis is the tenth mission in Devil May Cry 5 and the ninth "proper" mission.

June 15th 10:06am[]

With V determined to seek out Sparda, Nero went his own way and confronted the demon king Urizen alone. Just when he seemed on the brink of his revenge, Urizen unleashed an unseen level of power that Nero could not hope to match. All seemed lost until an unfamiliar demon with blazing red eyes rushed in and beat back the demon king's assault.


Style Points & Time Requirements[]

The following is a table that lists the S rank requirement (Style) based on difficulty level as well as the timing requirements for each "Speed Clear" Extra Bonus. This information was taken from the Devil May Cry 5 Official Complete Guide and was translated by @DMC5Info which can be found here.

- Human Devil Hunter Son of Sparda Dante Must Die Heaven or Hell Hell and Hell
Style Points 4000 5000 5500 6000 ? 5500
Speed Clear S 17:00 20:00 23:00 26:00 09:00 26:00
Speed Clear A 25:30 30:00 34:30 39:00 13:30 39:00
Speed Clear B 34:00 40:00 46:00 52:00 18:00 52:00


Head to your left and down the path where two Empusas will spawn along with a coffin containing a Hell Caina as optional enemies. While it's easy to simply ignore them and continue onward, you may want to read V's book near them to gain DT in preparation for the upcoming fight. Note that reducing enemies to 0HP and reading next to them will still fill your DT Gauge, just remember to Checkmate them before they regain their health if you want to avoid prolonging the fight. Just ahead, you'll come to a large clearing where several Hell Cainas will spawn along with a new enemy, the Behemoth; defeat all the enemies to proceed forward past the church ruins.

There will be a path off to your left that will lead to a large Red Orb Cache, however unless you're dying for Orbs and/or don't have three bars of DT available, you should just continue forward towards the rock wall at the end of the path. Three Riots will spawn which you can either fight or ignore, but either way you should approach the rock wall and summon Nightmare to break through it and reveal the next area. Continue forward through the broken wall to begin a mandatory fight with two Proto Angelos, one Baphomet, and some Pyrobats and Hell Cainas. On higher difficulties the Proto Angelos will be replaced with Hell Judeccas and the Baphomet will not be present, instead replaced by Hell Antenoras. Defeat all the enemies then continue forward, but don't head down the cliffside just yet. Instead, turn to your left where you'll see a root wall obscuring entry into a colosseum. Summon Nightmare and he'll appear inside the colosseum, breaking the roots and allowing you to enter. Run in, grab your prize, and don't leave just yet. Instead, wall jump up on top of stone wall just to the left of where the Blood Clot had been and turn around to find Secret Mission 6. If you don't want to do it right now, don't worry: you can activate it and exit the mission to make it permanently accessible from the main menu.

Regardless of what you do here, to continue with the mission you'll want to head back out of the colosseum the way you came in and turn to your left, where you'll hop down and continue along the winding path towards more ruins. Note that two Qliphoth Tentacles will spawn along the path, however they're easily avoided.

You'll end up in a hallway where a mandatory battle begins against two Pyrobats, however the coffins on the ground contain a Hell Antenora and a Hell Caina and it's unlikely that you'll avoid breaking them. On higher difficulties, the Pyrobats are replaced by two Hellbats and it's strongly recommended to ensure you enter the fight with enough DT to summon Nightmare, particularly on HaH. Finish the fight and keep moving forward to a small room with a hole in the floor; jump down the hole to fall into a room with several Empusas. Before you leave, stand in front of the wooden wall to the left of the room's exit and summon Nightmare to break down the wall and reveal a secret room with several coffins and a Qlihphoth Tentacle. Destroy the Tentacle and every coffin enemy (several Hell Cainas and Hell Antenoras) to reveal a Purple Orb Fragment; collect it and head out of the room via the hole in the wall.

Turn left from the exit and head up until you reach another room with a mandatory fight. This fight contains a Baphomet, several Hell Antenora, and a Behemoth; on higher difficulties the Baphomet is replaced by two Lusachias. Defeat all the enemies and head out through the exit, just to the right of where you entered the room from originally. Continue forward until you reach an open area with a coffin off to your left to enter another mandatory fight, this time against three Death Scissors, a Hell Antenora, and a Hell Caina. On higher difficulties this will be replaced by two Hell Scissors and two Proto Angelos. Once all enemies have been defeated, jump up on top of the coffin and stand there for a few seconds to reveal a Red Orb Cache. Collect it and proceed forward until you reach a red payphone; call Nico if you need any prep before the boss battle and once you're ready continue on to face off against a group of Nobodies.

Boss: Nobody[]

Nobodies are humanoid demons with high HP that move on all fours and utilize masks as a means of modifying their moveset and damage output. In this fight V will face off against three of them in an open area, however that number can increase if you leave any one of them alone for too long as they all possess the ability to summon additional Nobodies into the fight. Griffon's AoE attacks can help keep any one of them from going too long without being hit, reducing the likelihood that they'll begin to summon reinforcements.

Nobodies are one of the more dangerous elite nobodies due to their strength and general tankiness, making it ill-advised for V to get too close to any of them. It's important to note that the Checkmate animation for killing a Nobody is one of the longest ones he has; as such, it's recommended to use either Royal Fork to kill a 0HP Nobody or to have one of V's familiars knock a 0HP Nobody into the air where V can use Gambit to quickly finish it off.


Note that the mask a Nobody is wearing changes not only the attacks they'll be using but also the amount of damage they both give and receive. The Laughing Mask is the round, green mask with an eerie smile, the Anger Mask is the dark colored Mask with red eyes and the Normal Mask is the golden mask without a jaw. It's possible to break the masks when they're in the middle of changing from one to other; while maskless Nobodies are significantly more docile, breaking all of their masks isn't necessary to kill them.

When using the Anger Mask the Nobody will also increase in size and begin using the third arm atop its back to attack, which will swell up and turn a deep red color. While wearing the Anger Mask they will deal 1.3x damage.

When using the Laughing Mask, they take 0.9x damage.

  • Sweeping Attack: A smacking attack made with both arms.
  • Turn Around: The Nobody will quickly spin around and attempt to swipe at the nearest enemy
  • Small Jump: A tiny jump towards the nearest enemy that's followed by a swiping motion.
  • Big Jump: The Nobody will leap much higher into the air and attempt to body slam the nearest enemy.
  • Grab Attack: (Anger Mask) The large arm on top of the Nobody's back will grab V and slams him into the ground. Both the grab and the slamming cause different amounts of damage.
  • DT Absorption Dance: (Laughing Mask) The Nobody does a dance that rapidly drains V's DT gauge.
  • Mask Change: Changes between the Laughing Mask and the Anger Mask.
  • Summon Dance: (Laughing Mask) Dances to summon another Nobody.
  • Eyeball Bombs: (Laughing Mask) Large eyeballs will be thrown and rolled along the ground that will explode either upon impact with an enemy or after a certain amount of time passes. They will attempt to follow the player around and turn a bright red color right before they explode.


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