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Mission 10: Awaken is the eleventh mission in Devil May Cry 5 and the tenth "proper" mission. The playable character in this mission is Dante where it follows the same tutorial as Nero in the prologue.

May 15th 04:44pmEdit

The entire crisis began when V visited Devil May Cry and hired Dante to take on the demon king Urizen. Now, V has left Nero's side and discovered Sparda near its wielder—Dante, who appears to have been comatose since his battle with Urizen. With hatred and vengeance in his eyes, V brought the sword down towards Dante, but as the blade descended, Dante's eyes flicked opened....!


Boss: UrizenEdit

Urizen is identical to when Nero fought him in the Prologue: see that mission for information on his attacks. However, the battle automatically ends after 30 seconds.



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