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Awaken is the eleventh mission in Devil May Cry 5 and the tenth "proper" mission.

May 15th 04:44pm[]

The entire crisis began when V visited Devil May Cry and hired Dante to take on the demon king Urizen. Now, V has left Nero's side and discovered Sparda near its wielder—Dante, who appears to have been comatose since his battle with Urizen. With hatred and vengeance in his eyes, V brought the sword down towards Dante, but as the blade descended, Dante's eyes flicked opened....!


Style Points & Time Requirements[]

The following is a table that lists the S rank requirement (Style) based on difficulty level as well as the timing requirements for each "Speed Clear" Extra Bonus. This information was taken from the Devil May Cry 5 Official Complete Guide and was translated by @DMC5Info which can be found here.

- Human Devil Hunter Son of Sparda Dante Must Die Heaven or Hell Hell and Hell
Style Points 4000 5000 5500 6000 ? 5500
Speed Clear S 17:30 20:00 24:00 25:30 07:00 25:30
Speed Clear A 26:15 30:00 36:00 38:15 10:30 38:15
Speed Clear B 35:00 40:00 48:00 51:00 14:00 51:00


Defeat the Green Empusa first as they can heal then defeat the other enemies. Up ahead, the path is sealed and enemies appear. After defeating the enemies, go to the left to find a Divinity Statue; use this as an opportunity to customize Dante. In the next area, a new enemy Chaos appears; defeat it to proceed. In the next room, there are pulsing spikes that close if the player is not quick enough. Defeat the enemies before the spikes close; Red Orb Bushes appear if the enemies are defeated fast enough. Again, there will be another timed door on the left. Defeat the enemies quickly and climb to the top and look to the left to find a Blue Orb Fragment.

Then jump down and continue down the path. More enemies appear; defeat them as always to continue. The next room has blue lights and another new enemy Hellbat appears. Defeat it and the Empusa Queen to proceed. Continue down the path where you'll drop down in a previous room. If you have time, head into the other timed door. If not, follow up the ramp in the center. Up ahead you'll find a ledge that retracts into the wall on a timer. Time your jump right to get to the ledge to the right of it. You can also make it to the ledge to the left to collect extra Red Orbs. Above the ledge head straight and stand at the dead end for a hidden red orb cache. There are more ledges in the next room with a gold orb on the highest ledge. Climb them to the exit and continue until enemies appear. Proceed after they are defeated; use the Divinity Statue to prepare for the boss battle.

Boss: Urizen[]

Urizen is identical to when Nero fought him in the Prologue: see that mission for information on his attacks. However, the battle automatically ends after 30 seconds.



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