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Diverging Point: V is the fifteenth mission in Devil May Cry 5 and the fourteenth "proper" mission.

June 15th 01:13pm[]

Qliphoth, blood-drinker, infernal tree. At its nadir, all its life force it has absorbed is condensed into an unholy fruit. Dante, Nero, and V stand together, each for their own reasons, and prepare for the final battle. They set forth towards the depths of the Qliphoth, fighting through the hardest resistance yet. V is grimly determined; he will see this through to the end.


Style Points & Time Requirements[]

The following is a table that lists the S rank requirement (Style) based on difficulty level as well as the timing requirements for each "Speed Clear" Extra Bonus. This information was taken from the Devil May Cry 5 Official Complete Guide and was translated by @DMC5Info which can be found here.

- Human Devil Hunter Son of Sparda Dante Must Die Heaven or Hell Hell and Hell
Style Points 4000 5000 5500 6000 ? 5500
Speed Clear S 09:00 09:30 10:30 11:00 05:00 11:00
Speed Clear A 13:30 14:15 15:45 16:30 07:30 16:30
Speed Clear B 18:00 19:00 21:00 22:00 10:00 22:00


Follow the path forward until you reach a cutscene with Malphas where she takes away V's familiars and he blacks out on the ground. Upon coming-to V will be in a new location, a void-like area with a large, locked door behind you. There's a blue orb off to your right that will require Griffon's glide ability to reach so don't worry about it until you've recovered him.

You'll quickly find that attempting to sprint for longer than a couple of seconds results in V doubling over and having to recover briefly, something that will persist until you regain Shadow. In front of you will be three gateways, each with a statue of a former boss above it: one for Miraggio Angelo, one for Mirage Artemis, and one for Mirage Goliath. You do not need to worry about V tiring himself out while in battle and can run around each arena as you please.

You can do the bosses in any order you choose and they will function the same as their real-world counterparts did in their respective boss fights. Each fight begins with V entering a room with a statue of the boss and the option to select which of his familiars to take, with the number you can choose from decreasing each time as you eventually have all three of them back. SoS and lower difficulties will have at least one White Orb somewhere in the room; it's recommended to grab this before you choose your familiar as the orbs will disappear once the fight begins and you are transported to an illusion reconstruction of the original boss arena. Each fight will take you back to the main void room once the boss is defeated so don't worry about having to fight them back to back; if you need White or Green Orbs there should be some available to grab on SoS and lower difficulties so focus on grabbing those first before proceeding with the next fight.

Once the three bosses are defeated, the exit will appear; go through the exit and back out into the Qliphoth. Continue down the path until you reach a fork in the road and make a right, proceeding until you reach a Blood Clot; destroy it. Double back to the fork and take the left path, heading down until you see a path off to your left; circle around to your left and head that way until you see another Blood Clot that you can destroy. Do so, then double back again and continue to head down the path until you reach the end of the level.

Boss: Mirage Goliath, Mirage Artemis, Miraggio Angelo[]

While there's no set order to how you fight the bosses it's generally a good idea to start with Artemis and take Griffon, then move on to Goliath + Shadow, followed by Cavaliere Angelo + Nightmare. Unless you're doing a challenge run, taking Nightmare first is a terrible idea regardless of the boss given his limited field time and reliance on the DT gauge. Gaining style on the first fight can be difficult due to your limited move pool with only one familiar, however it will become substantially easier with each subsequent fight. If your goal is to S-Rank this mission on DMD or HaH difficulties consider either attempting to take no damage or learning the parry timing against Mirage Angelo with Shadow. V can also parry with his cane, however it's good to note that doing so can be harder to time correctly than it is with Shadow.

The fights themselves are a matter of remembering how the bosses fought previously and adjusting to fighting them with V's moveset. For walkthrough purposes we'll assume that the combat order is Artemis/Griffon → Goliath/Shadow → Angelo/Nightmare.

Despite being illusions these enemies do still count as real enemies and will need to be finished off via Checkmate.

Mirage Artemis[]

For Mirage Artemis you will primarily be dodging her attacks while utilizing Griffon's Blockade 3 and basic attack, without much regard for repeat moves or lack of style. She's easy to avoid via jumping or walking from left to right. Don't bother trying to use an actual dodge without Shadow as it's more likely to get V hurt than it is to save him from damage.

Her moveset is the same as regular Artemis, with the exception of her never using Ascension or producing Grim Grips regardless of difficulty.

Mirage Goliath[]

At this point you should have both Griffon and Shadow available. Consider devil triggering Griffon or Shadow and manually fighting with the other. On higher difficulties it's better to prioritize devil triggering Griffon to keep more control over what Shadow is doing, as losing Shadow is much more of a problem on DMD and HaH. Be prepared to call Shadow back via dodging to keep Goliath from killing him or to dodge either a lunge or a fireball coming V's way.

All of Mirage Goliath's attacks can be avoided with Shadow's dodge, regardless of what the attack is. His moveset is the same as regular Goliath's with the exception of never attempting to suck V into his stomach and never having a phase change.

Miraggio Angelo[]

You will now have all of your familiars available to you. Try to make sure you enter this fight with a full DT gauge for when you summon Nightmare, which you may want to wait to do until Miraggio Angelo teleports for the first time to begin charging their sword. This will grant your familiars invincibility as well as giving Nightmare maximum time to attack before Angelo teleports away again.

This fight is relatively easy if you focus on charging Griffon's attacks and parrying with Shadow, with Nightmare there to keep the others safe and deal damage when Miraggio Angelo is staggered from Shadow's parries. All of their attacks can be avoided with Shadow's dodge as well and their moveset is the same as Cavaliere Angelo's with no real changes.